Sunday, November 25, 2012


“Law & Order situation in J&K is directly related to the resolution of the political issues of the state”: Darakhshan
SDP organizes public rally at Diwar in Lolab
                     Socialistic Democratic Party today organized a public rally at Dewar in Lolab Assembly Constituency. It was the first public gathering of the party after the culmination of the first phase of the door to door campaign of the party in the area led by the SDP Party In-charge of Lolab Ali Jan Khan who presented his welcome address in which he highlighted the problems of the people of the area. SDP leaders Bashir Ahmad Shah, Abdul Qayoom Wani, Fayyaz Ahmad and  Abdul Rasheed War were also present on the occasion. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi in her address said that Lolab has suffered a lot during the last two decades as this was a prime disturbance location and again the government has paid least attention to the development and generation of employment in the area which has dejected the people of this beautiful border area. “The law and order situation in the area is still not good as claimed by the government and its security agencies because the main political issue of Jammu& Kashmir is left unresolved. And this prolonged delay in the resolution of the political issue of J&K is giving birth to hundreds and thousands of issues that have made the life of the people of the state a hell,” said Dr Darakhshan. She said that the Central government has been deceiving the people of the state by Round Table Conferences, State-Centre Agreements, and by sending Interlocutors etc and thus complicating the issues at the ground level. SDP President said that peace and development was conditional to the resolution of the political issues of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Dr Andrabi said that the announcements of Special Recruitment Packages by the Prime Minister of India like his other announcements have not seen the light of the day even after the lapse of so many years. “Our local political leaders from NC, PDP and Congress during their spells as the rulers have only played the role of ‘cheer boys’ for the rulers of Delhi and thus compromised the rights of the people of J&K. The resentment among masses is the resentment against the ruling policy of New Delhi and the local political leaders too,” said Dr Andrabi.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


      SDP President Addresses a public rally at Warpora Sopore
“New Delhi is treating Jammu & Kashmir as a colony and not as a state. The irritating influence of New Delhi has penetrated every field of our life as a disturbance and it is badly itching in our social system,” said Socialistic Democratic party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing the party rally at Warpora in Sopore. SDP has been working in Sopore town and its adjoining villages through a door-to-door contact programme and convincing people for a political change in the area. SDP Sopore representative Abdul Rashid War had led the party programme in Sopore. In his welcome address A R War said that he was sure that J&K will get a very bold and honest political leadership in the shape of Darakhshan Andrabi who has guts to be leader of integrity. SDP President led a road rally after addressing the gathering. In her address Dr Darakhshan said that all politicians of the state have gimmicked with the people and in the history of J&K from 1947, she sees nobody who had sincerity in his political role. She said that different written or unwritten agreements from our local leadership for the only aim of getting or remaining comfortable in power have weakened our say in the issues related to us and now we are treated as second class citizens within our own place. “New Delhi wants puppets to represent them here and uses its agencies to reach this goal. These puppets work as per the dictates of New Delhi and the local aspirations remain unfulfilled and when the irritating intervention crosses limits, people come to streets and unfortunately in place of looking into their own faults, our so-called Kashmir Experts from New Delhi try to label the agitators as the planted agents. “The people of Kashmir are still in the garb of insecurity. With broad chests, our leaders issue futwas regarding the situation because they live under the siege of the security agencies. Let us shun the old habit of shouting zaroor-zaroor to these Delhi planted monarchs and come out for a political change where we are the decision makers and the people’s concerns are of the prime importance,” said Darakhshan Andrabi.

Darakhshan's Rally at Waterhail in Budgam ( 21st October 2012)

"Chief Minister’s coalition-excuse for dealing with corruption in J&K disappointing ”: Dr Darakhshan
Maulana Sheikh Abdul Gani felicitated SDP President
Darakhshan takes out a door to door march at Waterhail in Budgam
                    We are passing through very uncertain political situations in the state. Corruption rules J&K and government has now publically declared its intentions to allow corruption to flourish. Chief Minister’s coalition excuse for dealing with corruption in J&K is shocking and disappointing”, said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi, the President of Socialistic Democratic Party addressing a public gathering at Waterhail in Budgam today. Dr Andrabi was accompanied by the party representatives from Budgam and the prominent citizens of Budgam. On the occasion local prominent citizens led by Maulana Sheikh Abdul Gani felicitated Dr Darakhshan Andrabi for her overall political contribution in the area. SDP President carried out a day long door-to-door campaign in the area and took out a road rally also through the town. The rally culminated in a public gathering where Dr Darakhshan Andrabi addressed the gathering. She said that the previous and the present government and the present elected representative of this constituency have altogether neglected this area and so the people living here are experiencing complete backwardness and grave difficulties in every sphere of life. “Those whose make loud claims of the equal development of all areas of the state stand completely exposed here in this area”, said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. She said that she has vowed to resolve the problems of the area and she will be there for the people in all circumstances. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi met people during her doo-to-door campaign and listened to the problems of locals. In her address Dr Darakhshan said that corruption has marred the public of J&K and the government has put its hands up to deal with it. She said that public has lost all hopes in the present government to deal with the issues confronting the people because the government only sells sentiments.

