Monday, January 31, 2011

Honouring Party Delegates

29th of January 2011: SDP President Dr Darakhshan honouring the party delegates from Jammu division at SDP Headquarters for their outstanding contribution in their respective areas during the party membership drive in 2010.

Dast-e-Hunar Kaa Saath

29th of January,2011: Dr Darakhshan Andrabi addressing the Convocation of All State Handloom Corporation Employees Association held at Jammu Tawi. Dr Darakhshan appealed to the government to be generous enough to consider the long pending genuine demands of the employees of Handloom industry.

Recognising the Power of Music

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi releases the new Punjabi Rap Album at a glittering musical function held at Hotel Nek in Jammu on 28th 0f Jan 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


On 24th of January 2011, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi, President of SDP spoke out for the dignity of the tri-colour and condemned the politicians who have dragged the proud symbol of our national dignity into the petty politicking.

Kashmir has been turned into a political AKHARA

25th January 2011
JAMMU/24.01.2011: With
Tri-colour in hand and decorated on the shoulders, Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi flanked by her party leaders and activists said in the press conference at Press Club Jammu on Monday that the National Flag should be welcomed in every part of the State. She put across her view point in the backdrop of the Tri-colour politics being played in the State on this Republic Day.Dr. Darakhshan, the staunch nationalist leader of Jammu and Kashmir said that when the constitution of India allows every citizen to unfurl National Flag in any part of the country why then this dirty politics. “If Kashmir is a part of India then why the hue and cry on the unfurling of Tri-colour”, asked Darakhshan. She said that it was very unfortunate to see the symbol of national dignity being dragged in for dirty politics and Kashmir is being used as Political Akhara to fish out in the troubled water. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi asserted that she will stand up always and fight for the dignity of the National Flag. She claimed that people of Jammu and Kashmir have not objected to the unfurling of Tri-colour in any part of the State, but a handful of politicians and sponsored minds speak against it and they do it all for their petty politicking. Dr Darakhshan said that nobody has the right to stop the unfurling of Tri-colour in any part of land belonging to our country. She said that the government should then out rightly shun the practice of unfurling Tri-colour on the days of our national pride if such disgraceful decisions of stopping the Tri-colour unfurling at particular places continues.Dr Darakhshan further said that she represents the common man’s mindset in Jammu and Kashmir and so she has come out to fight for the nation’s dignity. She stood shocked to see the national dignity being dragged in for petty politicking. “Politicians invent such issues only to keep trouble in Jammu and Kashmir alive. It suits their political shop-keeping and it adds to the misery of the common peace-loving people,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. She said that this was the ripe time for the nationalists to join hands and defeat the designs of the self-oriented anti-national politicians once and for all. She said that if such incidents are encouraged now, we will loose all nationalists gradually in the separatism infected State and it will in the long run be beneficial for those who want India to loose Jammu and Kashmir. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi reminded that thousands of martyrs have laid down their lives for the dignity of the National Flag and we should allow none to drag it to political battlefield anymore. She said that there are innumerable sons and daughters of India who are ready to lay down their lives for the dignity of the National Flag. She said that during English rule, it was a practice to stop Indians from hoisting National Flag but in free India such incidents are only shameful. Prominent SDP leaders who were present on the occasion include State Vice President Abhay Singh Wazir, General Secretary Ajay Sharma, Youth President Gursagar Singh and party leaders Munish Kumar, Vishal Choudhary, Sanjay Manhas and Rekha Devi.

