Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adressing a public rally at Damhal Hanjipura

The Kashmir Images
Srinagar, June 24, 2009
Dr Darakhshan Andrabi addressed a public rally at Damhal Hanjipora in Kulgam district in South Kashmir. She was accompanied by many other SDP leaders. Dr Darakhshan informed the people about the parochial political attitude of the Kasshmiri politicians who exploit the common innocent people for their own gains and elevation. She said that for the last sixty years politicians in the state have only used the poor and innocent people for attaining their petty political goals and leading people to graveyards. She said that dual political approaches of the mainstram as well as separatist politicians have destroyed our generations and we should at least now after sixty years wake up to the reality and reject all kinds of exploiting politics. Dr Andrabi urged the people to come forward to oppose the propagators of violence and the politicians of dualistic attitude openly to pave way for the bigining of a new peaceful era of development and progress within the great country.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sahir Ludhyanvi Award for Darakhshan

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi with vetern Urdu writers Kewal Dheer and Sheen Kaaf Nizam and office -bearers of Sahir Academy,Punjab at Ludhiana after recieving the prestigeous SAHIR AWARD.

Sponsoring J&K Youth for Martial Arts Competitions

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi posing for a potograph with the J&K youth ( under nineteen)who participated in All India martial Arts Competition held at Dhariwal in Punjab. This contingent led by vetern martial arts coach Ravinder Singh jamwal was sponsored by SDP. This contingent won seven medals including two gold and two silver for the state.

Adressing Youth

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi addressing a youth rally at Shangus in South Kashmir.This rally was organised by Socialistic Democratic Party to get the local Kashmiri face to face with the representatives of prominant Indian Private Business Houses for On-Spot selection in different capacities. This was the fouth Job Mela by SDP.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mega LAUNCH of the mission called SDP

Darakhshan Andrabi formally launching the nationalistic political mission called Socialistic Democratic Party at Ahdoos Hotel Hall on 22nd November 2009

Door to Door for National Cause

Darakhshan Andrabi going door to door in the militancy-hit area of Tral in South Kashmir seeking public votes for India and Peace during her VOTE FOR PEACE mission in 2007.

Representing Kashmiri Language

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi presenting her famous poem " SARHAD" at the National Symposium of Poets 2002 at Rajkot Gujrat when she represented Kashmiri Language at this national event organised in connection with the Republic Day Celebrations. This poem later won her prestigious Vijay Samman and it has been translated into many Indian languages.

Inaugurating "PEACE" in Kashmir

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi inaugurating Peace Mela organised by Socialistic Democratic Party at the border area Tanghdar in Karnah ( Kupwara) . Dr Andrabi had set up a free medical centre,organised a on-spot JOB MELA here. She also distributed assistance in cash and kind to
the needy and distressed people of the area.


Dr Darakhshan and other SDP leaders sending Messages of LOVE & PEACE to Pakistan on Valentine's Day through the river Chinab near Akhnoor Border. Special flower gifts with the messages of love from people from different areas of J&K to the people of Pakistan with the request: "Please don't send guns,send love. We are happy in India and please allow us to live in peace. This is a condition for your security too".

Friday, September 11, 2009

Adressing Four Nation Himalayan Conference

Adressing to the International Himalayan Conference organised by Himaliyan Parivar at Katra ( J&K) in June 2009. Dr Andrabi urged Government of India to deal terrorism with iron hand and shun the experimentalistic approach in dealing with the sensitive issues like politics of hate and terrorism.

Joint Press Conference with Governor

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi with Jammu & Kashmir Governor Lt Gen ( Retd ) S.K.Sinha talking to media persons after inauguratig the newly constructed Ziarat at Budgam and dedicating it to the public in 2007.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Under the leadership of Dr Darakhshan Andrabi the activists and leaders of Socialistic Democratic Party floated rubber boats with dummy corpeses and painted messages in the river Chinab towards Pakistan. The messages read,"We don't want anymore blood shed and corpses here. We don't have space for the corpses now. So we return these back with a request for PEACE".

