Wednesday, April 24, 2013


   19 APRIL 2013
“Land misuse has been legalized by the                 government”:  Dr Darakhshan                                                         SDP President criticizes the government for allowing land mafia jugglery in the state and putting the future of the state to great ecological & environmental risk .
“The land mafia is ruling the state. Laws for Protection of our agricultural land are just on the paper and the ground reality is quite against it,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing the Press Conference at Party Central Office today. Unplanned development of our cities and unchecked status change of land in rural areas has put our life to a great risk and our government is quite unconcerned said SDP President. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi expressed her worry that the let-free attitude of the government towards the land mafia in the state has put the situation out of the hand of everybody. “In the name of the oral gifts, the treasuries are deprived of levy worth crores of rupees by this mafia and this all happens in connivance of the ruling class. The commission agency attitude of our government departments and agencies has ruined the whole of the land management in the state,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. SDP President expressed her concern over the fast shrinking agricultural land in the state and slammed the ruling politicians and bureaucrats for declaring the cultivable land as marsh and barren just to certify its use for construction purposes. “The defective housing and developmental plans of the state government are responsible for unchecked concretization of the state of J&K which is proving hazardous for the ecology of our state,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. She said that J&K being a state of the interior Himalayan region was ecologically very sensitive and this mafia-led change in the nomenclature of our land was gravely and adversely affecting our whole ecosystem which in the coming years was undoubtedly enough to make our lives hell in this paradise like state. “Those who tirelessly make big claims of putting the state of J&K on the path of development are in the real context putting us on the path of destruction and annihilation. The poor understanding of our rulers about the ecology and environment of J&K is leading us to a catastrophe of the days to come,” said Dr Darakhshan. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that the Agricultural Ministry of the state was completely unconcerned with this great and vital issue.


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