Friday, March 28, 2014

Declaration of candidate for Jammu East Assembly Segement

6th of March, 2014

SDP declares candidate for Jammu East Assembly Segment   
                                                                                                                                    Dr Darakhshan asks the people to vote for SDP to replace old failed political representatives

      Socialistic Democratic Party (SDP) today announced the name of Party leader Balwinder Kour as the party candidate for Jammu East Assembly constituency for 2014 Assembly elections. This was announced at a Press Conference by the SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi at Press Club in Jammu today. She was accompanied by party candidate for Jammu-Poonch Parliamentary seat, Gursagar Singh Isher, General Secretary Ajay Kumar and Balvinder Kour. While addressing to the press conference SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that she was satisfied with the public popularity and support of people for Balvinder Kour and her background as a social worker and her dedicated to serve people through politics at a larger stage and that has lead us to nominate her as the party candidate for the Jammu East Assembly segment in 2014 elections. ‘During the last few months, Balvinder has succeeded in reaching out to the people of the constituency and carrying to their doorsteps the programme and political ideology of SDP and again earning immense public support. We all believe that she will emerge as the new representative of the constituency as a potent substitute to the leaders of other political parties who have only exploited people and done nothing concrete for their welfare and development,’ said Dr Andrabi. She garlanded Balwinder Kour and asked her to prove herself a true youth icon for the constituency and the rest of the state by her public service oriented politics. ‘Women are the and deciding  factor in our democracy and when we are ready to give women their equal right at the political stage, then only can we dream of having an honest political system in the state and the country. We in SDP have always placed women at a commanding place and Balwinder Kour is yet another example of the same in SDP,’ said Dr Darakhshan. She appealed to the women voters of the state to come out for the change and vote for SDP, the party of common people represented by the honest, dedicated and educated youth of the state. ‘It is futile to vote the Delhi based or the Delhi sponsored Political agendas as they have at their own places proved complete disaster. SDP has the young, educated and honest political leadership and a vision work plan for development and public service for the state,’ said SDP President. She said that Jammu & Kashmir has been made a labeled troubled state by the politicians of the state and the centre by committing follies now and then for their self interests and SDP wants to correct the ailing political system of the state. She appealed to the people of Jammu-Poonch Parliamentary seat to vote for Gursagar Singh Isher to usher a new era of real public service oriented political representation. She said Gursagar was the best choice for the voters of this constituency.

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