Thursday, June 28, 2012

Darakhshan's address at Bari Brahamna

“Our government is a rudderless boat”: Darakhshan
At Bari Brahamana SDP President criticizes the government for ignoring the youth power of the state
33% increase in power tariff in just six months time quite insane: Darakhshan
“Youth power is the real power of any state or country but the youth in J&K are an abandoned lot. Government does not hesitate in mocking at their aspirations and dreams. We are deliberately rusting the potentialities and capabilities of the youth of the state,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing a public gathering at Bishna Road, Bari Brahamna on Sunday, the 22nd of April 2012. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi along with many top rung leaders of SDP were present on the occasion. The public rally was organized by the Youth SDP leader Vishal Choudhry. Many prominent businessmen and industrialists of the area were also present on the occasion. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that unemployment was eating up the youth power and the government doesn’t care. She said that government’s employment scheme was a mockery with educated youth and it has once again proved the inefficiency of our planners and the rulers. Dr Andrabi said that the state is already witnessing huge corruption and irregularities in self employment schemes and this approach has added to the problems of the youth. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that business sector in the state is completely ignored by the state government. “When other states take initiatives to boost private sector business accord subsidies of all kinds to industrial houses for lifting the state’s economy and creating job opportunities, our government is busy in scandal-mongering and cheap publicity. We have made all profitable sectors of our economy completely sick and have no plans at all for the upliftment of state’s economy or creation of new jobs,” said Dr Darakhshan. Dr Andrabi reacted to the second immediate increase in power tariff in the last six months in the state and termed this decision as ‘unfortunate’. She said that on o0ne hand common man will be in more trouble and the industrial sector will perish. She said it was quite insane to witness 33% increase in power tariff in half year’s time. She asked the government to withdraw this unjustified hike. She said that the coalition government is a rudderless boat and it does not have any vision for the state as was the case in earlier governments. Dr Andrabi said that SDP is becoming the platform for all genuine and conscious people of the state and this party is gradually turning into a silent revolution which is undoubtedly going to change things within the state for good. She expressed her satisfaction over the increasing membership from all districts of the state. She inducted many prominent businessmen and industrialists of the area into SDP fold. Those who joied SDP were Tripan Sharma,Manohar Lal,Naseer Ahmed,Laxmi Kumar,Mangal Dass,Vinay Singh and Sunil Singh.

Raising voice for displaced Kashmiri Pandits

“Jagti Township becomes a torture cell for KP’s in absence of water and electric supply”: Darakhshan
‘Rest of the jobs under PM’s package be immediately provided to the youth of the community’ demanded SDP President
“By shifting the displaced Kashmiri migrants from different localities to the poorly constructed Migrant township of Jagti, the state government has abandoned these distressed people amid absence of basic facilities at this township which has become a new hell for them,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing a Press Conference at SDP Central Office in Jammu. Dr Darakhshan was accompanied by Kashmiri Pandit representative from Jagti DK Hazare and  SDP General Secretary Ajay Kumar.
In her briefing Dr Darakhshan said that from the day first of the occupation of the quarters by displaced community under the Prime Minister’s Special Package, the process of repairs begun as the material used in the construction of this township was too poor to stand for many years. Dr Andrabi said that in the name of rehabilitation of these migrant Kashmiris state government agencies have indulged in huge money making and despite the loud hue and cry from the occupants no action was taken by the government. “The life of these migrant inmates is nothing better than the hell. Jagti quarters have become a torture cell for the inmates. For days together the township remains in dark in absence of the electric supply and since the increase in mercury, the electricity in the township is a rarity,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. She said that water supply in the area is conditional to the whims of the water supply department employees and people are suffering. She demanded that the relief given to the displaced community should be increased as the meager amount given to them is quite insufficient to sustain them in the present situation. She also asked the state government to provide electricity free of cost to the displaced community. Dr Darakhshan said, “Peaceful demonstrations from this peace loving educated community have not been taken into account by the government as the government is habitual of noticing the violent demonstrations only.”  She said that for long the government cannot ignore the problems of these distressed people. “Should New Delhi give another package to state for providing water supply and electricity to these Jagti residents,” asked Darakhshan. Dr Andrabi demanded that the remaining posts in government jobs under Prime Minister’s Package be provided to the community soon without any delay. She said that unemployed educated youth of the community are yearning to go the Kashmir to serve in their motherland. She said that if PM’s package was implemented without bunglings and political misuse, things would really be soothing for this royal community that suffered a lot during the last more than two decades now. SDP leaders Gursagar Singh, Sham Bhagat, Sanjay Manhas, Ajay Raina, Vishal Choudhry, Raj Rattan and Subhash Baba were also present.