19th October 2012

                   Khillat-e-Noor awarded to Darakhshan Andrabi

Yearly literary award “Khillat-e-Noor” instituted in the name of Sheikh-ul-Aalam Sheikh Noor-uddin-Noorani(RA) by Kashmir Markaz-i-Abad-o-Saqafat was given away to Dr Darakhshan Andrabi, the famed poet, writer and politician for her literary contribution at a very dignified function held in the Town Hall of Chrar-i-Sharief yesterday late in the evening as a part of the Urs of Alamdar being observed these days. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi was felicitated with a Citation and a Trophy. Veteran researcher on Sheikhul Alam and a famed poet and novelist Justice (Rtd) Ghulam Nabi Gowhar gave away the award to Dr Andrabi in presence of the galaxy of prominent writers, poets and researchers of Kalam-e Sheikh (RA). A symposia on contribution of Sheikhul Aalam(RA) was held on the occasion under the aegis of Sahitya Academy, New Delhi. This award was given to Dr Darakhshan for her portrayal of the great spiritual traditions of Kashmir in her poetry of the modern genre. After receiving the award Dr Darakhshan said that she feels as if she has received the blessings of Hazrat Nooruddin Noorani(RA) in the shape of the honour named after him. Dr Andrabi assured the gathering that she will continue to carry forward the great spiritual legacy of the saints of Kashmir through her creative writings in the days to come also.   

28th September 2012

“Government has failed to protect the threatened Panchayat Members in J&K”: Dr Darakhshan
It is a politically guided mission to derail the Panchayati System in Jammu & Kashmir: SDP President
25 new political workers from other parties from Akhnoor constituency join SDP at a function organised at SDP Headquarters

                     Panchayats in Jammu & Kashmir have been made casualty to the political misadventures. The Operation Fear is a politically guided mission to derail the Panchayati system in Jammu & Kashmir. Unfortunately our state government is a part of this mission as it has allowed the elected representatives to feel insulted by refusing them proper powers and failing in providing them proper security system”, said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi, the President of Socialistic Democratic Party. While addressing the party leaders and newly inducted members at Party headquarters in Jammu, SDP President said that throughout the state the elected Panchs and Sarpanchs are very annoyed with the government as they have not been properly empowered to deliver at the grass root level. She said that they have been made non- decision making bodies subservient to the political workers of the ruling class in their respective areas. “Majority of the Panchs and Sarpanchs are from non-ruling class and hence government has hesitated in empowering Panchayats as promised. This has dejected these elected representatives and it is becoming one more big reason of alienation at the grass root level within the state,” said Darakhshan. She said that the process of threatening and killing Panchs and Sarparchs is a part of that big organized political mission on which many of our political leaders and their groups rely. She asked the state government to take a serious note of this all and immediately take steps to empower the Panchayats as promised and again think of the security of these elected grass root representatives at all costs. She also demanded that a reasonable monthly salary be fixed for these valourous elected  representatives.
Earlier Socialistic Democratic Party inducted twenty five new faces from other political parties into its fold hailing from Akhnoor Assembly Constituency. These new activists were formally inducted into SDP by SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi in presence of the top rung party leadership at a function held at Party Headquarter in Jammu. Led by Shashi Pal, this group of new workers expressed their pleasure in serving Dr Andrabi led SDP’s political mission. The prominent among those who joined were Vijey Kumar, Tilak ram, Goishaji, Ramesh Lal and Ram Lal. On the occasion SDP President announced the appointment of J L Chopra as the new party Incharge for Ward 13, in Jammu West. Party Vice President Abhay Singh Wazir, General Secretary Ajay Kumar, State Youth President Gursagar Singh and other prominent leaders including Peer Abdul Majid Shah, Sanjay Manhas, Balvinder Singh Charak, Sachin Jamwal, Vishal Choudhry, Kamaljeet Singh, Subhash Baba  and Ajay Raina.

