Friday, March 15, 2013

SDP Office at Bishnah

The state is undergoing a political transaction and the coming days will experience a new political order in J&K: Darakhshan                                                                 SDP President inaugurates SDP Office at Bishnah today.
“The whole state of Jammu & Kashmir is passing through transaction change for a big political change and the coming days are to witness a total public deviation from the routine political scenario in the state,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing the public gathering at Bishnah today after inaugurating the SDP Office. In her address Dr Andrabi said that Bishnah villages are deprived of the basic facilities and the dismaying situation of the development in the area defeat the government propaganda of overall development of the state. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi demanded a compassionate consideration of the long pending issues of the PAK refugges. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that the people living in border villages of the state are confronted with many problems and the government should devise special developmental programmes for these people. She said that central government funds are misappropriated and the common poor population of the state is not allowed to get the benefits of the centrally sponsored schemes made for the privileged sections of the society. “Political workers and the government executing authorities loot the funds of theses schemes and the poor are not at all benefited. There is nobody to hear to the grievances of the common man,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. She said that corruption is the order of our state which drives our working system. Dr Andrabi appealed to the people to use the instrument of Right to Information Act (RTI) to seek the information from the government regarding the implementation of the central schemes in villages and the working details of the developmental plans and works in the area. 

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