Sunday, November 25, 2012


“Law & Order situation in J&K is directly related to the resolution of the political issues of the state”: Darakhshan
SDP organizes public rally at Diwar in Lolab
                     Socialistic Democratic Party today organized a public rally at Dewar in Lolab Assembly Constituency. It was the first public gathering of the party after the culmination of the first phase of the door to door campaign of the party in the area led by the SDP Party In-charge of Lolab Ali Jan Khan who presented his welcome address in which he highlighted the problems of the people of the area. SDP leaders Bashir Ahmad Shah, Abdul Qayoom Wani, Fayyaz Ahmad and  Abdul Rasheed War were also present on the occasion. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi in her address said that Lolab has suffered a lot during the last two decades as this was a prime disturbance location and again the government has paid least attention to the development and generation of employment in the area which has dejected the people of this beautiful border area. “The law and order situation in the area is still not good as claimed by the government and its security agencies because the main political issue of Jammu& Kashmir is left unresolved. And this prolonged delay in the resolution of the political issue of J&K is giving birth to hundreds and thousands of issues that have made the life of the people of the state a hell,” said Dr Darakhshan. She said that the Central government has been deceiving the people of the state by Round Table Conferences, State-Centre Agreements, and by sending Interlocutors etc and thus complicating the issues at the ground level. SDP President said that peace and development was conditional to the resolution of the political issues of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Dr Andrabi said that the announcements of Special Recruitment Packages by the Prime Minister of India like his other announcements have not seen the light of the day even after the lapse of so many years. “Our local political leaders from NC, PDP and Congress during their spells as the rulers have only played the role of ‘cheer boys’ for the rulers of Delhi and thus compromised the rights of the people of J&K. The resentment among masses is the resentment against the ruling policy of New Delhi and the local political leaders too,” said Dr Andrabi.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


      SDP President Addresses a public rally at Warpora Sopore
“New Delhi is treating Jammu & Kashmir as a colony and not as a state. The irritating influence of New Delhi has penetrated every field of our life as a disturbance and it is badly itching in our social system,” said Socialistic Democratic party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing the party rally at Warpora in Sopore. SDP has been working in Sopore town and its adjoining villages through a door-to-door contact programme and convincing people for a political change in the area. SDP Sopore representative Abdul Rashid War had led the party programme in Sopore. In his welcome address A R War said that he was sure that J&K will get a very bold and honest political leadership in the shape of Darakhshan Andrabi who has guts to be leader of integrity. SDP President led a road rally after addressing the gathering. In her address Dr Darakhshan said that all politicians of the state have gimmicked with the people and in the history of J&K from 1947, she sees nobody who had sincerity in his political role. She said that different written or unwritten agreements from our local leadership for the only aim of getting or remaining comfortable in power have weakened our say in the issues related to us and now we are treated as second class citizens within our own place. “New Delhi wants puppets to represent them here and uses its agencies to reach this goal. These puppets work as per the dictates of New Delhi and the local aspirations remain unfulfilled and when the irritating intervention crosses limits, people come to streets and unfortunately in place of looking into their own faults, our so-called Kashmir Experts from New Delhi try to label the agitators as the planted agents. “The people of Kashmir are still in the garb of insecurity. With broad chests, our leaders issue futwas regarding the situation because they live under the siege of the security agencies. Let us shun the old habit of shouting zaroor-zaroor to these Delhi planted monarchs and come out for a political change where we are the decision makers and the people’s concerns are of the prime importance,” said Darakhshan Andrabi.

Darakhshan's Rally at Waterhail in Budgam ( 21st October 2012)

"Chief Minister’s coalition-excuse for dealing with corruption in J&K disappointing ”: Dr Darakhshan
Maulana Sheikh Abdul Gani felicitated SDP President
Darakhshan takes out a door to door march at Waterhail in Budgam
                    We are passing through very uncertain political situations in the state. Corruption rules J&K and government has now publically declared its intentions to allow corruption to flourish. Chief Minister’s coalition excuse for dealing with corruption in J&K is shocking and disappointing”, said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi, the President of Socialistic Democratic Party addressing a public gathering at Waterhail in Budgam today. Dr Andrabi was accompanied by the party representatives from Budgam and the prominent citizens of Budgam. On the occasion local prominent citizens led by Maulana Sheikh Abdul Gani felicitated Dr Darakhshan Andrabi for her overall political contribution in the area. SDP President carried out a day long door-to-door campaign in the area and took out a road rally also through the town. The rally culminated in a public gathering where Dr Darakhshan Andrabi addressed the gathering. She said that the previous and the present government and the present elected representative of this constituency have altogether neglected this area and so the people living here are experiencing complete backwardness and grave difficulties in every sphere of life. “Those whose make loud claims of the equal development of all areas of the state stand completely exposed here in this area”, said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. She said that she has vowed to resolve the problems of the area and she will be there for the people in all circumstances. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi met people during her doo-to-door campaign and listened to the problems of locals. In her address Dr Darakhshan said that corruption has marred the public of J&K and the government has put its hands up to deal with it. She said that public has lost all hopes in the present government to deal with the issues confronting the people because the government only sells sentiments.

