Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Darakhshan welcomes Engineer Hassan into SDP

“Jammu & Kashmir is all set for a political change”: Darakhshan  

Engineer Ghulam Hassan, a senior leader of Democratic Party Nationalist (DPN) today formally joined Socialistic Democratic Party at Press Club Jammu in presence of SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. SDP President welcomed Engineer Ghulam Hassan formally into party fold by garlanding him. Later both Engineer Ghulam Hassan and SDP supremo Dr Darakhshan Andrabi addressed the press and media persons. Engineer Ghulam Hassan was a senior leader of DPN hailing from Laar area of Ganderbal. “The democratic system in Jammu &Kashmir Kashmir has been high jacked by the agency-make-politicians who indulge in looting the public wealth for their personal gains on interest sharing basis and he and his team was also a prey to this unfortunate exploitation.” One more political leader of DPN Mohammad Amin also joined SDP. Engineer Hassan expressed his views after joining SDP. He said that he had chosen politics to serve his people but he and his dedicated honest political group was disappointed by the politics of exploitation and that was why we all resigned from our old association and after seeing a politics of difference led by Dr Andrabi chose to join SDP which is a party of un-tainted educated youth of the state. ‘Whole of the state is seriously thinking about a political change in the days to come as the drama of politics has dejected and disappointed the common populace of the state’, said  Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. She said that majority of our MLA’s have utterly failed to provide basic facilities to common masses but they raise the national and international issues to remain in news and those who are there to sort out such issues speak of their confusion publicly  ‘People in all the regions of the state have been divided and the politics of hate is underway at a big scale. Unfortunately the political attitude of our politicians of today is the same as that of early post-Maharaja age. Our political system has not evolved at all,’ said SDP President. She said that the people have understood the tricks of our political representatives and now they are not to work anymore. ‘I am myself witness to public anger against the democratically elected representatives in most of the segments in both the divisions of the state and that assures me that most of them will not return to the Assembly again,’ said Dr Darakhshan.

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