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Darakhshan for bridging the gaps

8/15/2008 12:57:23 AM
Shadow Correspondent JAMMU, AUG 14
President of the Socialistic Democratic Party Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi has said that she wants to bridge the gap between Kashmir and Jammu when all other politicians are bent upon polarizing the regions and communities. And that is why she has not suspended her nationalistic politicizing in both the divisions despite grave threats given to her and other leaders of SDP by anti-nationals and anti-socials. Addressing a largely attended public meeting in R.S. Pura today she said time has proved her right when during the recent past mainstream politicians like Farooq Abdullah and party and Mehbboa Mufti and party joined the separatist-agenda openly and led them all to the ugliest situation of the past sixty years. Dr Darakhshan criticized the state administration for its failure in managing the situation in Kashmir valley and ignoring nationalist Jammuites altogether. Dr Andrabi said that the role of Manmohan Singh's favourite Mehbooba Mufti during the recent days was greatly harmful to our national interests and she should be dismissed from the Parliament for her separatist attitude. She also criticized Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah for playing the politics of regional and communal hatred in the state. She said our entire mainstream politicians seem to be under the control of ISI and the separatist camp. She said all these are dreaming of creating a 1989 like situation in the state. But she said that it is just a nightmare of them and those who fear the strength of the separatists and militants should know that it is the last flame of the candle of separatism and militancy in the state and that is why it seen more bright and big. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi criticized New Delhi for wasting the time and allowing the state to such ugly situation. The SDP leaders led by Ajay Kumar and Surendra Bhagat burnt the effigies of Farooq Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti on the occasion. Other leaders of the party who spoke on the occasion include Iqbal Singh and Surendra Choudhry.

Darakhshan on Janam Ashtami

SDP celebrates Krishna Janam Ashtami as universal brotherhood day

Andrabi salutes Jammuties for exhibiting communal harmony
8/23/2008 10:45:35 PM
Early Times Reporter Jammu Aug 23
The activists of Socialistic Democratic Party (SDP) today celebrated Krishna Janam Ashtami as universal brotherhood day throughout the state. Party organized public Milan sessions at Sunderbani, Suchetgarh, Bani, R S Pura and Nagrota, besides holding a seminar at Shastri Nagar, which was presided by the party president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. Those who spoke on the occasion included scholars like Sardar Surendera Singh Khalsa, Swami Ram Prakash and Yogesh Krishna. In her presidential address, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that Lord Krishna is the epitome of universal brotherhood and his philosophy of collective life remains a powerful force of India till now and it will inspire and guide this great country in the days to come too. She, while congratulating every Indian on this auspicious day, said that nationalism in its pure form with universal vision is the dire need of this country when we all are confronting the threats of terrorism from within and outside. She congratulated the nationalist people of Jammu division for maintaining secular traditions and upholding very high values of discipline during the present agitation. Dr Darakhshan said that the people of Jambo Lochan's Jammu have exhibited communal harmony in the past and have never detracted from these traditions. She said that some people in Kashmir and Jammu are hell bent on dividing the state on communal lines and criticized Omar Abdullah for chanting the anti national 'Azadi' mantra while remaining in Parliament of India. Dr Andrabi said that Muftis and Abdullahs’ are the present day Daryodanas who need to be defeated collectively.

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Kasmir Images: Srinagar

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi addressing a public rally at Suchetgarh on 23th July 2008

Young Bites & Time TV Speak:13 July 2008

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We are for tricolour flag and our future lies with India: Andrabi
President Socialistic Democratic Party Darakhshan Andrabi along with Vijay Gupta, Editor-in-Chief Young Bites & Director Time TV ( J & K )
7/31/2008 1:19:59 PM

In an interview to Vijay Gupta Editor in Chief Young Bites and Director Time Tv (J&K) President of Socialistic Democratic Party Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi feels that Jammu and Kashmir is integral part of India and all people should work to strengthen ties between Jammu and Kashmir and rest of India. Q:Once J&K was called heaven on earth but for the last few year things has changed to worse. What you feel about all the specially in the present prevailing situation in Jammu region? We were facing very unfortunate situation for last so many years but things started to change since last three to four years but unfortunately due to double standard of the politician and biased decision of the then govt people of Jammu region are feeling aggrieved and are agitated. Q: Do you think by revoking land order political parties will be benefited in the valley? No, they stand exposed, PDP and NC policies of divide has backfired. They have opposed the government decision in J&K but in Dehli they voted in favour of UPA for their survival. Q: What you have to say about the stand taken by PDP on land dispute issue? One thing they say in Srinagar and other in Jammu land transfer decision was taken with the approval of PDP ministers in the cabinet. But afterwards they changed their stand keeping in view coming elections, its speaks off their character and policies, people pelted stone on PDP and NC leader in valley and their stand exposed. Q: What is your manifesto and aim of your party? Our party is a nationalist party and we are to strengthen ties between J&K and rest of India we are with tricolour of India and have full faith in Indian constitution. If we came to power equal justice will be done, be it a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian. We are for development and jobs for every youth. Our future lies with India. and I appeal all educated youth to come forward to joing politics and India will become no. 1 in world.

