Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DARAKHSHAN PRESIDES OVER SERIES OF Kashmir Provincial level meetings in Srinagar

“Kashmiris have been subjected to political exploitation for more than six decades now”: Darakhshan
SDP’s Four Day Long Extensive Programme of Meetings of all District bodies of Kashmir Province concluded at Srinagar
     District level meetings of Socialistic Democratic Party were held at SDP Headquarters in Srinagar from 10th of this month to 13th of this month which were presided by SDP president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. This extensive meeting programme was held in order to devise the election strategy for 2014 Assembly polls. In today’s concluding function all the office bearers of district committees of SDP and Youth SDP of Kashmir province were present. In her concluding presidential address SDP president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that Kashmiris have been subjected to political exploitation for more than six decades now. She said that the common man is subjected to the dirtiest kind of politics that only exploits the masses. “People are fed-up with their political representatives and they feel deceived. Political representatives of all parties have weakened the faith of the common man in the political system of the state,” said Darakhshan. She said that the assets and bank balance of the politicians and specially the elected members fatten within no time but the common man’s life finds no financial and social support from them at all. Dr Andrabi said that it was the ripe time for the people of the state to think afresh about their choice of people-friendly political future and this process has initiated. She said that SDP has great public acceptability among masses in areas where our ideology has reached. She said that up to now party’s influence was limited to restricted quarters in Kashmir valley but over the last six months our door to door campaigns have worked a lot in winning over immense public support in different Assembly constituencies. Dr Andrabi said that the people of Kashmir dream of establishment of a genuine political order which does not exploit them by their sentimentalist sloganeering but realy deliver some good. “Politics is a pious job and it has been made dirty by those who have remained in the front row of politics in Kashmir for the last six decades,” said Darakhshan.

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