September 13, 2012

“Not any system but the political exploitation rules Banihal and its adjoining villages: Dr Darakhshan Andrabi
“Banihal has been turned into a land of scams”: SDP President
SDP organizes Public Rally at Ukhral in Banihal

                  “Banihal villages reflect the failure of the government in managing the equal development of all areas of the state. The people of this hilly area have been politically exploited and it is not the government but the backwardness that is ruling Banihal and its rural hamlets,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing a public rally at hilly village Ukhral in Banihal Assembly segment. This rally was organized by SDP District president for Ramban Peer Abdul Majid Shah who also spoke on the occasion along with SDP General Secretary Ajay Kumar. In his address Peer Abdul Majid presented a comprehensive picture of the political exploitation of Banihal by the government and requested the people to get united for fighting for the basic rights of the people. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that Banihal villages present a picture of the state of 1947. She said that the development funds are looted in the constituency and the money is withdrawn for the works of the past years presenting them as fresh. She said that Indira Aawas Yojna is a complete failure in whole of the belt. The money is all misused and illegally managed. She said that the people of Banihal should come out united demanding a CBI investigation for scams in the implementation of various centrally sponsored schemes in Banihal area. “This huge gathering is an indicator that people of these hilly areas are fed up with the present working system in the area and want change. All those who got the votes of these innocent poor people only looted them and exploited them like the old monarchs of yesteryears,” said Dr Darakhshan. Women’s empowerment programmes and social welfare schemes are implemented only on paper and unemployment is the fate of the educated youth. Dr Andrabi called on the youth of the hilly areas to initiate a political change as the old political orders have only exploited the people. SDP had organized a langer in the area for the people who came to participate in the rally.

11th Sept 2012

The People of sopore need a fresh effective political representation: Darakhshan Andrabi
Historical town neglected by the government
Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today addressed Party workers at Sopore during a worker’s meet in the town today. The meeting was addressed by local party representative War, party leaders Bashir Ahmad Shah and Jan also. In her address Dr Darakhshan expressed her concern over the isolation of the people of this prosperous area which has been badly hit by violence in the last two decades. Dr Darakhshan said that the governments of the past two decades completely neglected this historical town. “The Apple Town of Kashmir does not stand at any priority so far as the government initiatives regarding development and welfare of the people are concerned. This attitude has completely isolated and alienated the people of Sopore,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President. While interacting with some Civil Society members in the town, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi expressed her conviction that the people of this town need a fresh effective political representation for building up hope in the new generation that their genuine aspirations and demands will be fulfilled. Dr Andrabi met some fruit traders also during her visit to Sopore and listened to their problems. She said that she will soon present a Memorandum to the State government for taking immediate measures to facilitate fruit growers and fruit traders so that this important economic base of Kashmir does not weaken.


"Government backed land mafia is depriving farmers of their agricultural land": Darakhshan ANDRABI
“Our Village to Village programme wipes out base of other parties at the gross rot level”: SDP President
“SDP’s Village to Village programme in all rural districts of Kashmir Valley is on and by this well devised programme we succeed in propagating our party political ideology at the gross root level. This programme helps us to wipe out the tradfitional base of other political parties,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing the village level party workers of Nanwandpora of Budgam Assembly segment. She was accompanied by party leader Bashir Shah and local representative Abdul Ahad Bhat. Dr Darakhshan said that the rural population of the state has been deprived of basic amenities and huge funds received from the Central government in the name of different schemes and flagship programmes are misused and don’t reach the common man. She said that immense developmental funding from centre to the state goes to some pockets and some people only and that is why people are dejected and have lost their faith in the present political order in the state. Dr Andrabi requested the people to come out united to replace the exploiting political system of the state by a fresh and honest political order. She said that the government backed land mafia in the state is taking over the agricultural land in all areas of Kashmir a big conspiracy is being executed to deprive small farmers and orchardists of their lands. “It is a reversal of the Land-to-tiller act. And surprisingly nobody talks about it. It is the right time to rise against this anti-people conspiracy and SDP will fight against this slow-poisoning of village economy,” said Darakhshan.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DARAKHSHAN PRESIDES OVER SERIES OF Kashmir Provincial level meetings in Srinagar

