Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kashmir Ki Aawaaz

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi addressing the audience at Mavlankar Hall, Delhi on 22rd of October, 2010 at a national level seminar Kashmir Ki Aawaaz which was attended by hundreds of representatives of different regions,faiths and classes of J&K in addition to intellectuals, thinkers, journalists, writers, social workers and veteran politicians of different parties.

Challenge to Separatism

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi leading the Protest Sit-In at Rajghat in Delhi on 23rd of October,2010 in reaction to government's appeasement of separatism in J&K organised by FINS, Himalayan Parivar and other organisations. Representatives from all the communities, regions and faiths of Jammu & Kashmir participated in the sit-in. Where addressing to the media persons on the occasion SDP president Dr Darakhshan said that she was happy to see hundreds of representatives from J&K coming out to Delhi to sing her slogan:Hum Hindustan Se Hain, Hindustan Hum Se Hai. Dr Andrabi said that this brave step should be an eye-opener for the central government which is hell bent upon projecting Kashmir as a hub of separatists. She said there is a huge majority of the people of J&K who are true nationalists and it was the need of the hour to shift attention from secessionists to true patriots.