 SDP organises public meeting at Reshemgarh Colony
“Public abondoned and publicilty prioritized by the government: Darakhshan
 Socialistic Democratic Party today organised a public meeting at Bakshshi Nagar Ward Number: 13, Reshamgarh Colony which was attended by the top rung leaders of the party and was presided over by SDP president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi who later addressed the public gathering. SDP General Secretary Ajay Kumar, SDP Youth Satate President Gursagar Singh, Provincial president Sham Bhagat and other leaders Vishal Choudhry, Sanjay Manhas, Munish Gupta, Ajay Raina, Sachin Jamwal, Kamaljit Singh also were present on the occasion. SDP president announced the appointment of JL Bhagat as the new representative of SDP in the area whileas Skandia Devi was nominated as Mahila Wing representative. In her address Dr Darakhshan said that despite the prime location of Reshemgarh, the area is deprived of basic civic amneties and local population is facing grave problems of water and electric scarcity. She said, “In these very hot days, it was very inhuman to make people suffer for drinking water. It was quite unacceptable to see that the locality is supplied the drinking water after the gap of three days”. She said that it was quite contrary to the declarations of the government that all basic facilities have been kept at the disposal of the common people throughout the state.  She expressed her grave concern over the electricity shortage in the area. Dr Andrabi welcomed many new entrants into  SDP fold and said that she was happy to see the youth and women coming out and joining active politics and termed it as a good omen for the positive change in the days to come. Dr Andrabi requested the people of the area to come out for the political change in the state as it was must for correcting the illnesses we have been forced to carry with us. Dr Andrabi said that our politics is the politics of show and publicity but at the ground level we only notice misery and exploitation. She appealed to the government to address to the problems of the locality or be ready for a resistance. Dr Andrabi said that in the coming days, the government will be facing grave public resistances on basic issues related to the common man.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

SDP's Prayer Meeting for Peace on 27 April 2012

 "Darbar Move is a mockery on our democratic system”: Darakhshan

A religious person can never be an advocate of violence: SDP President

“ Peace is the biggest need of our state and thus all of need to spead the message of peace and inclusiveness in J&K and do our bit to achieve the goal of a prosperous state,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing at a special function held at Rajpura in Jammu today. SDP General Secretary Ajay Kumar led SDP cadres in performing a Yagya for the Peace and Prosperity in J&K. SDP President and all prominent leaders of SDP participated in the Yagya. In her address Dr Andrabi emphasised on the need of cultivating a broader out look for the young generation of our society where the religion should play the role of inculcating the universal vision and human approach. She said that those who talk of exclusiveness in the name of religion are only exhibiting their inability to understand the true spirit of religion. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that a religious person can never be an advocate of violence and it was the responsibility of all to make our youth understand thetrue meaning and spirit of religion. “ SDP cadres have been organising All Religious Prayer Meetings and Religious Peace Prayer Programmes throughout the state continuously and thus we try to invoke the good and positive spirits which ultimately will be helping us in fighting the evilness within our own society.

Dr Andrabi also reacted to the practice of Darbar Move in a very suttle way. “ It is the royal exescution of the government and is an unjustified  burden  on our treasury,” said SDP President. She said that this practice is a crude mockery on the whole democratic system. Dr Andrabi said that in this internet age it was not justified to move the whole Secretariat from one division to another. She said in much bigger states, governments work without such sick practices. She said that the present political parties donot have vision and guts to stop this practice but in the future this all has to stop. She said that when during the harshest days of weather the people of both thedivisions suffer unattended, the runners of the government enjoy picnic moves at the cost of common man’s interests. Dr Darakhshan said that when we are confronted with grave unemployment problems, the practice of Darbar Move wastes our crores of rupees every year without doing any good to the people.