Monday, April 7, 2008

Dukhtar-e-Hind sends love to Pakistan

Let love flow unconditionally.................
Christening this Valentine as 'INDO-PAK LOVE & PEACE DAY',baskets full of flowers,glowing diyas and a facsimile of a gun with a message"Stop Sending Guns...Send Love"were floated in the gushing waters of the elegant Chinab in Akhnoor
Times of India,Jammu Plus,16th of Feb 2008
Report by Rajan Kour Akhnoor
It kept flowing passionately,as if well aware of its baptism as the 'River of Lovers'. Having immortalised itself in the folklore of Sohni Mahival,classicaly flowing Chinab--the respite for the adoring legendary lovers,assurdly carried the message of love for the neighbour Pakistan on the Valentine's Day.
Christening this Valentine as 'Indo-Pak peace & Love Day',baskets full of flowers, glowing diyas and facsimile of a gun with the message"Stop sending guns,send love now" were floated in the gushing waters of the elegant Chinab in Akhnoor,one of the closest connective to Pakistan from Jammu.
Having swallowed up almost 50,000 innocent lives,the two decades of terrorism in the state of Jammu & Kashmir has literary played havoc with the populace.Sources put that more than 30 thousand guns and more than 35 lakh rounds have been pumped into the state to perpetuate the violence against its naive inhabitants.
The initiative of a woman called Dukhtar-e-Hind(daughter of India),Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi,the nationalist voice resonating with prideand love for the nation,the message for Pak President Musharraf and the people of Pakistan read,"We the people of J&K are happy with India,allow us to remain happy.We wish you peace and happiness."
Darakhshan and her colleagues from all regions and religions stood in the nimble water of Chinab to send an intense message of urge for peace and love to the neighbour.
In Darakhshan Andrabi, a woman apparently with soft demeanor,resides a forceful nationalist who without a cosideration for the life is moving ahead with the agenda of nationalism.Expresses Darakhshan, "My religion teaches me nationalism and I have never cared for the consequences to raise mt voice in my country's support amid the terror".
The sky was filled with colourful heart shaped balloons gesturing a wish for happy and joyful life for the people of Jammu & Kashmir who have undergone the agony of having lost their loved ones to the deadly monster of terrorism.
Conspicuous by their presence were people from all religions who seemed desparate to let Pakistan know of their spirited love for their motherland as echoed"Hindustan Zindabad",lending an inimitable gusto of nationalism to which the serene environs and lavish waters would remain a testimony.
Darakhshan and her Socialistic Democratic Party,colleagues plan to undertake similar venture through river Jehlum in the Valley. All these individuals are propagating an idealogy for the end of gun culture which has engulfed many unaware youth into its fold.
"Is desh ki mitti ka bhi mujh par karz hai" ,(I am indebted to the soil of my land),avers a sentimental Darakhshan, a woman who owns a strong heart to stand against the tide.Kites never rise with the wind but against the wind, it holds appropriate for the young Darakhshan from the downtown Srinagar.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

