Friday, February 28, 2014

Darakhshan's Press Conference on formation of new Admimistrative Units in J&K

“The coalition drama on new administrative unit formation in J&K is a stage mockery ”: Dr Darakhshan Andrabi SDP President lashes out at the government for behaving like road-romeos

Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today criticized the state government for behaving in the manner of road-Romeos while making unnecessary hue and cry and confusion in the minds of the people with regard to the formation of new administrative units in Jammu & Kashmir. “The coalition drama on new administrative unit formation in J&K is a stage mockery. Government seems to be in a hurry to by hook or crook make through the defective formation for political interests only. Government wants to divert the attention of the people from the disappointing performance of the present government at all fronts,” said SDP President. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that political favour and fervor has superseded all feasibilities needed for the formation of new administrative units in Jammu & Kashmir. She said that when on every vital issue concerning the people’s welfare, the coalition partners were on road side scuffle every now and then spreading venom against each other’s policies, and then what other than enjoying the luxury of power binds them together to be in coalition. “It is in no way a process of creating new administrative units in the state, but in reality it is a process of misleading people yet again. The leadership of both the coalition partners has made a joke of their party’s credibility,” said Darakhshan Andrabi. SDP President said that the present government has failed to prove itself a unit even after a long five years friendship of compromise and self-interests and their credibility in the masses has eroded to a level where the framing of new administrative units at this juncture was being looked as a suspicious exercise by the people. She said that this exploitation of sentiments at the time of elections has been a practice of all the political parties of the state right from 1947. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that nothing will be achieved politically by the ruling coalition by this tricky move full of defects and controversies as the people were wise enough to decide their representatives on a fresh scale of understanding at a very objective level now. She said that the state of Jammu & Kashmir had clearly decided to go for a political change after rejection all rotten political ideas and their propagators and go for a fresh political system in J&K.

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