“Kashmiris have been subjected to political exploitation for more than six decades now”: Darakhshan
SDP’s Four Day Long Extensive Programme of Meetings of all District bodies of Kashmir Province concluded at Srinagar
     District level meetings of Socialistic Democratic Party were held at SDP Headquarters in Srinagar from 10th of this month to 13th of this month which were presided by SDP president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. This extensive meeting programme was held in order to devise the election strategy for 2014 Assembly polls. In today’s concluding function all the office bearers of district committees of SDP and Youth SDP of Kashmir province were present. In her concluding presidential address SDP president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that Kashmiris have been subjected to political exploitation for more than six decades now. She said that the common man is subjected to the dirtiest kind of politics that only exploits the masses. “People are fed-up with their political representatives and they feel deceived. Political representatives of all parties have weakened the faith of the common man in the political system of the state,” said Darakhshan. She said that the assets and bank balance of the politicians and specially the elected members fatten within no time but the common man’s life finds no financial and social support from them at all. Dr Andrabi said that it was the ripe time for the people of the state to think afresh about their choice of people-friendly political future and this process has initiated. She said that SDP has great public acceptability among masses in areas where our ideology has reached. She said that up to now party’s influence was limited to restricted quarters in Kashmir valley but over the last six months our door to door campaigns have worked a lot in winning over immense public support in different Assembly constituencies. Dr Andrabi said that the people of Kashmir dream of establishment of a genuine political order which does not exploit them by their sentimentalist sloganeering but realy deliver some good. “Politics is a pious job and it has been made dirty by those who have remained in the front row of politics in Kashmir for the last six decades,” said Darakhshan.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

‘Let’s meet, chat and depart’

The poet is in love with many thoughtful questions exhibiting her poetic maturity


Name of the book: Chaman Barg Raze
Poetess: Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi
Year of publication: 2012
Price: Rs 350/

                           Darakhshan Andrabi’s ghazals  and poems  show complexity of thought, depth, philosophical touch and sublime sensibility. She presents Kashmir in a veiled yet universal way. Unlike other poets, who urge to meet the beloved in a happy ending,  she  wants to meet  someone, have  a chat and depart again:

goda yaar samov, darbaar karov, pata raavav
tim khaab panane lotipathe sarov, pata raavav

Let’s meet, have a chat and depart
Let us realize our dreams and then disperse

          The poet is in love with many thoughtful questions which exhibit  her poetic maturity. Many new poetic inventions, unknown and unexpressed in the Kashmiri literature, have been expressed in the book. The  poet knows how to  liberate from the mundane.  She  covers the  distance between the celestial and the existential worlds on a  well-designed platform in her own characteristic way. Potentially rich she sums up her flight of thoughts:

yad mashraavav aslaafan heund khaab pagah,
ase kati chaarav sehraavan manz aab pagah
baari amaanat laash panane chem shaanan peth
dafnaavan kath jaayi cha vantam khaab pagah

If we forget the dreams of our ancestors,
how shall we find the water in the deserts.
The dead body on my shoulders is a burden
where shall I bury the dream tomorrow?

                The title Nazam Chaman Barg Raze is striking for it depicts the turbulent valley. The words describing nature have been poetically woven together to present desolation. In the cluster of quatrains the fourth line of each quatrain ends with a question,  which is in  contrast to the content of the  first three lines.  This  experiment is unique in it-self and  enriches the Kashmiri literature. She is waiting for someone to read unwritten pages of her existence and calls someone to leave the fear psychosis and have the courage to see the light of the day:

ani gati hendi mousama ki khofa asethakh che taapa lanjan peth kenh bath
adlek travmate
adleken batan dichmai zev ta karim poora
gevmaten batan hinzi layi zale vaaryah changge
cha kyazi gaashas khochaan?

Darkness made you leave the songs incomplete on the sunny branches.
I gave language to the incomplete songs and completed them.
The rhythm of the songs gave birth to the burning candles.
Why are you afraid of the light?

                  Natural beauty attracts the poet often. She is an expert in using the natural richness of the  murmuring streams, mountains and the free air. She wants to merge in nature and asks her own symbols to recognize their being with respect to the vibes of nature:

kota zaroori chu zi
poshan aasan panponpares
baalthongen obr lang…….
ta kotah zaroori chu zi
mann rati timan naalmati
ta mathi tim pannis vajoodas

How important is that flowers have butterflies
and mountains have clouds!
And how necessary that soul embraces them!

               Six stanza-poem “ada tulizi qadam yath basti manz” talks about a person  who  is conscious  about paths, the dangers and the ways to reach the destination and asks the other to proceed with extreme care. Giving the background for this journey the poet informs:

yati kaakad chee kooten mare mare
parbat daari chu curfew naal walith
yali lookh taten nani waana saman
ada tulzi kadam yath basti manz

Every window is sealed curfew.
Paper is pasted on the poles here.
When people will assemble, all visible, then take a step in this habitat.’

