Thursday, June 28, 2012

 SDP organises public meeting at Reshemgarh Colony
“Public abondoned and publicilty prioritized by the government: Darakhshan
 Socialistic Democratic Party today organised a public meeting at Bakshshi Nagar Ward Number: 13, Reshamgarh Colony which was attended by the top rung leaders of the party and was presided over by SDP president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi who later addressed the public gathering. SDP General Secretary Ajay Kumar, SDP Youth Satate President Gursagar Singh, Provincial president Sham Bhagat and other leaders Vishal Choudhry, Sanjay Manhas, Munish Gupta, Ajay Raina, Sachin Jamwal, Kamaljit Singh also were present on the occasion. SDP president announced the appointment of JL Bhagat as the new representative of SDP in the area whileas Skandia Devi was nominated as Mahila Wing representative. In her address Dr Darakhshan said that despite the prime location of Reshemgarh, the area is deprived of basic civic amneties and local population is facing grave problems of water and electric scarcity. She said, “In these very hot days, it was very inhuman to make people suffer for drinking water. It was quite unacceptable to see that the locality is supplied the drinking water after the gap of three days”. She said that it was quite contrary to the declarations of the government that all basic facilities have been kept at the disposal of the common people throughout the state.  She expressed her grave concern over the electricity shortage in the area. Dr Andrabi welcomed many new entrants into  SDP fold and said that she was happy to see the youth and women coming out and joining active politics and termed it as a good omen for the positive change in the days to come. Dr Andrabi requested the people of the area to come out for the political change in the state as it was must for correcting the illnesses we have been forced to carry with us. Dr Andrabi said that our politics is the politics of show and publicity but at the ground level we only notice misery and exploitation. She appealed to the government to address to the problems of the locality or be ready for a resistance. Dr Andrabi said that in the coming days, the government will be facing grave public resistances on basic issues related to the common man.

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