Sunday, August 25, 2013

HUge Rally at Budgam (Kashmir) today

“Autocracy in the garb of democracy has exploited the people in the state”: Darakhshan

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi addressed a huge public gathering at village Hokhletter in Budgam

                                           “ The political system in J&K is not different  at all from the autiocracy of the past. The democratic system is being used for exploiting the common masses. The ways and means of the autocracy have emerging in new shapes and the common man has been made a slave to the will of political system and bureaucracy,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing a huge public gathering at village Hokhletter in Budgam district today. She said that the whole of the Sokhnag belt of Budgam presents a picture of Kashmir of pre-47 and it was the real introduction of our political system in J&K. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi visited the whole of the village on foot and talked to the people at their door steps. She said that the deplated roads in whole of Sokhnag belt speak of the depalation of the minds of the politicians who have been representing this area for a long time now. She also said that the condition of the roads portray the real approach of the ruling politicians towards the people. “The government school in the area is one of the oldest schools of Kashmir opened by the government in Bakhshi Ghulam Mohammad’s rule and despite ibncrease in the students manifold, it has not been upgraded by aa single class in the last half century,” said Dr Darakhshan. She said that the step-mothery treatment of the government and the local elected representative has deprived this area of the basic amenties and facilities even. “This is the area of cattle rearers and their demand of establishment of a Vaternery Centre in this area has also been ignored. For the people in this area, there is no government, there is no democracy,” roared Dr Andrabi. Striking hard at the government and the local political representative, Dr Andrabi said that one is reminded of tales of cruel Kashmiri King Meherkula in this area while listening to the pathetic woes and wales of the ignored population. She also criticized the government for the un-healthy health facilities in the area. “ Now is the time for a political change in this ignored area. People’s mood is positive and SDP is ready is ready to be part of people’s crusade against the political exploitation in this area,” said SDP President.

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