19th October 2012

                   Khillat-e-Noor awarded to Darakhshan Andrabi

Yearly literary award “Khillat-e-Noor” instituted in the name of Sheikh-ul-Aalam Sheikh Noor-uddin-Noorani(RA) by Kashmir Markaz-i-Abad-o-Saqafat was given away to Dr Darakhshan Andrabi, the famed poet, writer and politician for her literary contribution at a very dignified function held in the Town Hall of Chrar-i-Sharief yesterday late in the evening as a part of the Urs of Alamdar being observed these days. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi was felicitated with a Citation and a Trophy. Veteran researcher on Sheikhul Alam and a famed poet and novelist Justice (Rtd) Ghulam Nabi Gowhar gave away the award to Dr Andrabi in presence of the galaxy of prominent writers, poets and researchers of Kalam-e Sheikh (RA). A symposia on contribution of Sheikhul Aalam(RA) was held on the occasion under the aegis of Sahitya Academy, New Delhi. This award was given to Dr Darakhshan for her portrayal of the great spiritual traditions of Kashmir in her poetry of the modern genre. After receiving the award Dr Darakhshan said that she feels as if she has received the blessings of Hazrat Nooruddin Noorani(RA) in the shape of the honour named after him. Dr Andrabi assured the gathering that she will continue to carry forward the great spiritual legacy of the saints of Kashmir through her creative writings in the days to come also.   

28th September 2012

“Government has failed to protect the threatened Panchayat Members in J&K”: Dr Darakhshan
It is a politically guided mission to derail the Panchayati System in Jammu & Kashmir: SDP President
25 new political workers from other parties from Akhnoor constituency join SDP at a function organised at SDP Headquarters

                     Panchayats in Jammu & Kashmir have been made casualty to the political misadventures. The Operation Fear is a politically guided mission to derail the Panchayati system in Jammu & Kashmir. Unfortunately our state government is a part of this mission as it has allowed the elected representatives to feel insulted by refusing them proper powers and failing in providing them proper security system”, said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi, the President of Socialistic Democratic Party. While addressing the party leaders and newly inducted members at Party headquarters in Jammu, SDP President said that throughout the state the elected Panchs and Sarpanchs are very annoyed with the government as they have not been properly empowered to deliver at the grass root level. She said that they have been made non- decision making bodies subservient to the political workers of the ruling class in their respective areas. “Majority of the Panchs and Sarpanchs are from non-ruling class and hence government has hesitated in empowering Panchayats as promised. This has dejected these elected representatives and it is becoming one more big reason of alienation at the grass root level within the state,” said Darakhshan. She said that the process of threatening and killing Panchs and Sarparchs is a part of that big organized political mission on which many of our political leaders and their groups rely. She asked the state government to take a serious note of this all and immediately take steps to empower the Panchayats as promised and again think of the security of these elected grass root representatives at all costs. She also demanded that a reasonable monthly salary be fixed for these valourous elected  representatives.
Earlier Socialistic Democratic Party inducted twenty five new faces from other political parties into its fold hailing from Akhnoor Assembly Constituency. These new activists were formally inducted into SDP by SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi in presence of the top rung party leadership at a function held at Party Headquarter in Jammu. Led by Shashi Pal, this group of new workers expressed their pleasure in serving Dr Andrabi led SDP’s political mission. The prominent among those who joined were Vijey Kumar, Tilak ram, Goishaji, Ramesh Lal and Ram Lal. On the occasion SDP President announced the appointment of J L Chopra as the new party Incharge for Ward 13, in Jammu West. Party Vice President Abhay Singh Wazir, General Secretary Ajay Kumar, State Youth President Gursagar Singh and other prominent leaders including Peer Abdul Majid Shah, Sanjay Manhas, Balvinder Singh Charak, Sachin Jamwal, Vishal Choudhry, Kamaljeet Singh, Subhash Baba  and Ajay Raina.

