Tuesday, May 5, 2015

SDP shares the pain of Kachwari fire affected people in Budgam

18th of Oct 2014
“Government should come out with Priority Guidelines regarding  relief after natural calamities”: Dr Darakhshan                                  

Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today visited Kachwari village in Budgam where a fire had gutted many houses resulting in a huge damage to the property. She was accompanied by SDP leader Dr Nissar Ahmad Dar. Dr Darakhshan met the villagers who had lost their houses in the village and assured them full help. She also assured them that she will be taking up the issue of their rehabilitation with the district administration and with expedite the process of their rehabilitation.  “I demand to the state government to devise Priority Guidelines regarding relief and rehabilitation of the people who are hit by natural calamities. It will help the people in distress without facing the difficulties as is a practice in our state,” said Dr Darakhshan. SDP President said that those who are affected by natural calamities should not face doo-to-door humiliation for their rehabilitation. Dr Andrabi said that it was surprising to see no political representative or administrative officer visiting the fire victims. She said that the government should expedite the process of the rehabilitation of these homeless people who will suffer due to the cold climate if they are not provided with financial help. She said that she will soon try to provide some help to the sufferers.

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