Darakhshan Andrabi at Time TV Studios

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi speaking to Sh Vijay Gupta during an interview for Time TV and Weekly Young Bites, Jammu.

The State Times: Darakhshan speaks at R S Pura

Aasiya Andrabi is anti-India,
I am proud to be daughter of India: Dr Darakhshan Andrabi
Socialistic Democratic Party (SDP) organised public chain of rallies. Speaking on this occasion, SDP nominee for the ensuing Assembly elections in the constituency, Surendra Bhagat said that it was very unfortunate that R.S Pura constituency always being represented by the ministers remained economically backward and unattended. He added that this Assembly segment gave Mufti Mohammad Sayeed his first win in elections and he also despite becoming Chief Minister of the State did nothing for this economically backward area of the State. He promised the people that if elected to power, he will attend to grievances of the public like their servant. SDP President, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi, while speaking in the occasion said frightened and scared by SDP increasing popularity in the area, the political opponents finding nothing concrete for criticism spread rumours that Andrabi is the sister of militant supporter Dukhtaran Chief Aasiya Andrabi. But all who know me although laugh at this baseless allegation of theirs. There is and can never be any relation with such a mindset. “She is anti-India and I am proud to be Dukhtar-e-Hind, the daughter of India,” said Dr Andrabi. Those politicians who live only on shouting about human rights violations in the State by the security forces keep mum when they see innocent civilians being killed and wounded by militants in broad day light. She flayed mainstream politics like Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti, Prof Bhim Singh and others for advocating for militants.

Amarnath Land Row: Darakhshan speaks at Jammu

SDP blames political parties for playing dirty politics
Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, July 13; The Socialistic Democratic Party (SDP) today blamed the PDP, NC and Congress for playing the dirty politics over the Amarnath Shrine Board land issue which led the State to a divide on communal basis.
Addressing the press conference here, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi, president of the SDP said that it was unfortunate that political parties like NC, PDP and Congress were playing dirty politics for their vote bank on the Amarnath Shrine Board. She accused the trio for their irresponsible role in the State, leading it to the polarization and strengthening the separatist and fundamentalist forces.
"We are facing such type of dirty politics right from 1947 till date and PDP and NC have again endorsed their character and Congress has also acted in the same fashion" she stated. Criticizing the PDP for playing dual politics, Andrabi said that for petty electoral benefits PDP played the whole drama on land issue and snapped ties with Congress but at the Centre it was going to support Congress for its vested political interests.
She also condemned the policies of NC and PDP to advocate Mushraf-formulae for Kashmir issue and asked Omar and Mehbooba to either hold tri-colour in Delhi as well as in Srinagar or join separatists.
She also appealed the Election Commissioner to stop those from contesting coming elections who were propagating separatism, communalism and regionalism in the State.
Among other present on the occasion included Sham Lal Raina, Ajay Kumar, Sardar Iqbal Singh and Surendra Bhagat.

Saturday, August 23, 2008 (Kashmir)

SDP organises rally at Suchetgarh
Jammu: Continuing with its pre-election public contact programme SDP today exhibited its power in Suchetgarh constituency of Jammu where thousands of people participated in the rally which was addressed by the top rung political leadership of the party including Suchetgarh party nominee for the coming Assembly polls Surendra Choudhry and the party president Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. In a statement issued here today, a spokesman of the party said that six hundred prominent activists from BJP, Congress, Panthers Party, PDP and NC joined Socialistic Democratic Party (SDP). In his address Surendra Choudhry vowed to work like a servant of the people as directed by the party chief. He turned emotional to see the overwhelming support of the people of all faiths and casts and thanked them for his love in return. He said that it was unfortunate that this area has been ignored by all rulers and MLAs in the past and we would be fortunate enough to represent this backward constituency if public decides so. Addressing the gathering SDP supreme Dr Darakhshan Andrabi thanked the people for attending in good numbers despite the scorching heat. She said that she feels happy that people from all corners of the state have now with God’s grace decided to shun away their links with myopic political ideologies called NC, PDP, Congress and Panthers . She said that these parties have only existed on and propagated regionalism, communalism and caste-ism which has become the base for the polarization of the same state subjects within their own state. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi criticized the role of dualistic mainstream politicians in the recent SASB land issue. She said it was shocking to see politicians laying the foundation stones of the mess that leads us all to trouble, killings and hatred between ourselves. .