           Romantic influence is evidently visible in most of the couplets of Darakhshan. In this dark-age  when the relations have declined, love is gone and hypocrisy rules the romantic essence of the poet gives hope.
Darakhshaan tests doha-form also. In one of her dohas she writes:

deewaaras lekith, rat navith tehreer

shure gai aangan buze, yee sapdus tafseer

Inscriptions on the walls are in blood.
Children disappeared. This was the upshot.

                   Drakhshan Andrabi’s content is rich on the philosophical level. Occasionally  she  succumbs  to her heart.  The pain,  misery,  difficulties, travails  and  loss  of the  dearest ones have broken her heart. The poet is shattered. Her wounds bleed. But she develops new skills for living and for the outflow of her emotions:

timan baapath
yaman asnukh chu haavas
timan baapath
yaman yachnuk chu taakath
kanaan chas dag
heyiv maa?’

I sell my pain for those who want to laugh
and have desires.
Will you buy?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


“Waterhail area of Budgam prey to political revenge”: Darakhshan

SDP president tours the area and addresses a public gathering there

“The huge population of Waterhail belt of the Budgam district is suffering because of their political stand and the administration is hell bent upon snatching very facility from the area to fulfill the political revenge of the present representative of the constituency,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today while addressing the local gathering at Waterhail after leading a March in the locality. She was accompanied by Dr Nissar Ahmad, Sarpach Ghulam Ahmad Beg, Panchs Abdul Rahim Rather, and Ghulam Rasool Dar and Ghulam Beg. The public representatives from Waterhail and the adjoining villages of Muqam, Paharkhan, Brail,Hardaveil, Doolipora, Pursu,  Sholipora,Ramhama, Chanapora ans Sansaan participated in the rally. Dr Darakhshan ANdrabi led a rally in Waterhail and later on addressed the gathering. She said that the decades old Nayabat in the locality was shifted to Khansahib just to create inconvenience to the people of twenty villages of Waterhail. She said again the comfortable connection of the Police Station of Waterhail to SDPO Budgam was scrapped just to trouble the population and force them to travel to far off and not well connected Khan Sahib town. Dr Darakhshan said that the developmental activities in the area are negligible and the claims of the government of uniform development stand defeated on the ground in the area. Dr Andrabi said that her March and rally are just the beginning of the people’s political awakening drive and she has decided to fight against the bias towards the area till the things are really set right. Dr Darakhshan appealed to J&K Bank Chairman to make operational the Bank Branch in Waterhail soon so that the people of the area need not travel long disatances for availing the banking facility.

Darakhshan lights PRACHAND JYOT for Universal Brotherhood

“Famous shrine of Kali Mata at Bahu Fort should be taken over by the Mata Vaishnav Devi Shrine Board”: Darakhshan Andrabi

SDP President lights Prachand Jyot for Universal Brotherhood at Bahu Fort

“Famous shrine of Kali Mata at Bahu Fort should be taken over by the Mata Vaishnav Devi Shrine Board so that it develops as a national level religious pilgrimage centre in Jammu,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while inaugurating a special Prachand Jyot ceremony and a Jagrata at Pacca Talaab in Bagh-e-Bahu area late at 11 pm in the night. Dr Andrabi was accompanied by senior party leaders General Secretary Ajay Kumar, provincial president Sham Lal Bhagat and other leaders Vishal Choudhry, Kamaljeet Singh, Raj Rattan, Ajay Raina, Balvinder Singh Charak and Subhash Baba. This programme was organized by SDP leaders Ved Prakash and Kiran Kumar. A special prayer for world peace and universal brotherhood was organized during the inauguration. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that the Kali Mata shrine of Jammu at Bahu Fort has not been developed as it should have been. She said that thousands of devotees visit the shrine daily but the area has no parking place at all. This creates great problems to visitors. Again there should have been a Sarai with facilities for devotees from outside Jammu who want to stay there for some time. “If Mata Vaishnav Devi Shrine Board takes over the Bagh-e-Bahu shrine, the facilities will come up automatically,” said Dr Darakhshan. She requested to the State Governor N N Vohra to take over the shrine. Dr Darakhshan said that she would write to the Governor about this demand which represents the aspirations of lacks of Mata’s devotees.

Darakhshan gets Translation Award

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi, recieving the first ever Translation Award of J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages for her Kashmiri Translation of Nobel Laurete Pablo Neruda's poetry entitled Zuvis Peth Akh Raath. Chief Minister Omer Abdullah and Minister of State for Home & Culture presented the Award.

