Monday, February 14, 2011

Event of PEACE : Through Press

This function has been covered through-out the world including top rung papers /electronic channels of India and Pakistan. The video of this news was circuled by reuters on Jammu) through out the globe. Again the news was covered by The Daily Don, The Arz-e-Pakistan,The Defence Pakistan, Karachi News, The Malaysia Sun, Yahoo and other international papers/sites. The event was extensively covered by the papers and channels of J&K and the rest of the country.

Unique Valentine messages of Darakhshan

The picture of a few Placards presented by SDP representatives on the occasion of Indo-Pak Love & Peace Day 2011


Dr Darakhshan Andrabi leading SDP leaders, activists and the family members of the youth who had crossed over to other side of the border for militant training. On Indo-Pak Love & Peace Day 2011, Darakhshan gave a unique valentine message to the top militant commander and thousands of youth to shun guns and return to their homes and work for peace in the troubled state.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


2 Feb 2011
Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi reacted very sharply on the silence of separatists over the murder of two sisters at Sopore and again she welcomed Governor's refusal to the Chief Information Commissioner's appointment. Coming out in defence of the Governor she said,"Our Governor is a very responsible person. He has nothing at stake to compromise on such vital selections. His refusal is welcome because such big placements can never be accepted on mere political will, ignoring the basic criteria needed for such responsible placements. The people whose candidature is doubtful cannot be accepted because our rulers want them to be there. This is a very healthy step. We need to have suck checks on our democratic system to let it work with more responsibility and honesty."
On the murder of two girls in Sopore by militants Dr Andrabi reacted very sharply,"The recent murder of two innocent girls at the hands of militants in Sopore is yet again a shame for all of us.It is the latest episode of the two decade long serial play of anti-heroes being played on the soil of Kashmir. Amid the fashion of justifying every crime in the grab of politics, such heinous crimes go unresolved and encourage those who have invented laws and mechanisms to rule the minds of the common innocent peace-loving Kashmiris with creating fear and forcing them to obey their motivated dictates as obedient citizens." "Where are the leaders who lead agitations now and then," asked Dr Darakhshan. "Their silence speaks of their criminal bent of mind. A murder is a murder and no body can be given a licence to kill". She asked the government to shun the politics of issuing sympathy statements and use its police force to arrest the killers and their patrons.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Darakhshans salutes to the secular traditions of J&K

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi visited the famous Baba Chambliyal's shrine at the Indo-Pak International Border in Vijaypur Sector today alongwith SDP leaders and about five hundred party delegates and organised a sarva-dharm prayer session there. Dr Darakhshan rayed there for the welfare and peace of the state and the country. In her address she said that the good virtues of Baba Chambliyal transcend the borders and that is why he is revered by the people across the border too. She said that the shrine is the epitome of our secular traditions and she prayed to the Almighty to safeguard our traditions and bestow on us the peace in the days to come. Dr Darakhshan requested the people to shun the ideologies of division and preach brotherhood and peace.



State Times, Jammu
ST News/30th Jan 2011
Darakhshan lits Lamps To spead the message of Peace
2011 diyas lit amid prayers for peace in j&k marking Shaheedi Divas oF Bapu

In connection with the martyrdom of Mahatma Gandhi, a great advocate of communal harmony and non-violence SDP today held a special public gathering at Nagrota in Jammu in which locals belonging to different communities and faiths participated. Continuing with her brotherhood and peace mission, Dr Darakhshan led the gathering in lighting of candles for Peace and Non-violence. An all religions prayer session was also held on the occasion. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi was accompanied with SDP leaders including Ajay Kumar, Aijaz Rasheed, Gursagar Singh, Iqbal Singh and Abdul Majeed. In her address Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that these illuminating lamps signify our resolve to defeat all kinds of darkness and spread the light of goodwill among all religious and regional units within the state. She said that on one hand Hinduism believes in Vasudaiv Kutumbkum (whole world is my family), on the other Islam means peace and goodwill for all and again Guru Granth Sahib is the treasure house of Sufi sensibility signifying communal harmony. “A true Hindu, a true Muslim or a true Sikh has to be an ambassador of peace and universal brotherhood. Myopic outlook is the trait of those who use religion for division, while as religion is a strong tool for expanding the vision of a person,” said Darakhshan Andrabi. On the occasion two thousand and eleven diyas (earthen lamps) were lit signifying a prosperous and illuminating 2011.

Rashtra Rakhsha Sammelan 2010

Darakhshan addressing the conclave of National Security experts.

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi and Dr Nahid Sheikh being honoured with Certificates of Excellence.

Dr Darakhshan sharing the dias with Dr Shoba Vijendra, Dr Poornima Advani, Dr Nahid Sheikh and Cmdr Geetalakshmi at the FINS Convention.

At the National Security Convention held at Haridwar, SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi in the debate session on the topic " National Security Imparatives and terror networks in India"