Friday, March 16, 2012

Darakhshan's public address at Pacca Talab (Bahu Fort) Jammu

“More than twenty five thousand already existing posts of different cadres are vacant in different government departments and the government has failed to initiate the process of filling them,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing a Public Rally at Pacca Talab in Bahu Fort locality in Jammu today. Dr Andrabi said the youth of the state have now understood the gimmicks of the politicians of the state are convinced to change the political system in the state in next elections. She said that unemployment was the biggest issue of the youth and in absence of an organized and evolved private sector in the state, educated youth are nourishing the hopes of getting adjusted in the government sector. “But despite clear vacancies, the government has altogether blocked the recruitment process for these vacancies. On the contrary, the government increased the salaries of legislators and ministers manifold but ignored the unemployed youth,” said Darakhshan. She asked the government to explain why they made a fool of the unemployed youth by asking them to register their names in the concerned employment counseling centers and up to now more than six lackh youth have registered their names when the government has not been able to initiate anything after the lapse of one and a half years from the day of announcing the much hyped Sheri Kashmir Employment Scheme. “Half of the present government’s term has ended and we are yet to see any plan or scheme climbing down from the files to the ground level. Unemployed youth are running short of time. They cannot wait till next elections come nearer. Youth are our real future and we cannot make them a casualty to political tricks,” said Dr Andrabi. She asked the Chief Minister to see that something concrete is done with honesty for unemployment eradication than making claims only. She said that if at all we play with the future of our youth our own future will be dark. Dr Darakhshan requested the CAPD authorities to ensure the frequent supply of Kerosine Oil to the local populace and suggested to send mobile kerosene tankers to the area twice a month so that the need of the population is met. She also asked the municipal authorities to activate their cleanliness machinery in the area. “Being the locality adjacent to the famous Bahu Fort, the area should be lighted with solar lights,” demanded Darakhshan Andrabi.

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