Darakhshan raises voice for Ramban residents

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi, President SDP with SDP leaders Ajay Kumar and Peer Abdul Majid Shah at a PRESS CONFERENCE in Jammu where one hundred new delegates from Ramban district were inducted into SDP. In her address Dr Andrabi criticized the state and district adminstration for their failure in keeping pace with the overall development of J&K State. She said that people in the hilly district are craving for basic amenities like drinking water, electricity and ration supply.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Darakhshan's address at Bari Brahamna

“Our government is a rudderless boat”: Darakhshan
At Bari Brahamana SDP President criticizes the government for ignoring the youth power of the state
33% increase in power tariff in just six months time quite insane: Darakhshan
“Youth power is the real power of any state or country but the youth in J&K are an abandoned lot. Government does not hesitate in mocking at their aspirations and dreams. We are deliberately rusting the potentialities and capabilities of the youth of the state,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing a public gathering at Bishna Road, Bari Brahamna on Sunday, the 22nd of April 2012. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi along with many top rung leaders of SDP were present on the occasion. The public rally was organized by the Youth SDP leader Vishal Choudhry. Many prominent businessmen and industrialists of the area were also present on the occasion. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that unemployment was eating up the youth power and the government doesn’t care. She said that government’s employment scheme was a mockery with educated youth and it has once again proved the inefficiency of our planners and the rulers. Dr Andrabi said that the state is already witnessing huge corruption and irregularities in self employment schemes and this approach has added to the problems of the youth. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that business sector in the state is completely ignored by the state government. “When other states take initiatives to boost private sector business accord subsidies of all kinds to industrial houses for lifting the state’s economy and creating job opportunities, our government is busy in scandal-mongering and cheap publicity. We have made all profitable sectors of our economy completely sick and have no plans at all for the upliftment of state’s economy or creation of new jobs,” said Dr Darakhshan. Dr Andrabi reacted to the second immediate increase in power tariff in the last six months in the state and termed this decision as ‘unfortunate’. She said that on o0ne hand common man will be in more trouble and the industrial sector will perish. She said it was quite insane to witness 33% increase in power tariff in half year’s time. She asked the government to withdraw this unjustified hike. She said that the coalition government is a rudderless boat and it does not have any vision for the state as was the case in earlier governments. Dr Andrabi said that SDP is becoming the platform for all genuine and conscious people of the state and this party is gradually turning into a silent revolution which is undoubtedly going to change things within the state for good. She expressed her satisfaction over the increasing membership from all districts of the state. She inducted many prominent businessmen and industrialists of the area into SDP fold. Those who joied SDP were Tripan Sharma,Manohar Lal,Naseer Ahmed,Laxmi Kumar,Mangal Dass,Vinay Singh and Sunil Singh.

Raising voice for displaced Kashmiri Pandits

“Jagti Township becomes a torture cell for KP’s in absence of water and electric supply”: Darakhshan
‘Rest of the jobs under PM’s package be immediately provided to the youth of the community’ demanded SDP President
“By shifting the displaced Kashmiri migrants from different localities to the poorly constructed Migrant township of Jagti, the state government has abandoned these distressed people amid absence of basic facilities at this township which has become a new hell for them,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing a Press Conference at SDP Central Office in Jammu. Dr Darakhshan was accompanied by Kashmiri Pandit representative from Jagti DK Hazare and  SDP General Secretary Ajay Kumar.
In her briefing Dr Darakhshan said that from the day first of the occupation of the quarters by displaced community under the Prime Minister’s Special Package, the process of repairs begun as the material used in the construction of this township was too poor to stand for many years. Dr Andrabi said that in the name of rehabilitation of these migrant Kashmiris state government agencies have indulged in huge money making and despite the loud hue and cry from the occupants no action was taken by the government. “The life of these migrant inmates is nothing better than the hell. Jagti quarters have become a torture cell for the inmates. For days together the township remains in dark in absence of the electric supply and since the increase in mercury, the electricity in the township is a rarity,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. She said that water supply in the area is conditional to the whims of the water supply department employees and people are suffering. She demanded that the relief given to the displaced community should be increased as the meager amount given to them is quite insufficient to sustain them in the present situation. She also asked the state government to provide electricity free of cost to the displaced community. Dr Darakhshan said, “Peaceful demonstrations from this peace loving educated community have not been taken into account by the government as the government is habitual of noticing the violent demonstrations only.”  She said that for long the government cannot ignore the problems of these distressed people. “Should New Delhi give another package to state for providing water supply and electricity to these Jagti residents,” asked Darakhshan. Dr Andrabi demanded that the remaining posts in government jobs under Prime Minister’s Package be provided to the community soon without any delay. She said that unemployed educated youth of the community are yearning to go the Kashmir to serve in their motherland. She said that if PM’s package was implemented without bunglings and political misuse, things would really be soothing for this royal community that suffered a lot during the last more than two decades now. SDP leaders Gursagar Singh, Sham Bhagat, Sanjay Manhas, Ajay Raina, Vishal Choudhry, Raj Rattan and Subhash Baba were also present.