September 13, 2012

“Not any system but the political exploitation rules Banihal and its adjoining villages: Dr Darakhshan Andrabi
“Banihal has been turned into a land of scams”: SDP President
SDP organizes Public Rally at Ukhral in Banihal

                  “Banihal villages reflect the failure of the government in managing the equal development of all areas of the state. The people of this hilly area have been politically exploited and it is not the government but the backwardness that is ruling Banihal and its rural hamlets,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing a public rally at hilly village Ukhral in Banihal Assembly segment. This rally was organized by SDP District president for Ramban Peer Abdul Majid Shah who also spoke on the occasion along with SDP General Secretary Ajay Kumar. In his address Peer Abdul Majid presented a comprehensive picture of the political exploitation of Banihal by the government and requested the people to get united for fighting for the basic rights of the people. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that Banihal villages present a picture of the state of 1947. She said that the development funds are looted in the constituency and the money is withdrawn for the works of the past years presenting them as fresh. She said that Indira Aawas Yojna is a complete failure in whole of the belt. The money is all misused and illegally managed. She said that the people of Banihal should come out united demanding a CBI investigation for scams in the implementation of various centrally sponsored schemes in Banihal area. “This huge gathering is an indicator that people of these hilly areas are fed up with the present working system in the area and want change. All those who got the votes of these innocent poor people only looted them and exploited them like the old monarchs of yesteryears,” said Dr Darakhshan. Women’s empowerment programmes and social welfare schemes are implemented only on paper and unemployment is the fate of the educated youth. Dr Andrabi called on the youth of the hilly areas to initiate a political change as the old political orders have only exploited the people. SDP had organized a langer in the area for the people who came to participate in the rally.

11th Sept 2012

The People of sopore need a fresh effective political representation: Darakhshan Andrabi
Historical town neglected by the government
Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today addressed Party workers at Sopore during a worker’s meet in the town today. The meeting was addressed by local party representative War, party leaders Bashir Ahmad Shah and Jan also. In her address Dr Darakhshan expressed her concern over the isolation of the people of this prosperous area which has been badly hit by violence in the last two decades. Dr Darakhshan said that the governments of the past two decades completely neglected this historical town. “The Apple Town of Kashmir does not stand at any priority so far as the government initiatives regarding development and welfare of the people are concerned. This attitude has completely isolated and alienated the people of Sopore,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President. While interacting with some Civil Society members in the town, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi expressed her conviction that the people of this town need a fresh effective political representation for building up hope in the new generation that their genuine aspirations and demands will be fulfilled. Dr Andrabi met some fruit traders also during her visit to Sopore and listened to their problems. She said that she will soon present a Memorandum to the State government for taking immediate measures to facilitate fruit growers and fruit traders so that this important economic base of Kashmir does not weaken.


"Government backed land mafia is depriving farmers of their agricultural land": Darakhshan ANDRABI
“Our Village to Village programme wipes out base of other parties at the gross rot level”: SDP President
“SDP’s Village to Village programme in all rural districts of Kashmir Valley is on and by this well devised programme we succeed in propagating our party political ideology at the gross root level. This programme helps us to wipe out the tradfitional base of other political parties,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing the village level party workers of Nanwandpora of Budgam Assembly segment. She was accompanied by party leader Bashir Shah and local representative Abdul Ahad Bhat. Dr Darakhshan said that the rural population of the state has been deprived of basic amenities and huge funds received from the Central government in the name of different schemes and flagship programmes are misused and don’t reach the common man. She said that immense developmental funding from centre to the state goes to some pockets and some people only and that is why people are dejected and have lost their faith in the present political order in the state. Dr Andrabi requested the people to come out united to replace the exploiting political system of the state by a fresh and honest political order. She said that the government backed land mafia in the state is taking over the agricultural land in all areas of Kashmir a big conspiracy is being executed to deprive small farmers and orchardists of their lands. “It is a reversal of the Land-to-tiller act. And surprisingly nobody talks about it. It is the right time to rise against this anti-people conspiracy and SDP will fight against this slow-poisoning of village economy,” said Darakhshan.