Wednesday, April 24, 2013


5th of April 2013

“Our political representatives are acting as agents and thus lack courage to plead for public aspirations with decisive force,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi
The people of Budgam are prey to Vote Bank Politics: Darakhshan
Socialistic Democratic Party today organized a district level party convention at Waterhail in Budgam which was chaired by party president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. The convention reviwed the party working in the district and devised the political strategies for future. In her address to the convention, SDP President expressed her concern about the poor developmental activities in the district as compared to other parts of the state. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that Budgam has always been an exploiting ground of the common populace by the political representatives. “The people of Budgam are prey to the Vote Bank Politics and the political representatives have been exploiting the people by extending all development benefits and the benefits of public welfare schemes and programmes to the selected political class only,” said Dr Darakhshan. She said that there was a great gulf between the common people and the political representatives in the district. She appealed to her political leaders and workers to help common exploited people to get their rights by facilitating them the requisite help to get their day to day problems solved. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi appealed to the youth of the district to come forward to make the movement of the political change in the state a relity in the days to come. “Many crucial unsolved issues of the J&K state need genuine fresh political representatives in the state with guts to solve them. Unfortunately our political representatives are acting as agents and lack will to address to the public aspirations. Advocates of personal interests can never have the courage to plead the genuine public aspirations of the common people of the state,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi.

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