Wednesday, April 24, 2013


                       24th March 2013

The plight of uncertainty looms large over the future of displaced Kashmiri migrants: DR DarakhshaN
The monthly relief for the displaced KPs per family should be increased keeping in view the uncontrolled price hike’ demands SDP President
“The forced displacement of Kashmiri Pandit Community from their homeland has shattered them completely. They are living a very miserable life away from their lost homes. The pain of being migrants is terrible for this educated and intellectual lot of Kashmiri society,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing a press conference at Jammu today. Accompanied by other party leaders Sanjay Manhas and Kamaljeet Singh, SDP President shared her pain with the media. “Financial relief and temporary arrangements of providing flats to these community members has nothing to do with their permanent settlement and government cannot in any case project this all as a substitute for the permanent settlement of this community. Up to now we have failed at all in devising any plan for the settlement of the grave issue of displacement of this inseparable part of Kashmiri society,” said Dr Darakhshan. Emphasizing the need of immediate increase in the monthly financial relief to the families of this displaced community in view of the increased prices of all commodities, SDP President also demanded the completion of unfinished allotted quota of recruitment in government sector in Kashmir valley from this community at an earliest to address to the dejection caused by the delay. Dr Andrabi termed the displacement of Kashmiri Pandit Community a misfortune for Kashmir which has broader impacts on the resolution of all issues concerning the state. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said the plight of uncertainty looms large over the future of displaced Kashmiri migrants as nothing serious is being done or even thought of at the state and central government levels for their permanent settlement. “The temporary rehabilitation township at Jagti is also a big problem centre for this disturbed lot as on one hand they are treated as second class citizens when the issue of providing them basic facilities is concerned and again they are not treated as a troubled displaced lot when they are charged with huge electric charges etc. Dr Andrabi said that we have to treat with this community very delicately and harsh attitudes can tell upon their mental health in very big way as they are already reaping the crops of the forced migration from their homeland.

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