Friday, March 16, 2012

In support of Village Defence Committee Volunteers

For the second time in the last one month, SDP organized a mega rally ofVillage Defence Committee volunteers of Jammu Province at Akhnoor. Therally was presided over by SDP president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi whoaddressed the gathering at the conclusion of one day programme. Earlier therepresentatives of VDCs Subhash Baba, Purshottam Singh, Bodh Raj Sharma,Bhushan Singh, Om Prakash and Raj Kumar spoke about the problems faced bythe VDCs. Later in her presidential lecture, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi saidthat VDCs have got us out of the troubled times after a long risky strugglewhich they put in amid great sacrifices. She said that these brave citizensvolunteered to face to bullet to save the society and it was our jointresponsibility to fight for their well being and rehabilitation. “From Dodato Udhampur and from Akhnoor to Poonch, these brave sons of the soil tookto fighting militants when many of us had fled from the scene, and now theyare living pathetic lives as we have abandoned them altogether,” said DrDarakhshan Andrabi. She asked, “Are they paying the price of beingpatriots?” Dr Andrabi said that our government this about rehabilitatingmilitants and those anti-nationals who took to arms and killed the wholehumanity but same government has no time for thinking of rehabilitation forthese brave patriots who on government persuasion only took to armscountering militants and killers. Darakhshan demanded the regularization oftheir contribution on the basis of adhoc appointments as a special casekeeping in view the importance of the issue. Dr Andrabi asked the centralgovernment to announce a special package for the rehabilitation of VDC's.

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