Monday, March 22, 2010

Meeting with Rajnath Singh

A meeting with Bhartiya Janata Party Ex-President Rajnath Singh and Colonel K K Juneja at the residence of Mr Singh discussing the latest security scenario in the state.

Indian Express ( March 7,2010 )

Socialistic Democratic Party president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today addressed a jam-packed press conference at Press Club, Jammu. She was flanked by newly designated party leaders Rajeev Sharma, Peer Abdul Majid Shah,Haji Nissar Ahmad Khan, Munish Kumar and Gurusagar Singh. In her address to the press and media persons Dr Darakhshan Andrabi spoke on very important issues of utilization and misappropriation of government funds, wastage of time and resources by legislators in Assembly and the worst ever scarcity of food grains in the state. A few excerpts of her address are: "The state of Jammu & Kashmir is facing the worst-ever scarcity of ration, sugar and kerosene oil. Despite government’s tall claims, the people of state in both urban and rural areas are witness to the havoc like situation. More than 40% of the government ration stores are completely empty for the last so many months now. Despite festivals, government failed to fulfill common man’s basic need: supply of food grains throughout the length and breadth of the state. Sugar is nowhere. With the connivance of the government the millers are black-marketing the ration meant for common people. In remote and rural areas, a starvation type of situation has raised. It is quite shameful to see the propagators of e-governance not even bothering to look into the matter. Our rulers never decide on seeing the ground realities but what their ill character political agents and bureaucrats show them on files.
The present National Conference led government is only repeating its old practice of misusing public and government money for nourishing their political interests and letting the common go to dogs. When Omar took the reins of the state in his hands, he publicly apologized for the mistakes done by his party and family in the past and vowed to work differently but is now following his legacy of looting the state and misleading public. Government has failed to utilize huge central grants to the state properly. Much of the assistance has gone waste. The biggest proof lies in the Chief Minister’s statement itself that more than 2700 crores are still to be spent and we have only a few days of the financial year left. Either the government wants to utilize the money on files only or the funds are bound to be misused as per the previous practice. We the people of the state are witness to governments efficiency in utilization of government money at alarmingly very low tortoise speed. It is certain that this money is to go into the pockets of the politicians of the ruling class and the bureaucrats. Accountability is a thing which comes into force in peaceful conditions only. And that is why our politicians don’t want to experience peace and they coin situations which lead to the conditions prevailing now. Kashmir is back to early nineties. It is conducive to the rulers and politicians who are hell bent upon confusing people and misleading them to smoothly go on with looting public money without any accountability. The present Assembly session endorsed our view that our legislative Assembly is a fish market. It is a big wastage of our precious time and money. For weeks, we witness our so-called representatives from treasury as well opposition benches accusing each other like uncivilized people. Public is of no importance and consideration to these exploiters. The only job they did was the hike in their salaries. This attitude of our law-makers is a mockery of democracy. Their shouts and their language speak of their backgrounds in true colour. They are hell bent upon wasting our time and money. Because of this attitude of our politicians, the educated people are distancing themselves from politics. And this attitude gives birth to negative politics.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adressing a Press Conference at Press Club, Jammu

At Press Club on 7th of March 2010

Dr Darakhshan at Press Conference on Jummu with newly designated party leaders Gursagar Singh, Peer Abdul Majid Shah, Haji Nissar Ahmad Khan, Rajeev Sharma and Munish Kumar