An article on Kashmir Politics

Public Representation


Kashmiri Politicians


Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi

Phyllis A Millar, the reputed political commentator and the author of The Great Rulers and Public Representatives while referring to the Muslim Khalifa of Arabia Hazrat Umar Farooq ( Rz An) has in clear words reflected the fact that the true spirit of leadership and public representation which the Khalifa exhibited is the best example that can be presented to contest the claim of our present day politicians and public leaders that they represent the people.Coming home to the cursed heaven, the valley of Kashmir , we find many big names who claimed for the last sixty years to be the leaders representing the public sentiments and aspirations. Again they claimed to be the followers of the great prophet’s (SAW) and Hazrat Umar Farooq’s(Rz An) political ideology. And majority of these claimants have utterly defeated the sanctity of the public representation by their dualistic and parochial approaches. These politicians never cared about the hunger, lack of public amenities, unemployment and social exploitations. These issues were on the priority of the great Khalifa of Arabia which earned him the top place among the best rulers and public representatives of the world.Our troubles in Kashmir have the roots only in our (especially the political class) habit of behaving as hollow preachers. Practically we have been exploiting the public sentiment and projecting ourselves as the saviors of Kashmir. Exploiters of “ignorance” can never achieve the status of the public representatives. It is not the age of Sheikh Abdullah when for the throne you can change like a chameleon and in all situations succeed in engineering the killing of common people and stand on their corpses to look taller. This is the age of knowledge, the age of information and no one can exist for more time with the intention to contest this information and awareness revolution. The number of the local youth who could volunteer themselves to be killed on the call of those believing in violence has enormously decreased. Our politicians try to create the impression of huge public support by organizing big public gatherings in the capital city. But now everybody knows that the majority in the gathering are Dehadi Mazdoors. Yet the claim of public representation.Those who managed some seats in the last assembly elections on the very high megaphone claim that government jobs will be provided to one person of every family of the state ruled this state directly for three years and are still ruling indirectly . “ But where are the jobs?”, was a serious question which got a very silly reply : “ New Delhi didn’t allow us to do it”. Now yet again a mega- megaphonic slogan of “de-militarization.” They have resolved to let the innocent Kashmiris come out to streets in support of this yet again exploiting stunt to make them “in” again for the next six years. And then again their answer to our question will be : “ New Delhi didn’t allow us to do it.” But I know it is not 2002, it is 2007 now. Everybody knows that army is not as bad as they are. At least they provided more than 15000 jobs to our unemployed youth without claiming to provide. Could the job-sloganists of 2002 and the de- militarization supporters of 2007 do it during their rule. They have possibly become habitual of talking about what they know is impossible. Providing government jobs to one of the members of every family was a hypothesis and so is the de-militarization. Every educated and well informed person knows that these exploiters have nothing concrete to offer to the people to help them come out of poverty and economic backwardness in this era of overall development ,so they divert the public attention towards the issues like de-militarization . They want this state to go again to the state of lawlessness of 1990 for their existence because they fear peace because it always defeats the illogicalness.Majority of our politicians belong to the class of that Talkative Conch of the old primary school text book. They have much to talk to confuse than less to deliver to improve the lives of the common people. Gandhiji had such politicians in mind when he said that politics was the devil’s game. But I know it is the game of great souls. Rejecting the devil’s class of politicians, I travel to the great Hazrat Umar Farooq (Rz An) for the inspiration. I build a hope that a better and true representative class replaces the rotten lot.


Dr Darakhshan Andrabi
SDP supremo launching VOTE FOR INDIA Campaign at Jammu

Kashmiri Displaced Pandits:Darakhshan's Initiative

Meet the one-woman army working for Kashmiri Pandits

Express News Service
Neeraj Santoshi
Posted online: Monday, February 13, 2006 at 0338 hours ISTUpdated: Tuesday, February 14, 2006 at 1420 hours ISTJammu:

This young rebellious Kashmiri Muslim woman from the downtown Srinagar in Kashmir has a mission — very different from that of most of her political peers.
Dr Darakhshan Andrabi, who heads the Socialistic Democratic Party, is working relentlessly in the Kashmiri migrant camps here to motivate the young Kashmiri Pandit youths to fight for their rights and seek employment in their respective districts in the Kashmir Valley.
And it is not surprising today she successfully flagged off a second group of 36 Pandit boys, who will take part in the recruitment drive in the Territorial Army in Anantanag tomorrow, which is being specially held to meet the aspirations of the local populace in the Kashmir Valley. In the first batch which left some days ago, 38 Pandit boys had participated in a similar recruitment drive in the Baramullla-Kupwara region. Many of those Pandit boys have already been taken in.
Darakhshan said that she is not guaranteeing jobs to the Pandit youths, but she is motivating them to fight for their rights besides guiding them to get their share in government jobs in the state.
Talking to The Indian Express, Darakshan said that she was fed up with the lip-service of most of leaders who were practically doing nothing at the ground level to better the lot of the Pandit youths who have been languishing due to unemployment.
Asked what inspired her to help the displaced Pandit youths in Jammu, she said, ‘‘I just listened to the voice of my conscience and felt I should help my brothers in distress here. And I am just doing that,’’ she says with pride beaming in her eyes. Pointing out that there were a number of parties such as the All Party Hurriyat Conference, JKLF and PDP, who had been making tall claims of bringing Pandits back to their homes and hearths, Darakshan alleged that there was no seriousness in their cause. Taking a dig at the Hurrriyat, she further alleged that the Mirwaiz Umer Farooq’s recent visit to Jammu was a mere political gimmick to garner support of the Kashmiri Pandits here.
She also said that it was blasphemous on the part of some parties to propagate the ideas of self-rule and three different autonomous regions in the state as the state already has a democratically elected government.
Darakhshan’s efforts have been lauded by the Pandit community, especially in the migrant camps here. Agrees Pandit leader S.N.Dhar from the Muthi Migrant camp, ‘‘Darakhshan has been working with absolute devotion for their cause and we in the camps have reposed our faith in this young Muslim lady who sees us as a part and parcel of the secular Kashmiri ethos.’’

