Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rally at Bus Stand in Poonch

8th of April 2014

‘It is the right time for the people of Poonch, Rajouri and Jammu to go for a change’: DARAKHSHAN
Dr Darakhshan and Gursagar Singh address five rallies in Poonch and Rajouri

‘It is the right time for the people of Poonch, Rajouri and Jammu to go for a change. The condition of the people of hill districts of Rajouri and Poonch speak of the political exploitation of the backward people of the area. People should now reject the political exploiters and vote for Gursagar Singh to usher a new era of development in the area,’ said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing a series of five rallies in Poonch and Rajouri. SDP President was on a door to door campaign in the hill districts for the last four days. At the last destination, today Dr Darakhshan along with SDP Candidate Gursasar Singh Isher addressed a rally at the Bus Stand in Poonch today. She said that this election was the opportunity for the people to choose a fresh and new political representative for re-establishing the faith of the people in the democratic system. ‘SDP’s economic vision for the development of tribal population and Pahari speaking people of the area needs a chance of implementation in the area for empowering the economically and socially deprived and privileged class of people. SDP is the only political force which has come to the people with the clear vision of service for people,’ said Dr Andrabi. Seeking votes for Gursagar Singh, Dr Darakhshan assured the people of a very public friendly political representation in the form of Gursagar Singh. 

Village to Village tour in Rajouri

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi traveled village-to-village and door-to-door to seek public support for the party candidate. She camped in Rajouri for four days and three nights.

In Doongi village of Rajouri

 6th of April 2014
Dr Darakhshan Andrabi meeting people at their door steps with an appeal to vote for SDP candidate for Lok Sabha and usher a new era of development and progress through the vision of Socialistic Democratic Party. 

In hilly hamlets of Rajouri

5th of April 2014
Dr Darakhshan seeking public vote and support for SDP candidate in the hilly hamlets of Rajouri inhibited by the tribal population living a life of deprivation and misery.

In Akhnoor during door-to-door campaign

4th April 2014..........SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi alongwith Gursagar Singh Isher, SDP Candidate for Jammu-Poonch Lok Sabha seat seeking votes in Akhnoor villages during the door-to-door campaign.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Seeking votes for SDP candidate

Jammu/3rd April 2014
SDP is the only political force which will re-establish faith of people in democratic institutions: SDP President
‘Gursagar Singh the only choice of the majority of youth’: Darakhshan Andrabi
SDP President requests the electorate to press “Candles” button to elect Gursagar Singh

  Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today appealed to the electorate of Jammu, Poonch and Rajouri districts to vote for SDP candidate Sardar Gursagar Singh on 10th of April to initiate a positive change in the their lives through a honest and viable political vision. Dr Andrabi was addressing a Press Conference at Party Headquarter in Jammu today which was also addressed by Sardar Gursagar Singh, SDP candidate for Jammu-Poonch Lok Sabha seat. In her address Dr Andarbi said that it was the right time to bring in young, dynamic, honest and dedicated representative and entrust faith in Gursagar Singh to ascertain re-establishment of faith of the common man in democratic institutions in J&K.  ‘The people of the state have been deceived with sloganeering only for the last sixty years and it was shameful to see the people of the area being deprived of the basic necessities of life in majority of areas of the constituency. We are still fighting for our basic rights at the grass root levels,’ said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. SDP President said that be it the condition of Gujjars of the state, the refugees from POK , Pahadies living in Rajouri or Poonch, Scheduled castes or people from backward communities and economically weaker sections, all have been exploited and the funds en-marked for their development and progress have been looted  by the politicians and bureaucrats. Dr Darakhshan said that corruption has been legalized in the state and the elected representatives have only delivered like cruel monarchs. ‘J&K state has been turned into a colony of a few exploiters where common man has been ditched and deceived. The pathetic condition of the common man has reached its peak and here the people must go for a change’, said Darakhshan. She said that Gursagar Singh was the only healthy hope for all these deprived sections of society and he was the only candidate with the cleanest character and track record with a clear party vision and plan for the development of all deprived and exploited ones. She appealed to the people to vote for Gursagar Singh who was a fire brand but balanced visionary politician who has vowed to serve the people of the constituency till last. Dr Darakhshan said that ‘GURSAGAR LAO, DESH BACHAO’ was a justified slogan of the youth supporters of the constituency as out of all contestants, he was the only one worth the win. She appealed to the sane voters of the constituency to press “Candles” button on 10th April to elect Gursagar Singh.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Party March & Rally at Kalibadi in Kathua

