Wednesday, January 23, 2013

“J & K still waits the outcome of Round Table Conferences and the exercise of   interlocutors”:Darakhshan                                                                  SDP President addresses public meeting at Bilal Mohalla, Waterhail after dedicating the new electricity Transformer to people of the area.
“The people of the state are still in wait for the outcome of the series of Round Table Conferences and a long exercise of central interlocutors. The failure of the central government in reaching out to the people and creating trust among masses is not seen at all even after learning lessons from the public uprisings of the past,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing a public gathering at Bilal Mohalla in Waterhail Budgam after dedicating a new electric transformer to the public thus fulfilling the long pending demand of the residents. Dr Darakhshan conducted a door-to-door campaign in the locality and appraised herself of the problems of the people.  In her address Dr Andrabi slammed the local MLA for behaving as a monarch and threatening his political opponents with dire consequences. Dr Andrabi said that in a democratic system the anarchist attitude cannot survive for long and she was happy that people of the area have awakened to the situation and have decided to go for a change in the coming elections. She accused the local administration of the inequitable development in the area. While speaking on the occasion Dr Darakhshan Andrabi asked the Prime Minister to give an answer to the youth of J&K about what happened to his Special Recruitment Package for Jammu & Kashmir which he announced years earlier. Dr Andrabi said that she was convinced that New Delhi was repeating its mistakes and continuing with its approach of taking the people of the state on a ride as was admitted nine years ago by the then Prime minister Atal Biharti Bajpai.

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