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Valentine's Day 2009

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India sends message of love to Pakistan ahead of Valentine’s Day Feb 14th, 2009
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New Delhi, Feb 14 (ANI): Amid ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, unmanned boats with messages of love and peace sailed down the Chenab river from India to Pakistan, ahead of Valentine’s Day.
The boats carrying plastic guns mounted with a pair of roses on the turret and lighted candles were launched yesterday at Akhnoor town, about 32 kilometres from Jammu on an uncertain course down the Chenab river, which runs through the divided Himalayan region.
Activists of the Socialistic Democratic Party (SDP) released scores of heart-shaped balloons and also dispatched letters carrying messages of peace.
‘We believe that Valentine’s Day is the day of love. So we chose this day to express that we just want love and peace to prevail between both the nations,’ said SDP President Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi.
Tension has been running high between India and Pakistan since the attack by 10 gunmen on India’s financial capital Mumbai last November, though fear of a conflict between the neighbours has receded in recent weeks.
The Pakistani government, on February 12 admitted that a part of the Mumbai attack was planned from Pakistan, and informed that it was holding a ringleader and five other suspects in custody.
Pakistani officials have given details of how 10 gunmen had sailed from Karachi to carry out the attacks.
Meanwhile, India is trying to mount diplomatic pressure on Pakistan by calling for a strict action against the terrorist groups operating within the country. (ANI)