Friday, April 4, 2008

Need for change in Muslim mindeset:an Article

Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi

Pakistani government at last gathered courage to bombard the ill-famed Laal Masjid and arrested and killed those who had coined untrue justifications for violent means for serving the religious interests.It is quite untrue that the Laal Masjid inmates were an isolated lot. This is now a known fact that these propogators of violence in the name of religion were having full support of the so-called Jehadi organisations and the majority of the clerics in Pakistan and outside. Pakistan is a labeled Islamic country but its social and political standing of the last six decades proves it contrary to its labeled claim.It has established as a terror sponsoring country selling the Laal Masjid mentality to the rest of the world in the name of Islam.Islam means peace but the country which claims to be the Islamic Republic has emerged as the hub of the violence production centers.The Jehads of the great Prophet (PBUH) were only to stop agression from the enemies and establish peace.But Pakistan has become the strong exploiter of the pious concept of Jehad and has spread venom around the world in the name of this holy war and lastly has fell prey to it.
To me Laal Masjid is not a structure housing some mislesd people but a mindset that has been inculcated among a large section of muslims throughout the world.Myself being a proud muslim,feel ashamed of such mindset which has projected a very horrible image of Islam and muslims all over the world.It is not because of anti-Islamic intrigues that the image if muslims and their religion is projected negatively but because of muslims who allowed Laal Masjid mindset to be associated with Islam.I am of the firm belief that such muslims who carry the weapons in hand to attack have no right to call themselves muslims.a muslim can never be an attacker or aggressor.
Since that cleaning operation, I have been deeply pondering on the immidiate reaction that came out of my mind when I heard Musharaf boosting of eliminating the evil gang and again warning the supporters of violence in the name of religion with dire consequences.I feel fear with the groung realities at home where a mission of turning whole Jammu & Kashmir into a Laal Masjid is on. I find sufficient reasons at social,political and religious levels which can lead us to such awesome situations.With the help of Pakistan's Violence-Shops and ambassadors of destruction,attempts are on to convert the innocent minds of Kashmiris into Laal Masjids. This anti-Islamic movement in the name of Islam is operational at many levels.Mis-information about whole of the world affairs and the mis-representation and mis-interpretation of religious teachings are used as tools.Talking loudly about the peace and then supporting the violence and the killings in the name of religion was prevelent in the era of "Jahiliya" in Arabia before the great Prophet(PBUH) came to end this attitude.Isn't the same attitude of the religious,social and political leaders seen in Kashmir?I as a true muslim,and the daughter of the soil cannot be a silent watcher and allow my youth to be buried in graveyards.So I find it obligatory to vehemently oppose our political and religious shopkeepers and stop them from erecting the unpious Laal Masjids in the minds of the youth.We are indebted to the Hazrat Sheikh Nooruddin (Nund Reshi)for making us understand the meaning of Islam in the right perespective.He taught us to convert our spades into shovels. He wanted us to be productive and not destructive.
Laal Masjid endorsed the untrue but common view of non-muslims that Islam preaches violence.It is the biggest challenge every muslim is facing now.As muslims it is our turn to clean the mirror that reflects us badly.I believe it is better to look at our weaknesses than directing the fingers towards others for our bad portrayal. Every muslim needs to come out openly against the inculcation of the mindset that gives birth to Laal Masjids.
We have hundreds of mouths talking about Kashmir, Kashmiriyat and so-called Kashmir issue etc but the biggest issue we are facing is the Laal Masjid mindset which is purely un-Islamic and has only extended our graveyards and earned a bad name to the great religion of Peace.
(This article appeared in many newspapers in Jammu & Kashmir in 2007 soon after Pak Laal Masjid episode)