Monday, March 26, 2012


It was a huge group of political activists from Bishnah who today joined the Socialistic Democratic Party at a function held at Press Club Jammu where SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi welcomed and formally inducted them into SDP. SDP senior leader Peer Abdul Majid Shah, who is the party in charge of BIshnah had organized this function. In the group of forty five new entrants into SDP, a score of them were the elected Panchs and Sarpanchs of the constituency. Peer Abdul Majid presented a Memorandum on behalf the people of Bishna to SDP president throwing light on the problems and grievances of the people of the area. While addressing to the press and media representatives, SDP supremo Dr Darakhshan said that with these new entrants into the party SDP’s political base in the constituency will be stronger as majority of these political activists are the elected representatives of Panchayts. The prominent among those who joined are Ram Dayal, Bodh Raj, Ram Lal, Shamsher Singh, Krishan Lal and Vijay Kumar. “During her last visit of Basohli, she has herself seen the problems of the people. Majority of the people are distressed with the local administration. They are not at all happy by the anarchist working style of Tehsildar and the BDO of the area. People’s voice has been kept hostage to the power monopoly in the area,” said Dr Andrabi. She said SDP has decided to fight for the people in the area. She said that it will be our responsibility to establish healthy working atmosphere in different vital government offices in the area because these offices and officers are meant for the service of people as per laws and in the democratic system nobody can be allowed to exhibit his whims while discharging the duties. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that SDP leadership will establish direct contacts with the local authorities and will not hesitate in approaching the top level bureaucracy in this regard if need arises. “The execution system of the development works and the execution system of the revenue related affairs in the area need a big overhaul and she will herself try to initiate a struggle to correct the ailing working systems,” said Darakhshan. She said that she was not at all satisfied with the development in the area and she was convinced that the concerned authorities in lien with the political mafia were exploiting the innocent people of the area and misappropriating the public funds for their petty interests. Dr Andrabi assured the people of Bishna of the beginning of the new era there with SDP at their back.

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