Beyond boundaries: J&K residents spread peace

Monday, January 17, 2011

Festivity with the future of the state

Children of Bal Miketan Jammu enjoy LOHRI with SDP chief
Dr Darakhshan Andrabi


JAMMU,13th of Jan 2011
ST NEWS SERVICE JAMMU : “The Sun is a symbol of plenty; it gives us all we need. Fire sanctifies our endeavor for a good life on the one hand and destroys evil spirits on the other. Let the sun of peace burn all hatred and violence from our State and destroy all hindrances for a prosperous life in the troubled State, this day,” was the wish expressed by Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today while celebrating Lohri at the Bal Niketan at Ved Mandir in Karan Nagar, Jammu with the children living there.Dr Darakhshan accompanied by her Party Vice-President Abay Singh Wazir, General Secretary Ajay Kumar, Youth SDP State President Gursagar Singh, Party leaders Kamal Chand, Munish Kumar, Ajay Raina and Aarif Qazi lit a bonfire in the Bal Neketan Campus. The offerings of Til (gingerly), Mongphali (peanuts) and Chirwa (beaten rice) were made to the burning embers. The peanuts and other eatables were distributed among the Niketan inmates by Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. Dr Andrabi surprised all by reciting the traditional Lohri song with the children which created a lot of enthusiasm on the occasion.It was a real moment of joy and gaiety for the children living there. The warden of the Niketan said that it was the first such experience for the orphan children to enjoy the festivity of Lohri.Dr Darakhshan Andrabi while in her brief speech at the end of the function said that Lohri signifies a new beginning where we reap the crop of our toil and start planning for a new prosperous future, we in the state of Jammu and Kashmir need to re-devise our policies for ascertaining a violence free and peaceful life dedicated to the development of the State and the country as a whole. She appealed to the politicians of the State to shun the myopic attitudes and give the State a vision where our youth become the pride of the nation. She said that when the world is advanced in all sphere of life on a fast pace, we in the State of Jammu amd Kashmir are divided and engaged in very parochial issues which only fetch us misfortune. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that Lohri is the moment of inspiration for all those who have big dreams in their eyes and it is the time when we should burn all negativities from our system and begin the struggle for establishing all positivities in our life. In reply to a question by media person about the split in the Hurriet, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that Hurriyet was never a single entity. It is a union of self interests of all constituents.They have no clear cut stand on the issues concerning the State of J and K. She said that same is the fate of our main stream politicians. They go along without any defined ideology and adhere to exploitation of the ignorant masses on sentimental issues which have nothing to do with the welfare of the State.


12/26/2010 11:18:49 PM

Jammu, Dec 26: “The state of Jammu & Kashmir needs a new political roadmap based on very broad basis that caters all the divisions of the state on equality. This new roadmap should cater to the aspirations of the entire social, religious and ethnic groups of the state and should get the sanction of the people from all regions of the state,” said Socialistic Democratic Party president Darakhshan Andrabi today while addressing a public rally at Patoli Brahamna in Jammu. Andrabi while referring to many political roadmaps and political viewpoint programmes like “Autonomy”, “Self Rule” etc, said that all these programmes were region centric and people of Jammu & Ladakh divisions don’t even identify themselves with these viewpoints. Terming these roadmaps as “Programmes of Myopic Visions”, Darakhshan announced that the executive council of SDP is busy in devising a new political roadmap for J&K and we all are seeking advice and consultancy from the experts from different fields throughout the state of J&K before finalizing this roadmap called “Vision : Jammu Kashmir”. She said that the integrity of the state of J&K should be protected at all costs. She blamed that the parochial politicians in both the divisions of the state are hell bent upon creating a regional gulf within the state for their petty gains. Andrabi said that these followers of Macavely are not acceptable to us as we believe in the politics of values. Darakhshan Andrabi appealed to the politicians of the state to have pity on the suffering masses and stop playing cheap political tricks for petty interests.

Photos of Dr Darakhshan's meeting with Interlocutors

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi in conversation with Prof Radha Kumar, Dilip Padgaonkar and Mr Ansari, the center's interlocutors on J&K.

Darakhshan and other SDP leaders meet Interlocutors

20th of December 2010

ST NEWS SERVICE JAMMU: Socialistic Democratic Party (SDP) President Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi accompanied by party leaders met the group of interlocutors of the Centre for J and K headed by Dilip Padgaonkar at Jammu on Monday and discussed the issues regarding situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Dr Darakhshan concluded her discussion with her five points presentation. (1) “The present ugly situation in Kashmir is the result of the pseudo-nationalistic attitude of the politicians of Kashmir which have been promoted always in the State. Here who talks of limited and conditional relations with New Delhi has always been promoted by the agencies and the governments. Separatists are provided with security cover and projected as only saviours of Kashmiris. On the contrary there is no dearth of nationalistic people in Valley but unfortunately they are not even heard and they are discouraged by the State and the Central Governments. This tendency results in situations like the present one. I am myself an example. I dared to manage tremendous public support in both Kashmir and Jammu Divisions for my nationalistic politics with a tricolour in my hand and heart but all steps were taken to discourage me and leave me uncared so that I get killed. This way the nationalistic forces are discouraged and separatism and violence take the front seat. This policy of ignoring nationalistic forces is the main cause of the present situation where whole of the country is dragged. We request the Central Government to come forward to talk to nationalists and start promoting them so that separatist and conditional nationalism gets replaced”. She also said, (2) “Party is deadly against the idea of division of the State. The idea of trifurcation of the State is the idea of anti-nationals. The integration of the State is must for the integration of the Country. All the regions of the State need to be dealt at equality at all costs.”She further said,(3) “The sustainable dialogue process between India and Pakistan is must for a peaceful Jammu and Kashmir. We need to stop the expansion of graveyards in the State where our youth treasure is led to lie down for no reason at all”.She added (4) “The youth of the State are deceived by all governments. They promise jobs to youth to get their votes and later they fail to provide anything. It dejects them and those who sponsor violence get readymade instruments for their agitation. Now at this juncture some mega job and economic packages for the youth can diffuse the situation”. She further added. (5) “Withdrawing of the special powers from security forces is no issue at all. It is not a public issue. It is a political mileage earning stunt. We believe security forces do not exercise their powers of their own. It is the government that runs the show and security forces follow the government requisitions”.The party leaders who accompanied Dr Darakhshan Andrabi include Col (Retd) Sunil Sharma, Ajay Kumar, Gursagar Singh and Kamal Chand.