 SDP organises public meeting at Reshemgarh Colony
“Public abondoned and publicilty prioritized by the government: Darakhshan
 Socialistic Democratic Party today organised a public meeting at Bakshshi Nagar Ward Number: 13, Reshamgarh Colony which was attended by the top rung leaders of the party and was presided over by SDP president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi who later addressed the public gathering. SDP General Secretary Ajay Kumar, SDP Youth Satate President Gursagar Singh, Provincial president Sham Bhagat and other leaders Vishal Choudhry, Sanjay Manhas, Munish Gupta, Ajay Raina, Sachin Jamwal, Kamaljit Singh also were present on the occasion. SDP president announced the appointment of JL Bhagat as the new representative of SDP in the area whileas Skandia Devi was nominated as Mahila Wing representative. In her address Dr Darakhshan said that despite the prime location of Reshemgarh, the area is deprived of basic civic amneties and local population is facing grave problems of water and electric scarcity. She said, “In these very hot days, it was very inhuman to make people suffer for drinking water. It was quite unacceptable to see that the locality is supplied the drinking water after the gap of three days”. She said that it was quite contrary to the declarations of the government that all basic facilities have been kept at the disposal of the common people throughout the state.  She expressed her grave concern over the electricity shortage in the area. Dr Andrabi welcomed many new entrants into  SDP fold and said that she was happy to see the youth and women coming out and joining active politics and termed it as a good omen for the positive change in the days to come. Dr Andrabi requested the people of the area to come out for the political change in the state as it was must for correcting the illnesses we have been forced to carry with us. Dr Andrabi said that our politics is the politics of show and publicity but at the ground level we only notice misery and exploitation. She appealed to the government to address to the problems of the locality or be ready for a resistance. Dr Andrabi said that in the coming days, the government will be facing grave public resistances on basic issues related to the common man.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

SDP's Prayer Meeting for Peace on 27 April 2012

 "Darbar Move is a mockery on our democratic system”: Darakhshan

A religious person can never be an advocate of violence: SDP President

“ Peace is the biggest need of our state and thus all of need to spead the message of peace and inclusiveness in J&K and do our bit to achieve the goal of a prosperous state,” said Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while addressing at a special function held at Rajpura in Jammu today. SDP General Secretary Ajay Kumar led SDP cadres in performing a Yagya for the Peace and Prosperity in J&K. SDP President and all prominent leaders of SDP participated in the Yagya. In her address Dr Andrabi emphasised on the need of cultivating a broader out look for the young generation of our society where the religion should play the role of inculcating the universal vision and human approach. She said that those who talk of exclusiveness in the name of religion are only exhibiting their inability to understand the true spirit of religion. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that a religious person can never be an advocate of violence and it was the responsibility of all to make our youth understand thetrue meaning and spirit of religion. “ SDP cadres have been organising All Religious Prayer Meetings and Religious Peace Prayer Programmes throughout the state continuously and thus we try to invoke the good and positive spirits which ultimately will be helping us in fighting the evilness within our own society.

Dr Andrabi also reacted to the practice of Darbar Move in a very suttle way. “ It is the royal exescution of the government and is an unjustified  burden  on our treasury,” said SDP President. She said that this practice is a crude mockery on the whole democratic system. Dr Andrabi said that in this internet age it was not justified to move the whole Secretariat from one division to another. She said in much bigger states, governments work without such sick practices. She said that the present political parties donot have vision and guts to stop this practice but in the future this all has to stop. She said that when during the harshest days of weather the people of both thedivisions suffer unattended, the runners of the government enjoy picnic moves at the cost of common man’s interests. Dr Darakhshan said that when we are confronted with grave unemployment problems, the practice of Darbar Move wastes our crores of rupees every year without doing any good to the people.

