Thursday, November 15, 2012


      SDP President Addresses a public rally at Warpora Sopore
“New Delhi is treating Jammu & Kashmir as a colony and not as a state. The irritating influence of New Delhi has penetrated every field of our life as a disturbance and it is badly itching in our social system,” said Socialistic Democratic party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing the party rally at Warpora in Sopore. SDP has been working in Sopore town and its adjoining villages through a door-to-door contact programme and convincing people for a political change in the area. SDP Sopore representative Abdul Rashid War had led the party programme in Sopore. In his welcome address A R War said that he was sure that J&K will get a very bold and honest political leadership in the shape of Darakhshan Andrabi who has guts to be leader of integrity. SDP President led a road rally after addressing the gathering. In her address Dr Darakhshan said that all politicians of the state have gimmicked with the people and in the history of J&K from 1947, she sees nobody who had sincerity in his political role. She said that different written or unwritten agreements from our local leadership for the only aim of getting or remaining comfortable in power have weakened our say in the issues related to us and now we are treated as second class citizens within our own place. “New Delhi wants puppets to represent them here and uses its agencies to reach this goal. These puppets work as per the dictates of New Delhi and the local aspirations remain unfulfilled and when the irritating intervention crosses limits, people come to streets and unfortunately in place of looking into their own faults, our so-called Kashmir Experts from New Delhi try to label the agitators as the planted agents. “The people of Kashmir are still in the garb of insecurity. With broad chests, our leaders issue futwas regarding the situation because they live under the siege of the security agencies. Let us shun the old habit of shouting zaroor-zaroor to these Delhi planted monarchs and come out for a political change where we are the decision makers and the people’s concerns are of the prime importance,” said Darakhshan Andrabi.

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