Adressing at Vachi in South Kashmir

Darakhshan Andrabi addressing a public gathering in Vachi in South Kashmir in connection with her "Refrundum for Peace Mission"

On the dias at "All Religions Peace Initiative"

Dr Darakhshan sharing the Presidium dias with vetern buraucrat Shri M K Kaw, General( Retd ) Dr M L Chibbar,and journalist-writer Ghulam Nabi Khayal at the "All Religious Peace Initiative" held at JAKLI headquarters at Srinagar.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Vote for India rally

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi leading a huge Vote For India rally at the outskirts of Srinagar in which Kashmiris of all age groups participated in large numbers without any fear.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Darakhshan at Luckhnow: Preaching Communal Harmony

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi at a National Seminar on Peace and Communal Harmony which was attended by scholors,religious leaders of all religions in addition to the intelligentia of the country. Dr Andrabi was the Chief guest on the occasion. She in the picture is leading a PEACE MARCH at the conclusion of the seminar.

Darakhshan in Rajouri hills

The Daily Mandate, Jammu
5th of Sept 2009
Darakhshan Visits Budhal villages in Rajouri
“Indian Army is greatly contributing in the economic and social development of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in addition to providing security to the citizens. Under operation Sadhbhava, Army is providing helping hand to the needy people in providing immediately needed day to-day facilities and raising infrastructure and providing basic amenities to the people in remote militancy-hit areas of the state”, this was stated by Dr Darakhshan Andrabi after visiting many villages in Budhal area of Rajouri district. Dr Darakhshan said that when the state government fails to come to the help of people in remote areas, Indian Army extends its support and help to the poor villagers. “Those who for scoring political points criticize Indian Army should come to these areas to see how Indian Army acts and helps people when these politicians are busy in looting and exploiting common people for their interests, said Darakhshan.Again said that when Army is spending huge sums under Operation Sadbhavana, it has not been able to earn goodwill to extent it deserved. Again the operation has not been successful in involving the common people to the expected level. Said said Indian Army should review its Operation Sadbhavana implementation system to score the deserved points among the common people so that the main aim of the scheme is fulfilled. Dr Andrabi also appealed to the Army authorities to initiate some speedy projects for providing of solar lights, drinking water facilities, medical facilities and education to the people who are seldom heard or attended by the civil authorities. Dr Darakhshan was accompanied by Rajiv Bhagat, Ajay Kumar, Ajay Raina, noor mohammad Kaloo, S K Koul,Gursagar Singh and Saleema Banoo.

Women's Rally at Shopion

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi addressing a Women's Rally at Shopion district headquater in connection with her PEACE TIRADE.

With Raja Sahib

Dr Darakhshan with Vishwanath Pratap Singh,ex-Prime Minister of India at his New Delhi residence. (Dr Darakhshan has translated the only Hindi poetry collection of Raja Sahib"Ek Tukda Dhart, Ek Tukda Aakash" into Kashmiri in collaboration with known poet,writer,mediaperson Satish Vimal.)

With Army Chief

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi with Army Chief Gen J J Singh on Jammu Kashmir Light Infantry Day on 2006 at Srinagar

Adressing public rally in Srinagar

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi adressing a public rally at Batmalloo

Adressing a public rally at Budgam

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi addressing a huge public rally at Budgam

Darakhshan talks to Press

Dr Darakhshan addressed a press Conference at Press Club Jammu. She is accompanied by Ajay Kumar and Major Gurjeet Singh

Darakhshan honoured

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi recieving Award Trophy from GOC 15 Corps Lt Gen S S Sekhon at Srinagar for her untiring struggle against terrorism and separatism in Jammu & Kashmir

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flag-Off for PEACE

SDP Supremo Dr Darakhshan Andrabi flagging-off the NCC Peace Race participants at Dal Gate Srinagar on 26th of November 2006 . Colonel Incharge of NCC Srinagar S.K.diwvwdi is also seen on the occasion.

Darakhshan on a visit to Hilly Districts of Jammu Division

The Daily Excelsior
31st of August 2009
Darakhshan visits Chenani,Kud Udhampur and Batote

