Friday, March 28, 2014

Rally at Birpur

2 March 2014 
“The government and the opposition together have only deceived people of the state ”: Dr Darakhshan  

                    Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today criticized the state government partners and the opposition parties for deceiving the people of the state by addressing to their political interests only and ignoring the public welfare at large for which people had voted them in the last elections. Dr Darakhshan was addressing a huge public rally at Birpur in Bari Brahamna area of Jammu organized by the party for seeking public support and votes for SDP Parliamentary candidate for Jammu-Poonch seat Sardar Gursagar Singh Isher who was also present in the rally along with party General Secretary Ajay Kumar. SDPleader Balvinder Kour had organized the rally and in her address she said that SDP was the only political force which people were looking at as a substitute to the politics of failure which they have experienced throught the past six decades. “The present government has failed at all fronts and only dismay and dejection is what they have given to the people of the state. Again opposition camp has also played a very dirty role and they have done everything to polarize the society for their political interests,” said SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. She said that visionless politicians had destroyed the working systems in every sphere of life and we all have been forced to sail in the rudderless boat. She said that in the recently concluded session of the Assembly, both the government and the opposition camps have humiliated our democracy and all the representatives together have wasted our time and money only. “It is shameful on the part of our legislators across party lines to act for their petty political interests at the cost of the public money and time,” said Darakhshan Andrabi. SDP President said that the politics in J&K has proved to be a tool of exploitation only and that is why people want change now. She appealed to people not to repeat their mistake of electing the old rotten political lot which has disappointed them. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi sought support and vote for Sardar Gursagar Singh Isher saying, “Gursagar is the true representative of SDP, an honest political ideology with a practical manifesto and clear developmental vision and work-plan. We assure all a true people-oriented democratic representation and thus appeal for vote and support for Gursagar Singh.”
Dr Darakhshan Andrabi distributed packets of rice and atta among the poor residents of the locality. She said that the real politics was the politics of social service and SDP has been in the practical social service since the inception of the party.

 In his address, Gursagar Singh also requested the people to vote for him and feel the real power of a democratic system. He said that he has vowed to serve the exploited people of J&K like a dedicated servant. Local public representatives Chedu Ram and Pyara Singh also addressed the gathering and assured Dr Darakhshan of the support of whole of the Bari Brahamna population.

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