SDP is the only platform of the people and for the people: Darakhshan

SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi addressed a party rally at Kalibadi in Kathua where she expressed her hope that the people will support and vote for a positive change in these elections. She said that it was the right time for the youth of the state to choose an honest and upright representative. Speaking on the occasion Dr Liaqat Ali Magray said that dedicated social service was the need of the hour. ‘Sloganeering by politicians has only exploited the common man and SDP was the only platform of the people and for the people,’ said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. She asked the people to vote for SDP candidates and see the difference. Dr Andrabi said that politics was not the dirty game but it was made dirty by the dirty politics which the state has seen for more than six decades. SDP General Secretary Ajay Kumar was present on the occasion.


24th March 2014
National Kissan Mazdoor Party merges with SDP, Bilal Bhat and Rafeeqa from Kulgam join SDP
dR liaqat ali magray inducted into sdp
Socialistic Democratic Party today Dr Liaqat Ali Magray, a well known social activist from Doda into Party. SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that Dr Liaqat was a very influential political and social worker who has served the people in different capacities with utmost dedication and honesty. Surrounded by hundreds of his political supporters, Dr Liaqat thanked Dr Andrabi for posing trust in him. SDP workers later took him out in a procession raising slogans in favour of the party and in favour of Liaqat. Speaking on the occasion SDP President said that it was the time for the state to vote for a positive change in at the political front. She sought public support and vote for SDP candidates to usher an era of honest and potent political order for J&K. ‘Socialistic Democratic Party is growing at a very great speed and the politicians and cadres from all over the state are becoming part of SDP. The political honesty and straight forwardness of SDP is earning the trust of the people,’ said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing the gathering after merging the National Kisan Mazdoor Party of J&K into SDP. In presence of all the office bearers of the NKMP, the party leaders Mohammad Ishtiaq Malik and Jaya Ram declared the merger of their party with SDP saying that it was the real political platform for common people having a visionary political ideology. Dr Andrabi said that the party will be stronger by the merger of this well knit political group having its membership base in very tehsil of the state. She announced the appointment of Mohammad Ishtiaq Malik as the Party Organizer for Jammu and Jaya Lal as the Chairman of the Migrant Cell of the party.

Again two prominent political workers of Kulgam Kashmir were inducted into SDP. Dr Andrabi formally inducted Bilal Ahmad Bhat who was a state level office bearer of JDU and Rafeeqa who was associated with BJP into Socialistic Democratic Party.  Welcoming these active young politicians into the party, SDP President said that their involvement will strengthen the Party fold in the valley of Kashmir where the party was expanding its grass root level base at an immense speed.

Declaration of candidate for Jammu East Assembly Segement

6th of March, 2014

SDP declares candidate for Jammu East Assembly Segment   
                                                                                                                                    Dr Darakhshan asks the people to vote for SDP to replace old failed political representatives

      Socialistic Democratic Party (SDP) today announced the name of Party leader Balwinder Kour as the party candidate for Jammu East Assembly constituency for 2014 Assembly elections. This was announced at a Press Conference by the SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi at Press Club in Jammu today. She was accompanied by party candidate for Jammu-Poonch Parliamentary seat, Gursagar Singh Isher, General Secretary Ajay Kumar and Balvinder Kour. While addressing to the press conference SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that she was satisfied with the public popularity and support of people for Balvinder Kour and her background as a social worker and her dedicated to serve people through politics at a larger stage and that has lead us to nominate her as the party candidate for the Jammu East Assembly segment in 2014 elections. ‘During the last few months, Balvinder has succeeded in reaching out to the people of the constituency and carrying to their doorsteps the programme and political ideology of SDP and again earning immense public support. We all believe that she will emerge as the new representative of the constituency as a potent substitute to the leaders of other political parties who have only exploited people and done nothing concrete for their welfare and development,’ said Dr Andrabi. She garlanded Balwinder Kour and asked her to prove herself a true youth icon for the constituency and the rest of the state by her public service oriented politics. ‘Women are the and deciding  factor in our democracy and when we are ready to give women their equal right at the political stage, then only can we dream of having an honest political system in the state and the country. We in SDP have always placed women at a commanding place and Balwinder Kour is yet another example of the same in SDP,’ said Dr Darakhshan. She appealed to the women voters of the state to come out for the change and vote for SDP, the party of common people represented by the honest, dedicated and educated youth of the state. ‘It is futile to vote the Delhi based or the Delhi sponsored Political agendas as they have at their own places proved complete disaster. SDP has the young, educated and honest political leadership and a vision work plan for development and public service for the state,’ said SDP President. She said that Jammu & Kashmir has been made a labeled troubled state by the politicians of the state and the centre by committing follies now and then for their self interests and SDP wants to correct the ailing political system of the state. She appealed to the people of Jammu-Poonch Parliamentary seat to vote for Gursagar Singh Isher to usher a new era of real public service oriented political representation. She said Gursagar was the best choice for the voters of this constituency.