A delegation of members from NGO's accompanies her
Continuing her extensive tour of Udhampur and Ramban districts, Socialistic Democratic Party Chief Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today visited many villages in Chenani , Kud and Ramban areas.She was accompanied by SDP leaders Ajay Kumar, S K Koul and Peer Abdul Majid Shah. She was also accompanied by a six member delegation of national and international level NGO’s who arte accompanying on her request to explore possibilities for helping these people in distress. During the tour she addressed largely attended public ralleys at Chenani, Kud and Batote in addition to a workers convention at Ramban. Earlier Dr Darakhshan climbed up on foot to reach to many localities on hills. In her addresses Dr Andrabi expressed her deep concerns about the poor developmental state of these hilly villages. She said it was shocking to see majority of villages without the basic facility of drinking water, electricity and road connectivity. She said that even after sixty three years of peoples government these areas have not been provided with basic amenities. She also criticized the government for their inability in providing food items through CAPD depots. Dr Darakhshan said that the poority and joblessness of the inhabitants of these areas is clearly written on their faces but the government has failed to even read that misery from their faces. She requested the accompaniying delegates from NGO’s to lend financial help in providing some basic facilities to the people in these areas. The delegation head Mukul Padgaonkar assured Dr Andrabi that jointly these NGO’s will try to provide some solar lights, drinking water facilities and health centres in some of the villages. Dr Darakhshan also requested Indian Army to come to the help of these abondones villages out of their Operation Sadhbhavana resources.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tour of Baghlihar Villages

Baglihar villages in very unhealthy conditions
The Early Times, Jammu
20th August,2009

Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today visited about one dozen villages adjoining the mega Baglihar Power project and took stock of the pathetic condition of these villages. After listening to the aggreviated people and their woes, Dr Darakhshan spoke to the public ralleys at four places. She said: "The condition of the villages adjoining Baglihar Power Project is very distressing. These villages have been badly hit by the construction of this mega project. Their land has got affected, their roads have got destroyed and their pure rural life has been badly hit and disturbed and in return to this sacrifice of compulsion these poor villagers have got nothing in return. At the time of execution of Baglihar Power project, as per a written agreement, it was made mandatory on the Construction Company to take special measures for the rehabilitation and development of the villages affected by the project. But on the ground nothing in this context has been done for so many years now. The condition of these villages and their inhabitants is very pathetic. Despite repeated demonstrations and agitations in Mufti and Azad regimes no steps were taken to redress these affected villagers. Omar’s government is almost ten months old now and still then nothing good have come out for these poor villagers in trouble. The government agreement has been put to shambles and there is nobody to listen to these poor people. I had been invited by these affected people to personally see their condition on spot and I feel very bad in seeing their pathetic condition. I now request Omar Abdullah and his brigade to kindly wake up from the deep slumber and at least implement the agreement which guarantees the welfare and development of these affected villages. I warn state government to incur the habit of listening to the poor people's voice without violence or creation of law and order problem. Government should try to upheld the democratic spirit and learn to respect the people's voice. Dr Darakhshan was accompanied by SDP leaders Ajay Sharma, Noor Mohammad Kaloo and Peer Abdul Majeed Shah.

Darakhshan reacts on Muzaffar Beig's attitude in Assembly

July 28,2009
The Kashmir Images,Srinagar
Socialistic Democratic Party president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi lashed out at PDP leaders for creating political uncertainity in the state. Commenting on the recent political scenario in the state Dr Darakhshan Andrabi targeted Mehbooba and her vicious brigade as the advocates of Jahilia.She said they even dont believe in decent politics. Lashing out at Muzaffar Hussain Beig, Dr Andrabi said that Sex Scandal was the gift of Mufti government to the people of Kashmir and Mufti and her Hungama Party helped the real culprits escape from the clutches of the truth and sheilded the Sex scandal accused during their regime. Muzaffar Beigh knows about the PDP ministers involved in the sex scam who were saved by the immoral power brigade of Mufti. She said that power hungry PDP has now shamelessly resorted to the character assisination of Omar Abdullah and this is the dirtiest political approach shown by so- called educated politician. She said this allegation has been given after four years since the notorious scam surfaced. This allegation puts PDP in the criminals place. Praising Omar Abdullah for his honesty and bravery Dr Andrabi said that PDP leadership got scared of Omar's working and resorted to baseless and meaning less allegations. She also criticized Mehbooba for breaking the microphone of Speaker on the first day of the legislative Assembly seesion yesterday. She said when PDP president behaves like a fisher-women what can be expected of others. Dr Andrabi said PDP destroyed four precious months of working and tourism in Kashmir only to stop the government from working for the people. She appealed to Omar Abdullah to stay stronger for serving the state as J&K has great hopes from a civilized and honest leader of vision and descence.