Friday, June 19, 2015


Darakhshan dends peace messages to Pakistan
“Darakhshanji’s peace intiative is now our Initiative. We adopt this concept,”said ASHOK Koul

14th Feb 2015, Amid continuous ceasefire violations and support to the terror structure operating in Jammu & Kashmir, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi organized an impressive function to commemorate 8th Indo-Pak Love & Peace Day today on the bank of the river Chinab at border town Akhnoor.  In 2008 Dr Darakhshan had christened Valentine’s Day as Indo-Pak Love & Peace Day and since then she organizes this grand event to commemorate the day at the LOC or the International Border. Her Valentine messages of peace have reached well to Pakistan and the media of the neighboring country has debated a lot on the peace messages sent from this end. Many NGO working on Peace have also sent appreciation to Dr Darakhshan Andrabi for this unique and historical move. This year for the first time we saw a Chief Guest on the occasion. And he was none other than the General Secretary of State BJP Ashok Koul while as the MLA of Akhnoor Rajiv Sharma and MLA Chamb Dr Bhagat were the guest of honour.  This year’s Valentine message to Pakistan was to shun border violations, and stop support to terror structure operating in J&K. The colourful event included rubber boats filled with flowers and burning diyason them which were flown down the Chinab waters into the Pakistan territory. When Dr Darakhshan along with Chief Guest Ashok Koul  dispatched these rubber boats carrying flowers for Pakistan , she spoke to about her intention, “Despite hodtile situation on borders we send love and peace to Pakistan,”. Speaking on the occasion, BJP State General Secretary Ashok Koul said that darakhshan’s initiative is not BJP ‘s initiative. “We have adopted this historic initiative of Darakhshanji and henceforth we will be celebrating this day on a very bigger scale,” said BJP General Secretary. He said that peace loving India cannot allow any direct or indirect attack to our national integrity and solidarity. He said under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership separatism has started being isolated in the state and the country and the tough stand of the present government regarding the national security has yielded results. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi, Ashok Koul, MLA Akhnoor Rajiv Sharma, and others paid tribute to the martyrs who laid their lives fighting terrorism in J&K. White Pigeons signifying peace were flown into skies towards Pakistan signifying our wish that the sub-continent becomes a place of peace and brotherhood.  Coloured candles anddiyas in heart shape were illuminated on the occasion with which signified the wish of the people of India that the darkness of hate, terror and bias goes away with the light of peace, love and brotherhood. Other prominent people which attended the function included Dr Nissar Ahmad, Ajay Kumar Sharma, Kamaljeet Singh, , Mohan Lal and other leaders of BJP.

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