Rally at Birpur

2 March 2014 
“The government and the opposition together have only deceived people of the state ”: Dr Darakhshan  

                    Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today criticized the state government partners and the opposition parties for deceiving the people of the state by addressing to their political interests only and ignoring the public welfare at large for which people had voted them in the last elections. Dr Darakhshan was addressing a huge public rally at Birpur in Bari Brahamna area of Jammu organized by the party for seeking public support and votes for SDP Parliamentary candidate for Jammu-Poonch seat Sardar Gursagar Singh Isher who was also present in the rally along with party General Secretary Ajay Kumar. SDPleader Balvinder Kour had organized the rally and in her address she said that SDP was the only political force which people were looking at as a substitute to the politics of failure which they have experienced throught the past six decades. “The present government has failed at all fronts and only dismay and dejection is what they have given to the people of the state. Again opposition camp has also played a very dirty role and they have done everything to polarize the society for their political interests,” said SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. She said that visionless politicians had destroyed the working systems in every sphere of life and we all have been forced to sail in the rudderless boat. She said that in the recently concluded session of the Assembly, both the government and the opposition camps have humiliated our democracy and all the representatives together have wasted our time and money only. “It is shameful on the part of our legislators across party lines to act for their petty political interests at the cost of the public money and time,” said Darakhshan Andrabi. SDP President said that the politics in J&K has proved to be a tool of exploitation only and that is why people want change now. She appealed to people not to repeat their mistake of electing the old rotten political lot which has disappointed them. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi sought support and vote for Sardar Gursagar Singh Isher saying, “Gursagar is the true representative of SDP, an honest political ideology with a practical manifesto and clear developmental vision and work-plan. We assure all a true people-oriented democratic representation and thus appeal for vote and support for Gursagar Singh.”
Dr Darakhshan Andrabi distributed packets of rice and atta among the poor residents of the locality. She said that the real politics was the politics of social service and SDP has been in the practical social service since the inception of the party.

 In his address, Gursagar Singh also requested the people to vote for him and feel the real power of a democratic system. He said that he has vowed to serve the exploited people of J&K like a dedicated servant. Local public representatives Chedu Ram and Pyara Singh also addressed the gathering and assured Dr Darakhshan of the support of whole of the Bari Brahamna population.

Darakhshan's Press Conference

27 February 2014

Dr Darakhshan seeks vote for Gursagar Singh Isher                                                                                                               SDP President briefs media on the agenda of SDP for Parliamentary polls

A special press briefing session was organized by SDP today at its Central office in Jammu where SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi made her first vote appeal to the electorate of Jammu-Poonch Parliamentary constituency for party candidate Sardar Gursagar Singh Isher who was also present on the occasion. Addressing to media persons SDP President said that it was the right time for the conscious electorate to go for a political change and she was hopeful of tremendous public support and votes in favour of Gursagar Singh Isher. ‘The people should not believe those who have disappointed them now and then and have disrespected the choice of the public by ignoring the problems and demands of the electorate. People should give SDP a chance to represent them and test our honesty and public commitment for which we have been striving and struggling in the state for the past few years,’ said Dr Darakhshan. She requested to the electorate to scrutinize SDP Election manifesto and also keep in consideration the potentialities and track records of the parties and their representatives while voting this time. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that the issue of permanent settlement of the refugees of POK is at the priority of our party’s manifesto and we will struggle within the state and at the central level also to give the over delayed right to the POK refugees. ‘We will be struggling for the reconstitution of the activity management of the funds marked for the development of the Scheduled Tribes in the state. We are in favour of allocation of these funds at the District and Block levels with District and Block representatives from the community representing the Gujjar & Bakerwal Development Board. Again we will be implementing the earlier revoked decision of ST appointments on inter-district levels also. SDP stands for the political reservation of Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes in the state. ,’ said SDP President. She again said that Special developmental packages for Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes are at our priority list for the overall development of these backward sections of the society.  ‘Like other areas of the state, we stand for the establishment of the significant Jammu-Poonch Rail line, which will revolutionize the life in Jammu- Division, said SDP President. Dr Andrabi emphasized on the party’s agenda of seeking special concessions in electric tariff and twenty four hour electricity to the state in lieu of the Indo-Pak Water treaty done at the cost of the state’s resources by the central government. Dr Darakhshan said that SDP has prioritized the drinking water supply to all in the state to all as we have devised complete working plans for these sectors to be implemented. ‘ SDP has a unique Employment programme devised by us with consultation of national and international level experts to address to the grave problem of unemployment in the state and we want to implement this programme if we are given a chance to represent our people,’ said Dr Darakhshan. 

