Sunday, June 10, 2012

SDP's Prayer Meeting for Peace on 27 April 2012

 "Darbar Move is a mockery on our democratic system”: Darakhshan

A religious person can never be an advocate of violence: SDP President

“ Peace is the biggest need of our state and thus all of need to spead the message of peace and inclusiveness in J&K and do our bit to achieve the goal of a prosperous state,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing at a special function held at Rajpura in Jammu today. SDP General Secretary Ajay Kumar led SDP cadres in performing a Yagya for the Peace and Prosperity in J&K. SDP President and all prominent leaders of SDP participated in the Yagya. In her address Dr Andrabi emphasised on the need of cultivating a broader out look for the young generation of our society where the religion should play the role of inculcating the universal vision and human approach. She said that those who talk of exclusiveness in the name of religion are only exhibiting their inability to understand the true spirit of religion. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that a religious person can never be an advocate of violence and it was the responsibility of all to make our youth understand thetrue meaning and spirit of religion. “ SDP cadres have been organising All Religious Prayer Meetings and Religious Peace Prayer Programmes throughout the state continuously and thus we try to invoke the good and positive spirits which ultimately will be helping us in fighting the evilness within our own society.

Dr Andrabi also reacted to the practice of Darbar Move in a very suttle way. “ It is the royal exescution of the government and is an unjustified  burden  on our treasury,” said SDP President. She said that this practice is a crude mockery on the whole democratic system. Dr Andrabi said that in this internet age it was not justified to move the whole Secretariat from one division to another. She said in much bigger states, governments work without such sick practices. She said that the present political parties donot have vision and guts to stop this practice but in the future this all has to stop. She said that when during the harshest days of weather the people of both thedivisions suffer unattended, the runners of the government enjoy picnic moves at the cost of common man’s interests. Dr Darakhshan said that when we are confronted with grave unemployment problems, the practice of Darbar Move wastes our crores of rupees every year without doing any good to the people.

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