Wednesday, April 24, 2013


   19 APRIL 2013
“Land misuse has been legalized by the                 government”:  Dr Darakhshan                                                         SDP President criticizes the government for allowing land mafia jugglery in the state and putting the future of the state to great ecological & environmental risk .
“The land mafia is ruling the state. Laws for Protection of our agricultural land are just on the paper and the ground reality is quite against it,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing the Press Conference at Party Central Office today. Unplanned development of our cities and unchecked status change of land in rural areas has put our life to a great risk and our government is quite unconcerned said SDP President. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi expressed her worry that the let-free attitude of the government towards the land mafia in the state has put the situation out of the hand of everybody. “In the name of the oral gifts, the treasuries are deprived of levy worth crores of rupees by this mafia and this all happens in connivance of the ruling class. The commission agency attitude of our government departments and agencies has ruined the whole of the land management in the state,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. SDP President expressed her concern over the fast shrinking agricultural land in the state and slammed the ruling politicians and bureaucrats for declaring the cultivable land as marsh and barren just to certify its use for construction purposes. “The defective housing and developmental plans of the state government are responsible for unchecked concretization of the state of J&K which is proving hazardous for the ecology of our state,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. She said that J&K being a state of the interior Himalayan region was ecologically very sensitive and this mafia-led change in the nomenclature of our land was gravely and adversely affecting our whole ecosystem which in the coming years was undoubtedly enough to make our lives hell in this paradise like state. “Those who tirelessly make big claims of putting the state of J&K on the path of development are in the real context putting us on the path of destruction and annihilation. The poor understanding of our rulers about the ecology and environment of J&K is leading us to a catastrophe of the days to come,” said Dr Darakhshan. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that the Agricultural Ministry of the state was completely unconcerned with this great and vital issue.


Raising Voice against FAKE MEDICINES

16 April 2013

J&K is a big market of sub-standard medicines and drugs: Dr Darakhshan
“For commissions, the lives of common people are put to great risk,”says SDP President
Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today addressed a Press Conference at party headquarter at Jammu which was attended by Party General Secretary Ajay Kumar also. In her address Dr Darakhshan expressed her grave concern over the recent hue and cry in Kashmir valley over spurious drugs and medicines sold to the people in open markets. Dr Darakhshan said, “Whole of the Jammu & Kashmir state is the hub of sub-standard medicines and drugs. The lives of the people are put to great risk for mere commissions from the manufacturers. The Drug Controller’s Office is meaningless and irrelevant in the state.” SDP President slammed government of maintaining silence over the most sensitive issue concerning the health of the common man. She said that the working in our medical institutions was all defective and the system in the government hospitals and medical centers had been derailed only to facilitate the private medical centers and private medical institutions. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that the last years’ GB Panth Hospital expose in Srinagar was the indicator of our deteriorating health services in the state. She said that the situation in whole of the state was the same. “How can we expect any check on the system as the government has allowed the medical resources of the state to turn into business centers? We are living on a live killer volcano and don’t find any escape route to save our selves,” said Dr Andrabi in a very low tune. She said that the public worry and hue and cry about the spurious medicines and drugs being sold in the state without any fear and check seems unheard by the rulers who seem totally indifferent to this grave issue. “Is the government directly involved in this huge scam?” asked Darakhshan. She appealed to the Union Health Minister to take direct action soon so that the lives of the people are saved and the people’s lives are not put to more risk. She also demanded a CBI probe into the whole issue as the state government was not at all interested in addressing to the issue. “We cannot afford and allow the safety of the ommon man to be put to risk for petty commissions,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi.


5th of April 2013

“Our political representatives are acting as agents and thus lack courage to plead for public aspirations with decisive force,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi
The people of Budgam are prey to Vote Bank Politics: Darakhshan
Socialistic Democratic Party today organized a district level party convention at Waterhail in Budgam which was chaired by party president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. The convention reviwed the party working in the district and devised the political strategies for future. In her address to the convention, SDP President expressed her concern about the poor developmental activities in the district as compared to other parts of the state. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that Budgam has always been an exploiting ground of the common populace by the political representatives. “The people of Budgam are prey to the Vote Bank Politics and the political representatives have been exploiting the people by extending all development benefits and the benefits of public welfare schemes and programmes to the selected political class only,” said Dr Darakhshan. She said that there was a great gulf between the common people and the political representatives in the district. She appealed to her political leaders and workers to help common exploited people to get their rights by facilitating them the requisite help to get their day to day problems solved. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi appealed to the youth of the district to come forward to make the movement of the political change in the state a relity in the days to come. “Many crucial unsolved issues of the J&K state need genuine fresh political representatives in the state with guts to solve them. Unfortunately our political representatives are acting as agents and lack will to address to the public aspirations. Advocates of personal interests can never have the courage to plead the genuine public aspirations of the common people of the state,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi.


                       24th March 2013

The plight of uncertainty looms large over the future of displaced Kashmiri migrants: DR DarakhshaN
The monthly relief for the displaced KPs per family should be increased keeping in view the uncontrolled price hike’ demands SDP President
“The forced displacement of Kashmiri Pandit Community from their homeland has shattered them completely. They are living a very miserable life away from their lost homes. The pain of being migrants is terrible for this educated and intellectual lot of Kashmiri society,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing a press conference at Jammu today. Accompanied by other party leaders Sanjay Manhas and Kamaljeet Singh, SDP President shared her pain with the media. “Financial relief and temporary arrangements of providing flats to these community members has nothing to do with their permanent settlement and government cannot in any case project this all as a substitute for the permanent settlement of this community. Up to now we have failed at all in devising any plan for the settlement of the grave issue of displacement of this inseparable part of Kashmiri society,” said Dr Darakhshan. Emphasizing the need of immediate increase in the monthly financial relief to the families of this displaced community in view of the increased prices of all commodities, SDP President also demanded the completion of unfinished allotted quota of recruitment in government sector in Kashmir valley from this community at an earliest to address to the dejection caused by the delay. Dr Andrabi termed the displacement of Kashmiri Pandit Community a misfortune for Kashmir which has broader impacts on the resolution of all issues concerning the state. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said the plight of uncertainty looms large over the future of displaced Kashmiri migrants as nothing serious is being done or even thought of at the state and central government levels for their permanent settlement. “The temporary rehabilitation township at Jagti is also a big problem centre for this disturbed lot as on one hand they are treated as second class citizens when the issue of providing them basic facilities is concerned and again they are not treated as a troubled displaced lot when they are charged with huge electric charges etc. Dr Andrabi said that we have to treat with this community very delicately and harsh attitudes can tell upon their mental health in very big way as they are already reaping the crops of the forced migration from their homeland.

Darakhshan's address at KATHUA

                                                                       18 March 2013
“The monthly wages of SPOs should be raised to Rs 5000/- per month”: Darakhshan
Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today reiterated her demand of increase in the monthly wages of SPOs. She was addressing a party workers meet in Kathua today. Accompanied by SDP General Secretary Ajay Kumar, SDP President in her address appealed to the government to enhance the monthly wages of SPOs to 5000/- per month as the meager amount of three thousand rupees per month was quite insufficient to sustain the families when the inflation has risen beyond ones’ speculation. “SPOs deliver great duties amid high risks and their contribution in maintaining law and order situation in the state has been tremendous and praiseworthy. They should be paid as per their work,” said SDP President. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi appealed to the Chief Minister to take up the issue on priority and enhance the wages of these valorous workers. She also appealed to the government to devise long term regularization policy for SPOS so that a guarantee shields them and their future. “We cannot put these SPOs in uncertainty for a full life. We should give them a safe future,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi.