Friday, March 15, 2013

21st February 2013

SDP President welcomes fifty new delegates into the Party
 “The people of the state have been deceived by the rulers of the state over the last six decades by selling dreams without letting any scope for their realization. Our political system has become a stingy pond in which no fresh water enters and thus it has started giving bad order,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing the public gathering at Bishnah today after welcoming fifty new delegates into SDP fold. SDP leader Peer Abdul Majeed Shah also addressed the gathering.  SDP General Secretary Ajay Kumar, State and Kamaljeet Singh also were present in the gathering. Many Panchs and sarpanchs led by Romesh Lal, Tarseem Lal and other prominent political workers including Ghirdhari Lal, Rattan Lan, Chajjuu Ram, Banarsi Das, Prem Kumar, Bodh Raj, Sham Lal, Ajay Kumar, Desh Raj, Tarseem, Chamael Singh and Bodh Raj were also inducted as delegates. Welcoming new delegates, SDP President appealed to the people of the state to throw out the rotten lot out of the new Assembly in 2014 elections so that we get rid of the exploitation by the old anti-people political mafia in the state. “The misfortunes of the people of J&K are because of our local politicians as they have exploited the people and fattened their properties and bank accounts by keeping people busy in exploitation. Enough is enough and now is the opportune time for the change,” said Dr Darakhshan. She appealed to the youth of the state to shun their association with these disguised autocrats and get freedom from the present ailing political order. Dr Andrabi said that the politics in the state has existed on only one agenda and that was the loot of the rights of the common misinformed or uninformed population of the state. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi slammed the present government for its failure in curbing the funds-misappropriation at the grass root level in all spheres of life in J&K.  “Our politicians are only the trouble makers for the people at large and their approaches and plans are consciously targeted at polarizing the regions of the state. They are the enemies of the state’s integrity,” said Darakhshan Andrabi.

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