Dr Darakhshan Andrabi leading the mega event in which a Sarva Dharam Prayer was held in memory of the martyrs of 26/11 and others who laid their lives for the safety of the country. This event was held at Jammu on the Tawi river banks on 27th of November 2010.


Darakhshan meets Governor N N Vohra

Darakhshan's reaction

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Darakhshan welcomes new entrants into SDP

THe State Times
Jammu, 23.11.2010

Scores of senior political workers, delegates and organizational in-charges of Kathua district from different political parties joined Socialistic Democratic Party today at a brief function held at Press Club Jammu. Motivated by SDP leader Kamal Chand, more than seventy new political volunteers became the part of the nationalist mission called SDP. These new entrants into the party hailing from Congress, BJP, Panthers Party, BSP, PDP and National Conference were greeted by SDP president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi into the party. She addressed the gathering and the media on the event. Dr Darakhshan said that she is feeling more and more powerful day by day when more and more dedicated people of the state are joining Socialistic Democratic Party. Dr Darakhshan said that these political representatives hail from a district which has been ignored by the government in all developmental works. She said that during her recent visits to different far flung areas of the district, she was shocked to see the apathy of the government towards these people. She said that this area needs an honest political patronage to help the people in improving their life standard and help them resolve their problems for their survival. Dr Andrabi said that it was unfortunate to see the Rajshahi approach of our political representatives, rulers and bureaucrats. She said that all these are public servants and need to inculcate in them the habit of sacrifice and service rather than nourish selfishness and arrogance. Dr Andrabi called upon educated youth of the state to come forward and take part in politics so that our rotten and ill political order gets substituted by new vision of public service and national dignity and the state and the country gets a potent leadership. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi welcomed the decision of exclusion of J&K issue from the United Nations list of International Disputes. She said that it was impossible to reverse the time and history and the advocates of the so-called issue are living in fool’s paradise. She said that the so-called J&K issue has become a big market and many people are earning enormously out of it. She said that some mainstream parties and leaders are also using this baseless issue for their petty political gains and the common ignorant people have to pay the price with their lives and property. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that these politicians of opportunitism are responsible for exploitation of the sentiments of the people and for creation of violence – guided situations that make the life of a common man a hell. She appealed to the intelligentsia and the media to come forward and inform people about the realities so that they do not fell prey to the sinister designs of politicians. She also appealed to the youth of Kashmir to understand the reality and desist from becoming the tools of the politics of evil designs. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that her party will like to contest Panchayti elections but she appealed to Central Government to make it clear on the state administration that the elections will be fair and no official machinery will be used by the government to influence these elections as has been the practice in the state. She said that if the ruling party tried to rig the elections or use official machinery for the elections, we will go for a massive agitation. She said that she was apprehensive of this all because the present political order has nourished a gunda-culture in the state on which it exists. The prominent among those who joined SDP on spot were Babinder Chowdhry, Pankaj Sharma, ramesh Sambyal,Raj Chowdhry, mohan Sharma, Sanjeev Gupta, rajan Sharma, Rakesh Gupta, Talib Hussain, Kuldeep Singh, Lekh Raj, Amar Singh, Madan Lal and others.

Many join SDP

A group of youth from other parties join Socialistic Democratic Party on 1st of November at the Party Office at Shastri Nagar in Jammu. SDP president DR Darakhshan welcomes the new entrants into the party.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Darakhshan reacts to Omar's statement

Saluting the Father of the Nation

Darakhshan invites Intelligentsia to come forward

Writers from Goa in Srinagar with Dr Andrabi

Prominent writers of Konkani from Goa during their visit to Srinagar with Dr Darakhshan Andrabi in a House Boat in the Dal Lake. In the picture (from left) we see Mr Walter Menezes, Dr Vrushali S Mandrekar,Mrs Jyoti Kunkolkar, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi, Mr Pundalik Naik, Mr Balachandra Gaonkar, Mr Mukesh Thali and Mr Prakash Paryekar.