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Darakhshan talks to MERINEWS 21.8.2008

Selfish politics responsible for Kashmir turmoil
At a time when the entire leadership of Kashmir Valley is singing pro-Pakistan slogans, there is one sane voice which identifies the turmoil as an attempt of Kashmir based politicians to end their increasing irrelevance in the political process..
Abhishek Behl, Merinews
MERINEWS TALKED to Dr Darakhshan Andrabi, a social and political leader and president of Socialistic Democratic Party, which has found roots in both the regions of Jammu and Kashmir.
In a freewheeling chat Andrabi delves on different facets of the recent trouble in J&K, and despite threats to her life, she minces no words in calling a spade a spade .
Q.What is your perspective on the recent turmoil in Jammu and Kashmir and who should be held accountable for this situation?
A. The recent troubles in Kashmir are the result of immature game of politics being played by leaders of different parties in Valley, particularly the Peoples Democratic Party lead by Mehbooba Mufti.
Mehbooba ji jis tarah se politics kar rahin hai who sirf apni kursi bachana chahti hain. Jammu Kashmir ke musalmano, hinduon aur kashmirion se unhe kuch lena dena nahi hai. (Mehbooba is only concerned with saving her chair. She is unconcerned regarding the fate of Hindus, Muslims and Kashmiris of the state)
I hold her responsible for everything which is going on in Jammu and Kashmir and killing of people in both parts of the state. I want to know why she withdrew support from Congress government in J&K and went straight to save the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government in centre.
She is a chameleon, who changes her political colours quickly. One day she supports the Indian government, the next day she wants people to go to Pakistan and all of a sudden she is now supporting the separatist cause and blackmailing the Indian government.
Bad politicians and those wanting to pursue politics for power have to be shunned and this message has reached the people.
Q. What is your take on agitation in Jammu and is it based on some reasons ?
A. Jammu ke log 60 saal ke baad Jagen hai (people of Jammu have woken up after sixty years). Theirs is a just and right movement, which has erupted because of the discrimination faced by the people for last so many years.
Amarnath land transfer is just a flash point, which brought out the latent anger in the hearts of people of Jammu region.
Despite the agitation being secular, attempts are being made to brand this agitation as communal, which is absolutely baseless. The Union government should wake up from slumber and take corrective action in Jammu to assuage the hurt feelings of the region.
If this does not happen then I apprehend that India will lose Jammu too as has happened in Kashmir. Entire Jammu and Kashmir will go.
India has to respect that people of Jammu are nationalists and their demands are genuine and not against Kashmiris or Muslims or India, so why not give them their due.
The interests of the people should not be sacrificed at the altar of Indian strategic interests.
Q. What is the opinion in Kashmir Valley and what does the common man on the street think about the entire issue?
A. People of Kashmir are innocent and they are not aware of the realities and the complex interplay of political forces. They are being led by selfish and incompetent leaders bent upon pursuing their self interests at the cost of the Kashmiri people and Kashmiriat.
Common man is a puppet in the hands of these leaders and has to do what is dictated by the powerful political leaders, who come from PDP, NC, Congress and Hurriyat camp.
Leaders of Kashmir know only self preservation and indulge in blackmailing India, which unfortunately has not been able to understand their politics and strategy and plays into their hands.
To be honest, in Jammu and Kashmir, even the ordinary Kashmiris do not get justice and due rights because of some sections of society, who control the economic, political and social sphere of the Valley.
Q. Are the people of Jammu and the Amarnath Sangharsh Samiti fighting for a just cause?
A. The people of Jammu lead by the Samiti have every right to ask for land and this land should be given to the Amarnath shrine as its due. Jammu and Kashmir is a secular state with humanity as the bedrock of the society.
Mosques and temples and other shrines can be built in any parts of this state and this should be under no doubt.
Having said that, I also want the people of Jammu to exercise restrain and not indulge in any activity, which leads to the situation turning communal. There have been stray incident in which Gujjars have been targeted and this sometimes happen in an emotionally surcharged environment but things should not go astray.
Attempts are being made to sabotage the Jammu agitation and brand it anti-Muslim by Mehbooba, Omar Abdullah and Hurriyat, so people have to be really careful and not fall prey to their machinations.
Q. What role has the Centre to play to resolve the Amarnath imbroglio?
A. Jammu region and its people should be taken seriously and due consideration should be given to their demands.
The agitation has been peaceful largely and people have not taken up arms and they are hoisting the tri-colour.
India must understand that Jammu is also vital part of the state and the country and has to be given its due share.
Q. You are the lone voice of dissent in Valley. Are you not afraid to speak against the majority opinion and powerful leaders?
A. I am speaking the truth and I am not scared to do that. Threats have been there in the past and for long I have lived in the shadow of death. But this is the fate of entire populace of Jammu and Kashmir. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) guides me, he protects me and has told me to follow the path of truth.
I am not scared.

