Saturday, May 24, 2008

SDP organises Job Mela

SDP Chief Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi addressing the youth gathering at Beerwah in Budgam district during the JOB MELA organised by SDP on 13th of May 2008

Public rally at Lasjan

Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi leading a huge public rally at Lasjan(Chadoora) on 11th May 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

SDP organises Islamic Conference

Islam also believes in the principal of 'Vasudaiv Kutumbkam': Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Every true Muslim has to make a vow to begin Jehad against the misleaders of Islam"

Daily State Times,Jammu. March 10,2008

One day Islamic Conference on the topic 'Islam and Jehad' was organised by Socialistic Democratic Party(SDP) in the premises of Darul Uloom Chastiya at Meeran sahib Jammu on Sunday.The conference was inaugurated by Chairperson SDP, Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi.
Number of religious heads,Moulvies and religious scholars of the state from all the three divisions attended the conference.In her inaugural address Darakhshan Andrabi said that it was realy very unfortunate for us to have self centered,myopic preachers who in the name of the pious 'Jehad' preach anti-nationalism and crime. She said that Islam too believes in the principal of 'Vasudaiv Kutumbkam' and added that every true Muslim has to make a vow to begin Jehad against the misleaders of Islam who lead us to hate and confrontations only. She said that this conference is the biginning of the long term Jehad against those who are bent upon maligning the mission of truth and peace of Islam and preach violence and parochialism in Islamic society.She said that her party has decided to hold open discussion of scolars and Islamic preachers in public congregations in the state on this issue to present the true picture of the great religion to the common people and stop the exploitation of the masses in the name of religion.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A prosperous and developed state is my vision:Darakhshan

"Poor Kashmiris represent Kashmir "
Darakhshan Andrabi, a poet heads Socialistic Democratic Party talks to Shakeel-ur-Rehman
Kashmir of my Dreams
(Kashmir Images, Srinagar/Jammu, May 6,2008)

What does politics mean to you?
To me politics is a very noble and pious means of serving and representing the mankind. Being the follower of the great prophet (SAW), I believe in the politics as pronounciated and practised by him.His political vision of universality nourishes in me the belief that true politics is never inferior to any noblest profession in the world.When whole world accepts Hazrat Omar Farooq(Rz A) as the best public representative in the world, I draw a lesson for myself as a politician claiming to be representing the common people that true and real politics always associates itself with the day- to- day life of the common people and there lies no scope for sloganeering and hypothetical issues in politics of virtue. I have made this spirit as the guide for myself as a politician.

2. Corruption is so rampant in the state. Just two years ago, Kashmir acquired the dubious distinction of being the second most corrupt state in the country. What is more, politicians in the state are generally regarded as part of the problem rather than the solution?

It is hundred percent true.The politics of the last six decades has gifted us with a rotten system of governance and all the ruling political parties upto the present arrangement are responsible for this unfortunate situation.Our bureaucracy is also involved in strengthening and instutionalising corruption in the state.I think lack of immorality and dishonesty of our politicians is the main reason for this. We are as a nation witness to the illegal money and assets making of our politicians,both mainstream and separatists. Exibiting their chemeleon-traits,they claim to be representing people in distress while enjoying the luxouries after snatching their morsels.

3. Kashmiri politicians have traditionally displayed a dual personality. They have always tried to straddle the Valley's mainstream-separatist divide to get the support of people. When will Kashmiri politicians show political conviction?
This is high time for people to replace the sentimental exploiters.Those who forced and inspired our youth to take to violence and those who sponsered to transform Kasmhmir into graveyards are now to be exposed and rejected. Majority of our politicians ( both mainstream and separatist)have been befooling the innocent people by their issueless sentimentalist politics.We need a fresh economy-oriented politics for the state rather than relying on the old already failed political experiments.

4. Kashmir has no industry worth its name. In fact, the private sector is still to develop in the state. Is there any alternative development model for the state?

That is why I came with the sole motto of "Economic development and Industrial revolution" in the state.All political parties that ruled the state existed on the issueless sloganeering and it was always and is still beyond their perception to think about J&K in terms of industrial and economic development.They never mean the development at the gross root level.But now the young generation is there to pave way for the industrial development.

5. It is election year in Kashmir and the exercise has always been a controversial subject in the valley. Do you view elections as a vote for development or referendum on Kashmir?

For any civilized nation elections are the only means of achieving all. And Alhamullilah the people of the state understand this well and believe in the elections.The virtually supressed people of the state have voted in record numbers in the previous elections despite the efforts of the separatists to stop them from doing so even with the help of guns.The elections in J&K are both for development and also it is a refrundum repeated by them after every six years since the first elections after independence.

6. Kashmir is facing a leadership crisis. Sheikh Abdullah was the last mass leader who enjoyed a cult status. After him no one from the valley could gain acceptance? What factors do you attribute to it?

The ailing polical thoughts,unclear agendas and dishonest politicians can never make a mass leader of a big stature.Having said that I see hope in futue.

7. Lack of leadership has militated against Kashmir and continues to mar the chances of its settlement. Who in your view represents the Kashmiri people?
A poor Kashmiri represents Kashmir.A widow,an orphan,a destitute,a migrant,a frustrated unemployed youth represents Kasmir. Please tell the so-called politicians that they never represent them because their misery is your creation.
8. What in your opinion could be the best possible solution to the long-pending Kashmir imbroglio?

To stop youth from being killed any more and giving them a creative direction to lead this society so that a sincere leadership is created to address to the problems related to the state.

9. What is your vision about Kashmir?
A prosperous and economically developed state is my vision.I want Kashmir to acqiure its lost state of being the very high seat of learning which produces a leadership for whole of India. I want the young talent of the state to acquire universal acclaim.

Friday, May 2, 2008

SDP...Sate Assembly Elections 2008

SDP to contest elections on National Agenda

Pledges to unfurl TRI-COLOUR everywhere

Jammu, Thursday, Feb 21,2008

Socialistic Democratic Party decrying at the mainstream political parties for their blackmailing attitude is jumping into the election fray of the state with the pledge to have a national agenda and unfurl the Tri-colour everywhere in the state.

Overwhelmed by the support enjoyed by the party from every section of the society,Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi,President SDP said at a rally in Jammu that SDP was the lone political group of the state which goes to people with an open agenda of 'India as our nation' . She said that the politicians of the state have not helped in inculcating the spirit of nationalism in the hearts of the people of the state and instead fed them with separatism ,communalism and regionalism.

Pledging to participate in the elections with a secular and nationalistic agenda,the SDP President ridiculed both the mainstream political parties and the separatists for trying to mislead and backmail the people of the stte and the government.She dared both espacially separatists sponsering and managing the killing of the common people for nothing.

She said that all these have to be answerable for the genocide in J&K. She said that the party will contest the state Assembly elections with tricolour throughout the state .