Monday, March 26, 2012


It was a huge group of political activists from Bishnah who today joined the Socialistic Democratic Party at a function held at Press Club Jammu where SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi welcomed and formally inducted them into SDP. SDP senior leader Peer Abdul Majid Shah, who is the party in charge of BIshnah had organized this function. In the group of forty five new entrants into SDP, a score of them were the elected Panchs and Sarpanchs of the constituency. Peer Abdul Majid presented a Memorandum on behalf the people of Bishna to SDP president throwing light on the problems and grievances of the people of the area. While addressing to the press and media representatives, SDP supremo Dr Darakhshan said that with these new entrants into the party SDP’s political base in the constituency will be stronger as majority of these political activists are the elected representatives of Panchayts. The prominent among those who joined are Ram Dayal, Bodh Raj, Ram Lal, Shamsher Singh, Krishan Lal and Vijay Kumar. “During her last visit of Basohli, she has herself seen the problems of the people. Majority of the people are distressed with the local administration. They are not at all happy by the anarchist working style of Tehsildar and the BDO of the area. People’s voice has been kept hostage to the power monopoly in the area,” said Dr Andrabi. She said SDP has decided to fight for the people in the area. She said that it will be our responsibility to establish healthy working atmosphere in different vital government offices in the area because these offices and officers are meant for the service of people as per laws and in the democratic system nobody can be allowed to exhibit his whims while discharging the duties. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that SDP leadership will establish direct contacts with the local authorities and will not hesitate in approaching the top level bureaucracy in this regard if need arises. “The execution system of the development works and the execution system of the revenue related affairs in the area need a big overhaul and she will herself try to initiate a struggle to correct the ailing working systems,” said Darakhshan. She said that she was not at all satisfied with the development in the area and she was convinced that the concerned authorities in lien with the political mafia were exploiting the innocent people of the area and misappropriating the public funds for their petty interests. Dr Andrabi assured the people of Bishna of the beginning of the new era there with SDP at their back.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Darakhshan address Protest Demonstration

SDP president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today led a huge rally of VDC volunteers from all districts of Jammu outside Press Club in Jammu. Amid loud sloganeering the demands of the VDC’s were displayed by VDC representatives. At the culmination of the rally Subhash Baba, the president of VDC volunteers and Dr Darakhshan Andrabi spoke on the occasion. Speaking to press Dr Darakhshan said that she today submitted a memorandum to Union Minister for Renewable Energy Dr Farooq Abdullah in person. She said that she has today dispatched the copies of these memoranda to Union Home Minister P Chidambaram and Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh.


It was a different nature of news from SDP president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today. Her Kashmiri poetry collection Chaman Barg Rez was released today at Abhinav Theatre Jammu at a gracious function. The book was released by the Union Minister of New & Renewable energy Dr Farooq Abdullah in presence of J&K Minister of Tourism & Culture Nawang Rigzin Jora, Deputy Speaker of Legislative Council Mohammad Yousuf Teng, Commissioner Secretary Tourism & Secretary J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages Mr Atul Duloo amid a galaxy of intellectuals, media persons, bureaucrats, writers and prominent citizens from different walks of life. The released book contains poems that have been written during the last fifteen years of turmoil in the state.
Speaking on the occasion Dr Abdullah asked Nawang Rigzin Jora to forward the recommendation of the state for conferring Padma Shree to Dr Darakhshan keeping in view her political, social and intellectual contribution. In his address Dr Farooq Abdullah said that he was thrilled to see the creative talent of the politician Darakhshan and this pursuit of her has established her as the intellectual politician of our state. He said that Darakhshan’s contribution to Urdu and Kashmiri literature is of immense importance and significance and she is going represent the genius of Jammu & Kashmir into whole of the world.
A paper was read out by eminent poet Farooq Nazki who said that Darakhshan was already an established Urdu poet of the country and she has been honoured with many national awards for her literary contribution. Farooq Nazki said, “Darakhshan has been part of the contemporary Indian Literary movement. She writes poetry, short stories and essays in Kashmiri and Urdu. Many of her literary creations have been translated into many Indian as well as foreign languages. Through her translations too she has enriched her mother tongue Kashmiri. She has translated prominent Indian poets like Atal Bihari Vajpai, Vikram Seth, Nigeen Saikia, Padma Sachdev,Amrita Pritam into Kashmiri besides the translation of Chilean Noble laureate poet Pablo Neruda. She has translated many portions of ancient Sanskrit poetics into Kashmiri.” As per the analytical paper Dr Andrabi was the first Kashmiri female poet of Kashmiri who has not expressed her feminine anger but has spoken very loudly on the human sphere and level. He said that Chaman Barg Rez has very powerful poetic expressions in different forms. In addition to ghazals, there are very powerful experimental nazams in free verse too. “For the first time she has introduced doha to Kashmiri and she has also written some verse in the traditional marriage song form vanvun too. Her innovations in free verse form are worth reading”, said Farooq Nazki. Famous singer Deepali Wattal thrilled the jam packed Abhinav Theatre audience by singing two melodious ghazals of Darakhshan Andrabi.