Sunday, February 28, 2010

Darakhshan comes out and protests against killings

24th of February,2010
EARLY TIMES REPORT Jammu, Feb 23: Condemning the brutal killing of two innocent Sikh youth in Pakistan by Taliban, Socialistic Democratic Party supreme Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today joined the protest rallies at Miran Sahib and Satwari along with her party leaders and activists. Terming the killings as the murder of humanity, SDP president said that the killers can never be Muslims and such people are the agents at the hands of those who are hell bent upon projecting the religion of peace Islam as the religion of terror. She said ``in Quran we have clear cut orders that those who kill any innocent human being kills whole of the humanity’’. She said that this is the result of Lal Masjid mindset which is destroying the image of the Muslims throughout the world. Dr Andrabi said that government of India should take up this issue strongly with Pakistan in the ensuing bureaucratic level talks. She also requested the civil society in both the countries to come forward to protest the killing. Dr Darakhshan was accompanied by SDP leaders Ajay Kumar, Ajay Raina, Rajeev Bhagat, Munish Kumar and others.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sending Love

Indo-Pak love and Peace day 2010.....Dr Darakhshan Andrabi flanked by SDP leaders, senior citizens and peace- activists sending messages of love and requests for peace to President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari from Octroi Post at Indo-Pak International Border at Suchetgarh in Jammu on 13th of February, 2010.

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Socialistic Democratic Party chief Dr Darakhshan Andrabi releases a pigeon carrying a message of love and peace to Pakistan, on the border on Saturday. Tribune photo: Anand Sharma

The Northlines, Jammu

Kashmir situation is the result of Govt’s policies: Darakhshan

February 8, 2010 12:48:12 AM
Jammu, Feb 07: 'Kashmir is again on boil because of the exploitation of the situation by both separatist as well as mainstream politicians. The present state government is only repeating the Mufti Sayeed type of cheap- popularity-policies regarding separatism and militancy and thus gifting whole of the valley to disturbances and war-like situations now and then. The state government does not seem to be interested in curbing law-breakers with iron hand because its own interests also flourishes on the same type of situation,' said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi at a public rally at Chenani today morning. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that it was very unfortunate to see that the present Government is behaving like an opposition camp and only talking about the situation and doing nothing concrete to curb its own sponsored elements who are hell bent upon creating a havoc like situation in Kashmir valley. Dr Andrabi warned Omar Abdullah that his Government is also heading towards the Mufti-type of fallout because of his soft attitude and treatment towards separatists who have destroyed the whole social fabric in Kashmir by creating a situation that seems always beyond the control of the state government. She said that Government has always failed to restore peace and smoothness in life in Kashmir while as Pakistan sponsored separatists always succeed in derailing normal life in Kashmir. She asked the Those who addressed the rally included SDP leaders Ajay Kumar, Gurusagar Singh, Rajiv Bhagat and Ajay Raina. Dr. Darakhshan welcomed two hundred new party members who joined SDP from NC, PDP and Panthers Party.

The Shadow, Jammu

Monday, February 22, 2010
Darakhshan accuses separatists, Mehbooba of transforming Kashmir into criminal hub

Shadow Correspondent SRINAGAR, FEB 05:
For the first time since inception of militancy in state, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi took a brave move today by organizing anti hartal and anti stone pelting processions in summer capital to denounce the forces supporting the frequent Bandhs, Shutdowns and disturbance which as a consequence transformed Kashmir into a criminal hub. President Socialistic Democratic Party (SDP), Dr Darakhshan Andrabi on Friday took a brave step when she led thousands of protesters in Six kilometer long Anti-Hartal and Anti-stone pelting Rally in Shalteng village in Srinagar to condemn the ongoing process for last quite some time.Addressing protesters, she thrashed separatist leaders including Mehbooba and her brigade for inciting people for non productive ways like stone pelting and regular Hartal culture. She said that these foreign agents have transformed Kashmir into a criminal hub. The crimes range from gang-rape to supari killings; she said and criticized the present coalition for encouraging these elements for petty political gains. She said that people are not with separatists or militants but it is a game of fear that they are cashing, adding that all nationalists and the true well wishers of Kashmir to come forward and raise their voices against this slow-poisoning of the new generation of Kashmir. She criticised Hurriyat and their agents who were forcing and threatening people to go for Shut Downs and Hartals. She said that stone pelting culture speaks of the wild mindset of its advocates. Those who claim themselves as the representatives of the modern J&K should take it very seriously and oppose it as she has dared to break the ice.