Friday, October 3, 2008

Darakhshan adresses a rally in border area of Suchetgarh

Dogra Dastaarbandi for SDP Supremo


Excelsior News Service,Jammu

Socialistic Democratic Party today organised a public rally at Badyal Brahamna Deriyaan in Suchetgarh Assembly constituency where a big gathering of the locals from the area who attended the tally felicitated SDP Chairperson Dr Darakhshan Andrabi for her honest political attitude based on pure nationalism. She was accorded with the dogra–dastaarbandi for her impartial role in the recent agitation and her stand on the regional equality and national commitment despite great opposition from anti-nationals throughout the state. The local citizen’s committee congratulated Dr Darakhshan Andrabi for her undaunting attitude to fight the enemies of nation and the integrity of the state without any fear.
The rally was organised by the party’s Suchetgarh nominee for the coming Assembly elections Surendra Choudhry. He was accompanied by the party’s R S Pura incharge Surendra Bhagat. Other party leaders who were present in the rally inclided Ajay Sharma,Abhinav Wazir,S K Khan,Rajiv Bhagat Sonu, Ramanji.
SDP President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi spoke on the occasion. A few excerpts of her speech:
· I thank the people of this far flung area for their love and respect and support shown to me. I feel very emotional at this moment and share my deep anguish about the treatment meted out to this area by its past representatives who have gifted backwardness and poverty to these hard-working nationalist population. When we are boosting of our achievements, the people here are craving for basic amenities. I request the people to give us a chance this time and I promise the people to see my dream of economic development as a practical reality on ground for this area.
· All the political parties of this state who have claimed to be better representatives of the people have on the ground proved themselves the blackmailers and exploiters of the public sentiments. All these political groups are the failed experiments. As a result they have directly or indirectly helped separatism and anti-national forces. These political parties have either ruled us at local levels or at central level but noconcrete public-oriented policy or programme is seen implemented for the common good at the ground level. All these politicians are only selling slogans and exploiting poor, ignorant people. I request the people of the state to reject these old failed political experiments and elect SDP representatives for this is the only political group of the state who owns a clean image, a clear economy oriented programme for the common man’s development and a subtle plan for industrialization of the state.
· All regionalist, communalist, separatist forces in the garb of the mainstream lot are bent upon dividing the people of the state and thus knowingly or unknowingly helping the agenda of our enemies. These forces should be nipped into the bud now. Government should shun the habit of acting late. People, the biggest power should reject this lot straight way so that the ways for the integrated development of the state as a whole does not get hindered.

Darakhshan Felicitated

Dr Darakhshan addressing a public congregation in Jammu after being felicitated for her nationalistic role (based on regional equality) during the recent polarization of the state on the Sri Amarnath Land Row.