Thursday, May 23, 2013


“Divide and Rule politics in Khansahib is to be defeated now for all times:” Darakhshan Andrabi  SDP President addresses rally in Khansahib
                                  Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi visited many villages of Khansahib constituency and later addressed a public gathering at Waterhail of Khansahib. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi expressed her displeasure over the role of division played by the local politicians for managing the votes and getting elected to Assembly. She said that it was shocking to trace the letters of the local MLA in different departments recommending about the non-implementation of different government schemes and allotment of different facilities to the areas the people of which have not voted for him. She said that divide and rule is the politics that has been managed by the local politicians. “We are here to defeat for all times, this sinister political attitude in the area and establish a healthy democratic system in this hilly constituency of Budgam so that the people are not exploited anymore,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that it was shocking to see the shabby condition of the people of the area amid the defective developmental activities and the misuse of local government machinery by the local representative and his team of exploiters. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi appealed to the people of the area to utilize wisdom to go for a political change in the constituency in the coming Assembly elections. “When other constituencies have progressed a lot, Khansahib has been a prey to the Jagirdarana political attitude of the local political representatives,” said Darakhshan. She appealed to the youth to show their power and defeat those who have cheated the people.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Nayabat, Police Station and Block, all these were snatched from the people of Waterhail Area for political revenge: DARAKHSHAN

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi addressed a public gathering and led a rally at Hokhletter in Budgam 
Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today addressed a public rally at village Hokhletter in Budgam district. Earlier she presided over the district level workers meet held in the same locality. In her address Dr Darakhshan Andrabi expressed her concern over the withdrawal of Nayabat and the Police Station from the huge area of eleven Halqas of Waterhal area on the ground of political rivalry. She criticized the so-called elected public representative for marring the rights of the common populace of the area to fulfill his revenge for the different political bent of the area. She also criticized the last three governments of the state for depriving the huge population of this belt of Budgam from basic amenities and facilities. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that it was very shocking for her to learn that the proposal of allotment of the block to the area was opposed by the local political representative and when many new blocks were constituted in the past, this old central place of Budgam was deprived of this facility to keep the area in its present backward condition. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi demanded the restoration of the Nayabat and the Police Station to the area and constitution of the block for Waterhail. She appealed to the people of the area to be prepared for the coming Assembly polls and ensure the political change in the area which was must to end the monarchial attitude of the politicians who have represented this area in past. Earlier Dr Darakhshan Andrabi announced the appointment of many party office bears while presiding over a district level level meeting in the village.