Saturday, November 2, 2013

Raising voice for migrant KPs

State Government unconcerned with KPs: Darakhshan

Central Rehabilitation Programme for the community kept on hold: SDP President

                                        Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today addressed a Press Conference at Party Central Office in Jammu in support of the demands of the displaced Kashmiri Pundits. “Even after more than two decades, the intellectual and educated community of Kashmir is living a life of distress and dejection away from home in exile. The state government is completely hostile to the problems of KPs and their resolution,” said SDP President. Referring to the killing price-hike, Dr Darakhshan said that the relief given to the displaced community was not at all sufficient and should be increased to ten thousand per family immediately. She said that the state government was sleeping at the Central government special job package for the displaced youth under KPs rehabilitation policy ads it was not in their interests. “The very long delay in filling up of the remaining posts allotted and funded specially by the central government for Kashmiri Pundit youth was creating suspicion about the designs of the state government,” said Dr Andrabi. She demanded that these vacant places allotted by the central government be filled without any delay before the process gets blocked by Election Restrictions. Dr Darakhshan said that the displaced community is facing problems in disbursement of ration in time which troubles the troubled community. “It is the responsibility of the government to ascertain the disbursement of ration well in time to the migrants so that they at least feed their families without problems,” said SDP President. Dr Darakhshan also pleaded for the demand of the community to amend the family bifurcation policy for relief purposes. She said that in absence of a long time convincing government policy, the community was completely dejected and had lost faith in the government. “The migration of Kashmiri pundits is a blot on the secular traditions of Kashmir, and we all should think on it very seriously. By occasional announcements about KPs being inseparable part of Kashmir we cannot be justified in delivering our duties. We have to show it practically,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. 

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