Friday, March 28, 2014

Darakhshan's Press Conference

27 February 2014

Dr Darakhshan seeks vote for Gursagar Singh Isher                                                                                                               SDP President briefs media on the agenda of SDP for Parliamentary polls

A special press briefing session was organized by SDP today at its Central office in Jammu where SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi made her first vote appeal to the electorate of Jammu-Poonch Parliamentary constituency for party candidate Sardar Gursagar Singh Isher who was also present on the occasion. Addressing to media persons SDP President said that it was the right time for the conscious electorate to go for a political change and she was hopeful of tremendous public support and votes in favour of Gursagar Singh Isher. ‘The people should not believe those who have disappointed them now and then and have disrespected the choice of the public by ignoring the problems and demands of the electorate. People should give SDP a chance to represent them and test our honesty and public commitment for which we have been striving and struggling in the state for the past few years,’ said Dr Darakhshan. She requested to the electorate to scrutinize SDP Election manifesto and also keep in consideration the potentialities and track records of the parties and their representatives while voting this time. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that the issue of permanent settlement of the refugees of POK is at the priority of our party’s manifesto and we will struggle within the state and at the central level also to give the over delayed right to the POK refugees. ‘We will be struggling for the reconstitution of the activity management of the funds marked for the development of the Scheduled Tribes in the state. We are in favour of allocation of these funds at the District and Block levels with District and Block representatives from the community representing the Gujjar & Bakerwal Development Board. Again we will be implementing the earlier revoked decision of ST appointments on inter-district levels also. SDP stands for the political reservation of Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes in the state. ,’ said SDP President. She again said that Special developmental packages for Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes are at our priority list for the overall development of these backward sections of the society.  ‘Like other areas of the state, we stand for the establishment of the significant Jammu-Poonch Rail line, which will revolutionize the life in Jammu- Division, said SDP President. Dr Andrabi emphasized on the party’s agenda of seeking special concessions in electric tariff and twenty four hour electricity to the state in lieu of the Indo-Pak Water treaty done at the cost of the state’s resources by the central government. Dr Darakhshan said that SDP has prioritized the drinking water supply to all in the state to all as we have devised complete working plans for these sectors to be implemented. ‘ SDP has a unique Employment programme devised by us with consultation of national and international level experts to address to the grave problem of unemployment in the state and we want to implement this programme if we are given a chance to represent our people,’ said Dr Darakhshan. 

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