Darakhshan questions PDP standing

Don’t play with people’s sentiments for political gains: Dr Andrabi
News Agency of Kashmir
7/5/2008 9:42:37 PM
Srinagar, July 05 (NAK): Coming down heavily on Mehbooba Mufti for her statement that PDP ministers were mislead by the CM over Baltal land issue, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today questioned and asked What right PDP has to lead the people when they are of so cheap character to be mislead over such a big issue that has resulted in paralyzing the state. In a statement issued here today She said those who claim to be representing religious sentiments of the people have always hurt our sentiments by using the masjids and ziyarats of our state for playing their petty politics,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi, president of Socialistic Democratic Party. She said that during the recent past these leaders only tried to mislead the people by their baseless and already failed political ideologies.

THE WEEK August 24,2008

The Centre and the state government are clueless in J&K, but not the separatists
By Kallol Bhattacherjee and Tariq Bhat

Meena is an employee at Jammu and Kashmir Bank and mother of a teenage boy. A resident of Shastri Nagar in Jammu city, she is learning to manage the bad times in her own way. "We have never seen so much political mobilisation and it took a while to find a way out to normal life in the midst of this agitation," she said. The strike called by Shri Amarnath Yatra Sangharsh Samiti (SAYSS) drew mixed reaction in Jammu in the beginning. It gained strength by the day and as violent mobs took over the streets, eight people died. Meena was initially worried about getting groceries and about her son's education. "In situations like these, women and children are the worst affected," she said. She has found some shops that covertly sell groceries and vegetables.Anil Kotwal, another resident of Shastri Nagar, is a prominent campaigner in the area and mobilises hundreds of people daily for rallies, which usually start from temples and end at Army blockade. Kotwal's anger is infectious. "We have suffered 60 years of discrimination against Jammu by the Central government which is worried only about the welfare of the Kashmiris. We are determined to get rid of it," he said. According to him, the Amarnath land issue is just the tip of the iceberg.
The SAYSS was founded in 2007 by a group of old men led by Leela Karan Sharma to help the Amarnath yatris (pilgrims). It had remained in oblivion till Governor N.N. Vohra revoked an order to give land to Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board on June 29. The order had been issued by former governor S.K. Sinha and approved by the PDP government; the separatists in the Kashmir valley perceived it as a provocation. "I had gone to Srinagar for a case where I saw a Pakistani flag being hoisted at Lal Chowk; it was then that I decided to revive SAYSS," said Sharma. His close aides are Brigadier (rtd) Suchet Singh, former judge K.K. Prose, lawyer Tilak Raj Sharma and some retired academics and government employees. The movement coloured by Hindu pride spread rapidly. The struggle for land is not the only item on its agenda. "Preservation of our faith and culture, recognition of Jammu's unique identity and increased political representation of Jammuites in the state legislature are some of the issues that we are concerned about," said Sharma. Sangh parivar actively supports the movement. It also enjoys the support of Jat Sabha, Rajput Sabha, and Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Workers of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal are camping in Jammu. "We came here a year ago and sensed the deep unhappiness over unemployment and other economic issues," said Kaushal Sharma, district organiser of Bajrang Dal in Jammu. Sharma, however, does not care much about the Bharatiya Janata Party. "The BJP has extended support to us and I welcome that. It might use the issue at election time, but we all know what the NDA government did when it was in power," he said.Jammu and Kashmir was left out in the delimitation of constituencies, as there is a freeze on such exercises till 2024. "Jammuites feel that they have lost another opportunity to get parity of representation with Kashmiris in the state legislature," said a government officer in Jammu. The discrimination charge is nothing new. In the 1960s, the government shut down ayurveda colleges in the state. Five students, who were protesting it, were killed in a police firing. In 1987, a similar protest broke out when the government decided to shift 19 government offices to Kashmir. "The Gajendragadkar commission, set up to inquire the regional discrimination in the state, says there is a deep regional divide between Jammu and Kashmir," said Virender Gupta, founder of Jammu Mukti Morcha, which campaigns for a separate state of Jammu. Predictably, political parties are trying to use the agitation to their advantage. "It is not a political problem but the issue has deep political implications and if political benefits flow to the BJP during the next Assembly elections and the general elections, then we should not be hesitant to capitalise on it," said Prof. Nirmal Singh, a BJP leader from Jammu. The CPI has asked for a special session