SDP Rally At JOGI GATE in Jammu

SDP Organizes public meeting in jogi Gate, Distributes blankets among poor
                15 Feb......    Socialistic Democratic Party  president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today addressed a public meeting at Ward no 6, Jogi Gate, Shaheedi Chowk where she sought public vote and support for SDP’s Parliamentary candidate Gursagar Singh Isher who was also present in the meeting.The meet was organized by SDP leader Balwinder Kour.  “Vote for SDP means a vote for the real democracy in the state and SDP is the only public oriented political alternative for the people to get rid of the exploiting politics,’ said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi in her address. One hundred fifty new political workers from different segments of society acquired the membership of the party. SDP President welcomed them into SDP fold. Sardar Gursagar Singh Isher assured the gathering that he and his party will as a part of the party manifesto take the development to the grass root level and strengthen a common man economically and socially. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that all those who recently showed their ugly faces of misconduct on the floor of the house are the labels of the same product. She said that in J&K, we have been unfortunate to a great extent to have had a political leadership of very narrow mentality and thus this state is called the troubled state. “We have to get this troubled state soon out of trouble and for that we need to overhaul our political system. SDP is a clean political force which can usher a real spirit of democracy in the state,” said SDP. Dr Darakhshan said that the economic condition of a common man has not improved at all and majority of the worker’s class was still earning its livelihood with great difficulty. SDP candidate for Parliamentary seat Gursagar Singh Isher Dr Darakhshan distributed two hundred woolen blankets among the hundred persons from deprived and poor sections of the society.

                   SDP delegate Smt Balvinder Kour also addressed the rally just after being elected as the Ward Incharge of SDP in the area. The prominent workers who joined SDP included Jawla Akhtar, Seema, Anju, Asha, Chandho, Prem, Rubeena, Neelam, Soma, sarvar Jan and Parveena. 

Rally at Rajouri

   Dr Darakhshan addresses huge public rally at Agarti in Rajouri                                                                                                                    ‘Whole of J&K has decided to go for a political change,’ SDP President

 Feb 12/ ‘Remote border areas of the state are without the basic facilities of life. People of these areas have been exploited by the politicians during the last sixty years,’ said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today while addressing a huge public rally at village Agarti in Rajouri today. The rally was organized by SDP District President for Rajouri Choudhary Mohammad Aslam. In addition to SDPDistrict President the public rally was addressed by SDP nominee for Jammu-Poonch Parliamentary seat Gursagar Singh and General Secretary Ajay Kumar. Earlier on her arrival at Agarati, SDP President was accorded warm welcome by locals by beating the traditional drums and showering flower petals on the leadership of SDP. In her address Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that both the ruling class and the opposition has exploited the people and they have been deliberately deprived of the true democratic spirit for the vote bank politics. She said that the spirit of the change at political level has reached Rajouri also and the people of the district have made up their mind to give SDP a chance to represent them now. Dr Andrabi said that the immense response of the people of this backward hill district to the Membership drive of SDP is quite encouraging and we are sure that in the days to come, Rajouri will be represented by SDP as will be majority of the backward areas of the state. Hailing the ground level political networking initiated by Choudhary Mohammad Aslam, SDP President said that more and more people, welfare organizations and NGOs are coming out in support of SDP Parliamentary candidate. ‘No sentimental slogans can work now, people need concrete display of redressal of grievances and problems related to public,’ said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. Some prominent local representatives including Haji Mohammad Ashraf, Haji Shahejahan, Mohammad Nazir, Rozia, Ruqayya Bewgum and Rafeeqa Begum also spoke.