of Parliament to discuss the matter. "Parliament can be convened to discuss any divisive issue, so where is the problem in convening it over the Jammu agitation?" asked CPI general secretary A.B. Bardhan. The Congress, which was in power when the dispute broke out, seems to be the biggest loser. Mangat Ram Sharma, Congress leader and former deputy chief minister, said his party was acting in the interest of the state.None of the national parties has an influential leader in Jammu. "Kashmir has Farooq Abdullah, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti. But political families are not active in Jammu," said Vikas Dutt, grandson of former deputy chief minister Trilochan Dutt. He quit the Congress to join the National Conference, a move which almost finished his political career. "We hope Jammu will witness the birth of new political leaders from now on," said Brigadier Suchet Singh.
Interestingly, while the struggle in Jammu has started a vicious street fight in Kashmir, some Kashmiris have come forward to support the agitation in Jammu. Notable among them is the leader of the Socialistic Democratic Party of Jammu and Kashmir, Darakhshan Andrabi, who is a staunch propagator of Indian nationalism. "My dream is to help Jammu forget all feelings of hurt and then I will launch a rally from Lal Chowk to Lal Qila with the Tricolour," she said. Andrabi is known as dukhtar-e-Hind or 'daughter of India' in Jammu.
The agitation had started on a religious issue and then gradually moved on to larger issues, leading to questions over its nature and future. Will the movement end with the conclusion of the Amarnath pilgrimage season on August 16? "We will intensify our struggle on August 18. On that day thousands of young people will court arrest across the Jammu region," said Sharma. "We will not give up until the government fully meets our demands on Amarnath pilgrims and Jammu's development."As both Jammu and Kashmir are boiling, the security system in the state is experiencing its worst days. "Jammu behaved well during the militancy days in Kashmir, but the last two months of protest have diverted our attention from anti-militancy operations. The past 40-plus days have been utilised by the militants to regroup and upgrade their operational abilities," said K. Rajendra Kumar, inspector-general of police, Jammu. According to him, despite the allegations of inaction and manhandling in the beginning, the police have managed the situation judiciously and stayed away from inflicting large-scale casualties on protestors. "The issue of land for Amarnath pilgrims is a political issue that needs to be resolved through a dialogue process involving people of both Jammu and Kashmir. We do not believe that political issues of this nature can be resolved by force," he said.According to Ram Sahai, president of Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Jammu has incurred a loss of Rs 5,790 crore over the past couple of months. Another worry is the long-term impact of the movement on the region. "Kashmir is not the only place capable of producing terrorism. If the land for Amarnath pilgrims is not returned and Jammu's needs are disregarded, one cannot rule out rise of insurgency in Jammu also," said Kotwal.All the same, everyone is tired of the chaos. Meena wants to go back to work and give her kid a normal life; Kotwal wants to return to a life surrounded by friends and fun; Dutt wants to revive his political career. Yet normalcy is not returning to Jammu. It seems both sides of the Pir Panjal Mountain have become lost paradises.The situation is worse in the valley, where 25 protesters were killed. The killing of Hurriyat Conference leader Sheikh Abdul Aziz, who was leading a march to Muzaffarabad, capital of the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, seems to have set off the ultimate defiance. Around two lakh people defied curfew to attend his funeral at martyrs' graveyard in Srinagar on August 12. "He was deliberately targeted because of his association with Hurriyat and the Kashmir cause," said Hurriyat leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq at the funeral procession. "He is our martyr."The call for a march to Muzaffarabad was made by the Kashmir Fruit Growers' Association when their apple and pear crops worth around Rs 1,000 crore started rotting because of the SAYSS blockade of the Srinagar-Jammu National Highway. It not only caused severe shortage of essential supplies like fuel and medicine but also cut off the valley from the rest of the country.With the agitation in Jammu turning into a mass movement and the Hindu outfits hardening their stand, a dangerous divide is being created in the state. The separatists in Kashmir are making the most of the situation. They have even started saying that they would not oppose a separate state for Hindus in Jammu, in two and a half districts where they are majority."This is a dangerous situation," said a senior leader of the National Conference. "This is what we feared the most, especially at a time when the elections are round the corner." The immediate impact of the sharp polarisation would be the postponement of the Assembly elections. Obviously, the state needs some time to get back to normalcy. But reclaiming the lost trust will be the more difficult, if not impossible, job.